Come Be the Light

Help Hope for the Future to Be the Light on the River Walk for the Archdiocese's own SA300 event!

La Procesion de San Antonio

The Archdiocese of San Antonio and Hope for the Future invite you to help us to be the light for the Archdiocesan official SA300 celebration of La Procesion.  Join us to celebrate the feast day San Antonio's patron saint as Archbishop Gustavo processes from San Fernando cathedral to the statue of Saint Anthony.   Immediately following mass at the cathedral, Archbishop and the Blessed Sacrament will board barges for their journey to the statue of St Anthony with a stop at Marriage Island, the site of the first mass in San Antonio, 309 years ago.  Barges filled with choirs and youth representatives will accompany them in this journey along the river.  

We invite you and your entire family to join us along the River Walk to celebrate this historic occasion and to help us to be the light for the Archbishop. Each family that joins us will be given a candle and be asked to light it during the procession in honor of St Anthony. Candles and water will be available at 8pm from stations along the route.  Wear your school or parish T-Shirt and bring your school banner to show your school and parish spirit!!

With your help, this will be an amazingly beautiful expression of our faith. 

See attached map for locations based on your school or parish affiliation.  All individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

Date: 06/13/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm CDT

Location: San Antonio's River Walk, from San Fernando Cathedral to the statue of St Anthony

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Map for Bus ( 507KB pdf)

Created by:   Amy Hone
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Available Slot

Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

19 slots filled - more available
3 of us from my family are planning to attend
Maria Hagadus-Hinckley (2)
Looking forward to a very blessed evening.
George A Hernandez (2)
Need candles for 2.
Sister Guadalupe Guadarrama (2)
Is a great privilege to participate in a this wonderful event!
Ralph De La Rosa (2)
Viva Christo Rey!
Lourdes Maulit (2)
I am from St Rose of line parish,San anntonio,tx
Norma McClelland (2)
Parishioners of Blessed Sacrament
Nancy Botello (2)
We will be attending
Tiffani Casso
Service Hours
Cathy Steves
St Anthony de Padua


20 slots filled - more available
Juan Solid (10)
We will available to help. Contact number 210 860 8596
JUAN Solis (10)
Bexar caravan #56

Knights of Columbus

63 slots filled - more available
Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Honor Guard (50)
4th Degree Honor Guard
John Garcia
4th degree Knight
Joe Hernandez (3)
Thank you for inviting us. We are so glad to join you.
Arthur Garcia (2)
Sir Knight Arthur & Mrs Karen García
Patrick Von Dohlen (5)
An Act of Faith in God in 1691 germinated into a #Tricentennial City. Viva Christo Rey! Viva San Antonio!
Luis And Maria Gonzales (2)
St Leo's the Great

Knights of Peter Claver


High School Volunteers

139 slots filled - more available
Leala Sexton (4)
1-HS, 3 Adults
Paty Gutierrez (2)
1 adult, 1 student
Elsa Rodriguez
1 student
Jesse Arredondo (4)
Providence Catholic School
Aaron Rodriguez (4)
CCHS-1 student, 3 adults
Andrew Iliff (30)
St JP II Volunteers
Felisa Ortiz (5)
3 HS, 2 Parents
Alicia Moreno (2)
Kristen and Stephan Moreno
Nicholas Valera (5)
3 adults
Leyda Gutierrez (4)
2 adults 2 children
Stacey Villarreal (2)
1 HCHS 1 Parent
Lisa Mehlberger (4)
Mark & Lisa Mehlberger + 2 teenage students
Benavidez Family (3)
2adults and 1 student
Emily Arciniega (5)
Sign up St.Anthony's High School
Phillip Rodriguez (3)
We are honored to help!
Pamela Garcia
Plus 2
Clarissa Hollowwy
thank you
Norma Galdeano (3)
Sophia HS/ Malena MS/ Norma Mom
Grace McCrossen
My family of 4 will carry a candle
Brother Roger Croteau, CSC
Will be there
Harrison Schaub (3)
Schaub family
Josiah Sifuentes (6)
HC HS student & family (6)
Rosemary Vargas (3)
John & David Vargas CCHS
Ramon Family (4)
2 students, 1 child and 1 adult.
Kathleen Goei
Louisette Zurita (3)
With Carmen Zurita
Mike MiFlaharty (4)
Mike,Alex , Mike, Ares
Cynthia Flores (6)
Nicolas Flores/CCHS
Mary Sparks (7)
7 family members participating for SJPIICHS
Oyarzabal Family (3)
Oyarzabal Family 2 Adults 1 student
Karla Calderón (4)
Very happy to help
J. Ynostrosa (4)
St. Anthony Catholic High School
M.Christian Davila (3)
St. Anthony Catholic High School
Britney Reyes
Kaleb Paine
St Anthony HS-Kaleb Paine
Andrea Martinez
Antonian High school

Elementary School Volunteers

164 slots filled - more available
Irma Leon
Need More informacion please
Sharon Hutzler (2)
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School & Church Iliana Garcia-4th grade & Sharon Hutzler-Teacher
George Casarez (2)
Georgie Casarez
Erica Casarez
Jennifer Casarez
Michelle Angulo-Pacheco (2)
Wanting to help on behalf of St. Thomas More
Becki Lacayo (2)
Will be a beautiful evening!
April Rodriguez (5)
What a wonderful night
Sheryl Penaflorida-Ante (5)
2 OLPH students and 3 Adults
Anais Biera Miracle (2)
Isela Miracle will be participating.
Denise Miranda (4)
2 St Peter's Students and 2 adults
Peggy Cano (2)
ST.PETER PRINCE Erica Cano 6th grade
Suzanne Rios (5)
St. Peter (3a, 2c)
Paulina Diaz (3)
St. Peter Prince first grade
Tracy Duva (3)
Tracy, Giamarie and Kristian Duva
Gabriel Duarte
St. Peter Prince
Iris Villafana (3)
Ready to help!
Regina Carmona (3)
1 adult, 1 teen, 1 child
Cynthia Montoya (3)
Representing St. Peter Prince
Jessica Hernandez (4)
2 BSCS students and 2 adults
Cyndi Morin (3)
2adults, 1 middle school student
Eunice Martinez (4)
Elizabeth Pickett (4)
Tucker / Pickett family
Serena Torres-Baroli (3)
Serena Torres
Claudia Moreno (6)
3 students and 3 adults
Laura Vega (2)
St. James the Apostle Catholic School
Michael Venegas (3)
St Peters POA 2 adults 1 child
Amanda Miller (4)
2 adults 2 children
Julie Ortiz (3)
1 adult 2 children Looking forward to it.
Marcela Cortez (3)
I would like to hold candles
Rhonda Villalobos (3)
Both Parents and one Student
Karla Calderón (3)
My kiddos are able to help on the walk
Patty Lizalde (3)
We will be honored to be part of this exciting event.
Christian Kowalik (3)
3 attending
Krystal Casanova (4)
St Thomas More
Clarissa Gonzales (4)
St Thomas more school
Paul Bain (2)
What a great way to express our love for Jesus
Travis Valadez (5)
Holy Name Catholic School- 1 student 4 adults
Adriana Balderrama (4)
1 student, 1 sibling, 2 adults
Sister Cecilia Rodriguez (3)
MSH School is #6 correct?
Olivia Villarreal (4)
Excited to be apart of such an amazing event.
Regina Cortez (2)
candle lighting
Steve & Francine Stotler (3)
Maribel StGregory
Doug Hughes (3)
Amazing night!
Marianne Norris
Teacher volunteering on behalf of MSH
V Valadez (3)
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
J Ludwig (2)
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
Michelle Guerra (3)
1 Student and parents St. Peter’s
Jesse Cardenas (4)
St. John Berchmans
Ignacio Sunderland (6)
6 family members
Jessica Mireles (4)
Mireles Family St. Paul's
Britney Reyes
Little Flower
Alixus Paine
St. Mary Magdalen-Alixus Paine
Zalyel Martinez
St. Mary Magdalen-Zalyel Martinez
Polly Deitschel
Cristina Hinojosa (2)
God bless

Youth Group Volunteers

5 slots filled - more available
Andrew Stinson
In memory for the love of the community of St. Anthony Catholic High School and for my other Catholic schools and further education
Mary Micklitz (4)
Come Hoiy Spirit Come! Guide our city!

Parish Volunteers

304 slots filled - more available
Yvette Trevino (3)
Yvette Trevino
Diana Chaney (2)
Love to be there!
Maricruz Mosqueda
I am interested in helping hold candles along river route.
Mary Kay Alvarez
Looking forward to this Event
Iris Trevino
Looking Forward
Lupe Rivera (2)
I’d love to join the procession.
Rosaura Englehart (2)
God bless San Antonio
Roland Riojas (2)
Will be there.
Peggy Harkins (2)
We are coming in thanksgiving for our city's patron, St. Anthony!
Melissa & Rafael Cortez (2)
Looking forward to this special event!
Amanda England (20)
Mary-Margaret Garcia (3)
Mirta Rubalcava (4)
We love you Jesus & St. Anthony
Elaine Davila
Ruben Davila
Adriana Holguin (5)
Please contact me with details
Scott Lopez (2)
May His light shine upon us!
Elisa Garcia
Praise the Lord, God willing, I'll be there.
Leticia Gutierrez (5)
St. Mary Magdalen parish 18
Leticia H (2)
St Anthony De Padua
Tammy Zgabay (2)
We will help.
Carolina Shurtleff (2)
Plan to attend
Barbara Thabet (3)
Want to be part of this wonderful moments
Sylvia Hernandez (2)
Adult and teen
Sylvia Hernandez (4)
Gordon Pfeil
Good Shepherd
Anita Moreno (2)
Looking forward to it
Lenora Castillo (2)
my husband want to volunteer.
Trinidad Gutierrez (10)
Celebrate Jesus
Cati & Mick Reyna (2)
Wed, 06/13/2018
Mai Le-Vu (7)
Le-Vu Family
Elena Ramirez
Would like my family to hold a candle
Cecilio Rodriguez
need a candle
Need candles - Dcn Jose/Terelyn/AnaMarie Santos, Eileen Pape, Lisa Brooks
Barbara Marrou (12)
Planning to go to the mass and hold candles at the designated spot on the river
Andrew Stinson
For our true family traditions
Clarissa Davila
Let your light shine bright!!!
Karen Early (3)
Thank you Archbishop Gustavo
Bertha Vidales
Lord, Hear our prayers
Katerina Naiser (4)
We'd be honored to help light the way with candles. St Anthony Pray For Us!
Janey Sibson
Id love to help
Rose Trevino (2)
Looking forward to assisting to help the light of Jesus fill our beautiful city.
James Mullen
Light the Way!
Emelda Hernandez Treviño (2)
Can’t wait!!!
Louisette Zurita (3)
With Carmen Zurita
Roberto Garcia (7)
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
I want to attend the Mass and help light the way with a candle at the designated areas. Please let me know where to go. I will need a candle.
Marina Jimenez (5)
Our family would be blessed to be at this event. Thank you!
Gerard and Kathleen Caron (2)
St Francis of Assisi, DeZevala
Connie Colorado Olivarri
A once in a life time celebration.
Roberta & Jay Mendoza (2)
Looking forward to Awesome event and to assist with candles.
Michael Doherty (2)
My wife and I will attend and volunteer
Kristine Besas
San Antonio pray for us!
Nicole Gonzalez (3)
It will be a beautiful night if faith shared for generations
Greg Trimble (6)
St Anthony continue to pray for San Antonio!
Sarah Garcua
Would love to be there in any way needed
Yasmin Macfarlane (5)
Our family is excited to attend!
Ginger Martinez (2)
May Archbishop Gustavo be richly rewarded for offering this opportunity to grow in our faith.
Liza Vega (4)
300 year Celebration
Medardo Dela Cruz (5)
For immigrants and families near and far ... we are all adopted sons and brothers
Maria Pecero (3)
Thank you for the invite we are honor to help out.
Spence, Connie & William Jones (3)
Representing St. Anthony Mary Claret
Sonya Eddy (7)
Eddy family +3
Janet Persyn
Pray for us!
Deacon Larry & Nancy Lindsey (2)
Looking forward to being part of this beautiful celebration and witness of our faith!
Annie Lomas (2)
We are looking forward to this event!
Gwen Devera-Waden (6)
Please advise of details, thank you
Araceli Faz
So excited to be part of this celebration.
Bruce Pena (2)
Bruce and Gina Pena
Mary Clare Kaiser (2)
Mary Clare and Damian Kaiser
Michael Rangel (2)
Would love to be part of the light
Lorena Jiménez Valenzuela (2)
Hope to be there
David Rodriguez (2)
Light the way...
Anthony Ettipio
Will be there to see Holy Jesus and our Fantastic Archbishop!!!
Brandon Villarreal
Brandon Villarreal
Holanda Gonzalez
I’m interested in lighting the candles in the river walk
Andy Rogers (2)
ICC- Marion, Tx
Debbie Flores
A true blessing
Terry Codero (3)
Looking forward to it!
Elsie Villarreal (3)
I will help light the way.
Candie Beltran (2)
We will be honored to help light the way!!
Grace Martinez
Excited to help.
Deacon Jose Lopez (3)
Honored to light the way! Deacon Joe & Esther Lopez, Ann Salazar
Jose Joel & Bertha Castellanos (2)
St. Monica and Diaconate Program present
Gilbert JIMENEZ (3)
We are looking forward to a beautiful event.
Eileen Stoffa (2)
Adam and Eileen Stoffa
Christopher Castro (3)
Castro Family
Kaitlyn Gainer (3)
I am coming with several friends in my Bible study
CESAR Sarinana (3)
We will light the way like the moon and the stars.
Mr & Mrs Daniel Rodriguez (2)
This is a beautiful idea! Thank you for organizing it!
Maria Rivera-Heiser (3)
St. Mary Magdalen