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La Jolla Playhouse Partners

Mission Statement

La Jolla Playhouse Partners shall:

  • Promote the Playhouse
  • Donate time and services to the Playhouse
  • Make an annual commitment to the La Jolla Playhouse 
  • Strengthen Playhouse ties with the community by participating in special projects of the Playhouse and community


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Date: 03/01/2020 (Sun.)

Created by:   Debbie Gonzales
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167 slots filled - more available
Debbie Gonzales
Gregg Brandalise
Sharon Weremiuk
Nancy Back
kristina haynes
Elisabeth Smith
Bob Glaser
Nona Paul
Carol Schultz
Enid Sherman
Dorothy Varonin
3/28/19 meeting
Gene Hirschkoff
Bobbi Hirschkoff
Megan Walker
Stephanie Allouche
stanley kossoff
Michele Dixon
Yalin Wei
Janet Silverstein
Lisa Gerardo
Meeting on 3/28
Jack Berdy
Nicole Lustig
Stacy Mann
Laurielynn Barnett
Jeanie Fiskin
Joan Gass
Kent Swedell
Judy Quinton
Jerry Malamud
Judie & Jerry
Eric Cohen
Kathleen Marre
William Coltellaro
Gerri Smith
Denise Jackson
Peter Winokur
Joan Winokur
Tina Dyer
Kevin Swanson
ANN McDonald
I will come on 3/30/19
Jim Scott
Jan Parsons
Paula Ries
Rosemary Norling
lisa illianna
Emilia Glezer
Rhoda Nevins
Terri Harrison
nance brisbois
Alison DaRosa
jennette pyne
Nancy Bach
Jill Whitebook
Paul Wultz Wultz
My wife Yvonne and I will both attend on the 3-30-19
Sharon Klein
Thurs. March 28. 2019
Maureen Wydysh
Mark Sherman
Tuktuki Bhattacharya
Loretta Costa
I cannot make it, I will be out of the country.
Judith Turner
Karen Coleman
Jennifer Cohen
Suzie Pirtle
Dorit Yates
Scott Herman
sabine bradshaw
Andrew Boyd
Kathy Basquil
Leslie Satz
Irene Cooper
I’ll be there on 3/28/19
Marlene Tenen
Linda Cronquist
Susan Weekes
betty Ashe
Gaile Kraus
Sue n Gsile Kraus will attend 3/28
Patrici Nissan
Carmen Mannarino
Ellen Riley
Pamela Martin
Theresa Lai
Anna Krones
Gina Lubrano
Davida Huchel
coming 3/30 with new Partner, Greg Gross
Sue Vergne
Ellen Michaels
I will attend on 3/28
Cathy Glaser
Susan Gembrowski
Rex Baker
Donna Porter
Barbara J. Dunn
Judy Schreiber
Shirley Siewert
victoria bykova
Jean Feinstein
Ronald Kuczenski
Linda Kennedy
Margaret King
Mary Bajza
Jerry Sharrin
Annuual Meeting
Ann Sykora
Karen Krugman
I will attend 3/28
Stan Levin
Unavailable for yearly meeting
Judith Levin
Unavailable for yearly meeting
Brenda Mathews
I will attend 3/28 meeting
Nancy Stoke
jeanette jacknin
jeanette jacknin
Jan Ault
Toby Shafer
Penny Arenson
Francine Bennett Hedval
Can attend 3/28/2019 meeting
Marilynn Nemeroff
marion so
Don Harmon
Saturday, March 30
I will attend March 28
Sue Bosch-Swift
Gladys Fontes
Shelley Druskin
Sat., 03/30/2019
inge taylor
I am interested in continuing to be a partner, however I will be out of town due to spring break and planned vacation
Thena Taylor
Ellen Pleickhardt
Beatrice Friedman
I have been an active member for 2 years , will be out of town all week
Maria Moujaes
Annie So
Bernardine Maloney
Patricia McCabe
Brenda Beckett
Brenda Beckett
Peggy Fleury
Veronika Hauer
Galina Eroshkina
Judith Sherman
Bette Johnson
Ellen Arcadi
Ed Yankaner
Christine Barton
Sara Ellis
SueAnn Scheck
Sue McDonough
Steven Strebig
Lisa Arredondo
Julie Leyden
Yvonne Lazar
Janet Caulk
Louise Rosenberg
Greg Gross
Shirley Moscevsky
Yvonne Wultz
Patricia Case
Pierrette Featherby
Shan Huang
Wendy Wilson
Diane Geary
Paul Geary
Lorraine Kelly
Michael Kelly
Maurine Beinbrink
Doris Yorysh
David Valentine
Anna Kossoff
Andrea Campuzzano
Karen Lamphere
Ricki Martinez
Anne Yancey
Tracy Lu
Evelyn Kaye
Sun. 09/08/2019
Anita Hansen
David Hansen
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