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St. John Vianney Religious Education

2018-19 Religious Education Registration

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

Will I have to wait in line?

Everyone signs up for appointment times to make your wait time minimal.  Keep your appointment time, and we should have you in and out quickly.

How long will it take?

Each appointment should take about 15-20 minutes.

Can I bring my children?

Yes, you can keep your children with you during your appointment if you like.

What will I need to bring?

Once you sign up for your appointment, we will email you a form to complete ahead of time, and a list of what you should bring with you.

When will I know which session my child has?

At registration we will ask you for your 3 best options for class times. We will email you a confirmation of your session assignment and again a week before your session begins, we will email your teacher’s name and classroom.

How are classes assigned?

Several factors go into placing people in their classes, and WHEN you register is one of the most important.  Classes do fill up quickly, and we cannot guarantee you will get your first choice.  This is why every family who wants to enroll children in the weeknight classes needs to register as early as possible.

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Created by:   Kristine Boor
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Location Available Slot
06/05/2018 (Tue.) Parish Hall 

6:00 PM (15)

All slots filled
Krista Garner
Suzanne Dobbie
Lori Walczak
Devin, Dylan and Delaney
Margie Daniels
James and Erica Daniels
Carrie Barrette
Josie Stojcevski
Josie Stojcevski's appointment
Mary Jo Tabbi
Pamela Stackpoole
Daniel Barrios
For Ian Barrios
Holly Zweng
Mike Homolka
Laura Ronne
Elise Ronne
Debbie Aiuto
For Vanessa Aiuto
Sabrina Swoish
Sabrina Swoish
Margaret Nizio

6:10 PM (15)

All slots filled
Teresa Ponzio
Kristy Zahuranic
Lukas and Dylan
Lori Losinski
Jennifer May
James and Jacob
Dana Stafford
Kelly Bendick
Karen Mangiapane
Sara Jozefiak
Bourgeois Family
Kristie Ormachea
Nicole Lafata
Stephanie Tonkin
Rose Addelia
Marlena Terzini
Lisa Pouget

6:20 PM (15)

All slots filled
Chris Krolewski
Erika and Kiyra
Amy DiCosmo
Amy DiCosmo
Laura Karasinski
Tristan. Aiden
Gina Hilgendorf
Chloe & Ava
Rosalia Palazzolo
Jennifer Juhnke
Shannon Smith
Robert, ella and violet
Michelle Fox
Marianne Gamboa
Ann Marie Weir
Bennie Weir
Jennifer Marsh
Jennifer Persyn
Katie Howell
Charlie, Caroline, Elizabeth
cathy valenza
Jeff Ferrington
Lily Ferrington

6:30 PM (15)

All slots filled
Kelly Griffiths
Jessica Marlett
Rosa Pelini
Pauline Janow
Phyllis Danko
Rachel DAngelo
Rose Gjonaj
Ava Rose and Ella
Cathy Danis
Rosa Orlando
Joe Badalamenti
Sign up for Giuseppe Badalamenti
Kelly Redlin
Lauren and Andrew Redlin
Diane Tripi
Lessa Dubay
Christa Karl
Rebecca Schultz
Lily Schultz - 2nd grade

6:40 PM (15)

All slots filled
Grace Oddo
For Emilio, Mario & Ella
Wendy Tocco
For Nathan
Eileen Porretta
Cross and pierce
Rima Tannous
Vanessa and Liliana
Jaclyn Green
Emelinda and Joslyn
Julie Leone
Nicole Nightingale
Dulce Nader
Maya Nader
Victoria Jozefiak
Julie Moore
For Natalie and Caitlyn
Julie Vano
For Luca and layla
Olivia McHugh
Olivia and Gabriella
Maddie Mancani
Gabby & Anthony Mancani
Keri Lewis
Julia and Jenna Busch

6:50 PM (15)

All slots filled
Angela Gojcaj
Sharon Beller
Maria Morabowen Garcia
Paula Naert-Guzdziol
Jake Naert & Reagan Guzdziol
Jenny Puzzuoli
Marisa Lore
Amanda Irvin
Kristy Page
Nicole Blanchett
For Bella and Brody
Lisa Muzik
Suzanne Nicholson
Loan Coles
Bethany Tabacchi
Alicia Aniel

7:00 PM (15)

All slots filled
Renee Rice
Heather Chomiak
Kim Kresnak
Laura Haddad
Gracyn and Parker
Laura DeVonce
Lorri Zieleniewski
Kirsten Miller-Unger
Adele Dombrowski
Domenic Celestini
Lauren Cattaneo
Jennifer Bennett
Maria Lulgjuraj
Joseph 13 & Anthony 12
Scott Hiegel
Anthony Elias
Nicole Clark

7:10 PM (15)

All slots filled
Alecia Massad
Amy Hauxwell
Myleen Tcruz
Nikole Miller
Nikole Miller
Nancy Ewald
Gretchen Giardina
Carmen and Gabriella
Mary Sznitka
Gina Bennett
Nadia Manduzzi
Paula Leferman
Diana DiMaggio
Heather Shene
Deanna Bernardi
Rose Moschelli
Jaime Kinzer

7:20 PM (15)

All slots filled
Sheri Kurgin
Annette Allen
Tessa and Carson Allen
Kimberly Jarvis
Jean Irwin
Michelle Dwyer
Kristen Lang
Natalie Jenzen
Stacey Houghtaling
Kelli Nearhood
Leah Eldred
Christie Shaw
Jennifer Brylewski
Michelle Carpenter
Patti Kraiza
Cadence Thalman
Michelle Roeschke

7:30 PM (15)

All slots filled
Becky Yeske
Saleta McMurray McMurray
Jessica Bright
Rosanne Skonieczny
Ava & Brett
Thanh Tran
Jason Gendreau
Annmarie Danko
Stella Sugameli
Nicole Bajis
Kristy Edwards
Brian Miller
Madelyn Miller
Maja Martinez
Hope Comerford
Amy Orlando
Jennifer Udvari
I have twins. Both are registering.

7:40 PM (15)

All slots filled
Kellie Ventimiglia
Julie Serbenski
Kristine Terpstra
Jacob and Joseph
Mary Coast
Signing up for two children at this time.
Kristen Roarty
Candie Ivy
Kathy Mills
Mary Selk
Connor Selk
Amy Randall
Ian and Andrew Randall
Malisa Sadowski
Gabriella and Christopher
Kristin Miszkowski
Chris Landrum
Austin, Mitchell and Jacob Landrum
Michelle Stone
Kirk Rasmussen
Tara Hinz

7:50 PM (15)

All slots filled
Darlene Trent
Anna Iacobacci
Theresa Whitney
Diana Ternes
Karyn Casey
I usually get out of work at 7:40ish at 21 and vandyke. I’ll come straight there
Jill Fitzgerald
Lisa Georges
Sharla Buza
Lori DiLisio
Lori DiLisio
Ron Grajewski
Zina Voikos
Renette Bogden
Holly Westgate
Lisa Weber
Nicole Gram
Drake & Tinley Gram
06/06/2018 (Wed.) Parish Classrooms 

9:10 AM (5)

All slots filled
Lisa Scheel
Julia Cvitkovich
Pamela Stackpoole
Amy DeJong
Valerie Gawel

9:20 AM (5)

All slots filled
Aaron Schmid
Leah Heidt
Kelly Kozlowski
Anthony Robinson

9:30 AM (5)

All slots filled
Julie Maroulitsas
Karlee Maroulitsas
Kristen O'Loughlin
Laura Murphy
Kristina Michalowski
Kristina Michalowski
Melissa A Hollebrands Hollebrands

9:40 AM (5)

All slots filled
Darlene Secord
Shannon Scheloske
Andrew and Jenna
Lisa Debaene
Brenda Bruzdewicz
Laurie Gotinsky

9:50 AM (5)

All slots filled
Raechel Badalamenti
Badalamenti Family
Anna Testagrossa
Juliette Turnquist
Heather Valenti
Salvatore Ruffino

10:00 AM (5)

All slots filled
Autumn Dreyer
Tara Marshall
Ann Iezzi
Sylvia Grot
Kara Skiera

10:10 AM (5)

All slots filled
Caterina Carta
Emily Rogers
Vanessa Polidori
Rose Bertucci
Janice Lawnicki
Stephanie Lawnicki

10:20 AM (5)

All slots filled
Jennifer Carrier
Gina Durham
Janice Fraser
Karen DeSchepper
Gina Bausano

10:30 AM (5)

All slots filled
Jennifer Terrano
Karen Manzo
Daniel Silveri
Kristen Miller
Christina Lecznar

10:40 AM (5)

All slots filled
Gayle Suddick
Julie Walters
Jessica Looney
Rosalinda Pianello
Jessie Scott

10:50 AM (5)

All slots filled
Lisa Gaffke
becky lietz
Alicia Krause