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Parent U: OneNote How-To for MS Parents!

Parent U: OneNote How-To for MS Parents!

Do you know how to navigate Microsoft OneNote on your child’s laptop and determine what content has been shared with your child from his/her teacher? Do you sometimes long for the days of the traditional three ring binder with tabs? Do you struggle to know how to locate your child’s class notes and homework pages on their laptop? Do words like “Content Library” seem like a foreign language to you? Please join us for this Parent U focusing on all things OneNote for middle school parents. We will review the design basics of any class OneNote notebook. We will also look at how teachers use these notebooks to deliver content, and how students use it to take notes, complete homework, and prepare for assessments. Our hope is that you leave with the ability to navigate your child’s OneNote notebooks without needing their help! We look forward to seeing you there so that you can become the next OneNote Pro Parent!

Led by Indyasia Fowler, science teacher, Tracey Greene, math teacher, Sarah Peebles, math teacher, and Jewel Anderson, Instructional Technologist and Department Chair for Library Services

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Date: 11/05/2019 (Tue.)

Time: 8:10am - 9:40am EST

Location: McKeever, Wesley Hall

Created by:   Wesleyan School Sign Up Genius

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Cathy Nichols
Paul, Evan Bela Nichols
Jim Cavin
Douglas (9) Emory (7) Robert (3)
Sharlene Cowart
Ryan,Summer, Ashley
Adrianne Thomas
Adrianne Thomas/William
Betty Noel
Jennifer 9th, Olivia 7th
Molly Perry
Molly Perry/Max
Kaki Pafford
CC Pafford (7th)
Deena Coughlin
Cameron 8th
Brenda Alder
Aspen 6th grade
Vanessa Brewster
Hannah 8th, Jack 6th
Dana Sullenberger
Dana/ Jackson Sullenberger- 8th grade
Melinda Ortwein
Mary (12th), Clara (12th), Olivia (7th)
Sherry Britt
Sherry Britt/Bo 8th
Nancy McDonald
Debbie Ashford (2)
Debbie & Paul Ashford/Molly
Darlene Chatham (2)
Fred Lee and Darlene Chatham
Stephanie Seligman
Kathryn (8th)
Kristi Cavin
Mona Al-Qatami (2)
Ashley Stolle
Mendy Eskew
Mendy Eskew/Harris in 7th
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes (father of Mike&Tom Hughes)
Theresa Stewart
Judd Stewart 7th
Kaki Pafford
CC Pafford (7th)
Lara Stickney
Mona Al-Qatami (2)
Nadia and Dina Hutchings-5th Grade
Lucy Mo (2)
Lucy & Frank Mo (Andy Mo 5th)
Leslie Hagen
Kinsley (5th)
Diana Kane (2)
Sofia Kane 5th
Patricia Yarusinski
Alex & Tricia Yarusinski
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