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2019 Project Graduation Volunteers



Thursday, May 23rd

9:30pm - 5:00am

(see the sign up slots for the different times you can volunteer)

Project Graduation is an extraordinary event that keeps our seniors safe after graduation. It is an all night, chaperoned, alcohol and drug free celebration held at Dave & Buster's following the graduation ceremony. We are proud to be the only high school in the PVUSD, and one of the only public high schools in Arizona to offer this event free of charge to our seniors.

Please help us keep the Class of 2019 safe! If you would like to be a part of this magical night, please volunteer if you can.

There will be a mandatory meeting at Dave & Busters on Tuesday, May 21st at 6:30pm for all volunteers.  You will meet your lead person and be given instructions on what you will be doing that night.

If you are unable to volunteer, but would like to help out financially, please follow the links below.

Donations: Every donation is appreciated but please consider Sponsoring a Senior with a contribution of $100 (the per person cost for this event). We appreciate ANY monetary amount you can spare. https://parentsofpinnacle.org/donate.html

Share the link - You can email the link to family and friends or go to our Facebook page and share the link from there https://www.facebook.com/ParentsOfPinnacle.org

For questions about the event or about volunteering, please contact Paula Fry at [email protected]



Created by:   Parents of Pinnacle (POP)
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Available Slot

9:30pm - 5:00am (25)

CHAPERONE - This position is for ALL night.

12 of 25 slots filled
Katie Padwe
John Penczar
CJ Wren
Kimberly Johnson
with Michelle Heywood
Michelle Heywood
With Kimberly
Marion Kruse
Kristi Verbalaitis (2)
Rick and I are in for the over-nighter!!
Jo Ann Goodlow
Karen Paoletti
Robin Mora
Steph Bartels

9:30pm - 5:00am (2)

PURSE/BAG CHECK - This position is for ALL night.

All slots filled
Ted Schlossmacher
Leslie Wren

9:30pm - 12:00am (4)


All slots filled
Mahua Adhya
Stephanie Schlossmacher
Michelle Schultz
Jessica Pile

9:30pm - 11:30pm (16)


All slots filled
Lisa Howe
Lynne Sharrers
Amber Marks
Michelle Klaudt
Dawn Palermo
Erin Gasior
Audra DeVictor
Beth Tews
Mahua Adhya
Tammie Werner
Debbie Berkowitz
Paige Campbell
Karen Sturm
Lisa Haffner
Lynne Kenney
With Jill Beiler
Jill Beiler
With Lynne Kenney

9:30pm - 2:30am (20)


All slots filled
Marisa Barrett
Kathy Ingersoll
Marcie Torres-Shee
Rebecca Carlo (2)
Jerry and Rebecca Carlo
Reagen Winters
Linda McMillan
Thithi McWilliams
Trina Goehring
Cindy Bynum
Melissa Lasiter
Laura Gaunt
Connie Sunday
Heather Libman
Danyelle Malvick
Kerwin Franklin
Kim Horton
Angel Bishop
Christy Stokes
Bernadette Baker

9:30pm - 5:00am (3)


All slots filled
Paula Fry
Colleen Fry
Allison Coppola

9:30pm - 5:00am (3)


All slots filled
Katie Padwe
Aundi Parillo

Event Set Up / Decorations (10)

We will begin setting up at 11am on the 23rd. We should be done around 1pm.

6 of 10 slots filled
Belinda Curtis
Liza Balestrieri
Katie Padwe
Aundi Parillo
Amanda Parillo
Lori Tininenko

Costco or Sams Club Sized Graduation Cakes (10)

Cakes must be dropped off at Dave & Busters by 11am on the 23rd at the Front Desk.

8 of 10 slots filled
Michele Sapero
Robin Bowie
Sally Westra
Sara Gold
Christy Stokes
Brenda Nealy
Katrina Uzzanti
Audra DeVictor

Board Game Checker

All board games need to be double checked to make sure all pieces are in each game and dropped off at Dave & Busters by 11am on the 23rd.

Shar Zapp

Bathroom Necessities Baskets

Bathroom necessities baskets need to be put together and dropped off at Dave & Busters by 11am on the 23rd.

Nicole Artino

Donor Lists

Keeping the Donor Lists up to date with Donor names in the weeks leading up to Project Grad. Also communicate with the POP Social Media Volunteers so they can keep that up to date as well.

Brian Berg

Prize Boards

There are 4 Prize Boards for Project Grad. Each board identifies what is given away during the hourly drawings throughout the night. This is all done ahead of time, not the night of. Boards will need to be dropped off by 11am on the 23rd.


Check In Packets

Making sure everything needed for the Envelope Stuffing is ready (wristbands, envelopes, stickers, etc.)

Lisa Howe

Check-In Envelope Stuffing - May 21st At PHS (11)

**At Pinnacle - We will be stuffing envelopes with everything the Seniors will need for Check-In at Project Grad, on the morning of May 21st at the school. It will begin at 9am and we should be done by 11am.

All slots filled
Lisa Howe
Lynn Flickinger
Robin Bowie
Kellie Martin
Christy Stokes
Linda Bommarito
Shannon Hanna
Helen Doyle
Layla Saikley
Katrina Uzzanti
Laurie Riley DC

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