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Freedom School Snacks & Supplies - Summer 2019

Help the UU Fellowship and our community partners support summer enrichment at the Sunnyside Freedom School by providing the supplies and snacks needed for the entire summer.

Freedom Schools are free six-week summer programs developed by the Children's Defense Fund. Their intensive literacy approach is designed to curb summer learning loss, close the achievement gap, and instill a life-long love of reading. Freedom Schools foster a sense of personal empowerment and a "can do" attitude through a high-energy curriculum guided by young "servant leaders" who act as role models of dedication and excellence. The program provides breakfast, lunch, and a snack during the day, and they cannot fulfill this commitment without community support.

When you sign up for supplies or snacks, please indicate the total quantity you are providing. Most of the snack supplies can be found at Costco. Donations in the form of gift certificates to Costco and craft supply or office supply stores are also appropriate. Bring all items, including gift certificates,  to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 4055 Robinhood Road (check if we are open (336) 659-0331), or contact Cynthia and Jim at [email protected] to arrange for pick-up.


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Available Slot

composition books (60)

All slots filled
Cynthia Dodge (10)
Rosemary Wyman (10)
Art & Carol Hermann (6)
Jim Norris Norris (10)
Cynthia Dodge (20)
Cynthia Dodge (4)

sheets of 22"x28" poster board (various colors) (100)

90 of 100 slots filled
Don Kautz (20)
Don Kautz (20)
Cynthia Braun (2)
2 packs of 25 -- total 50
Cynthia Braun (48)

pads self-stick chart/easel paper (5)

All slots filled
Beth Harper (2)
Kathy Orms (3)

packs of dry erase markers (no erasers needed)

21 slots filled - more available
jenny kim
pack of 18
Art & Carol Hermann (2)
2 packages of 6
Jim Norris Norris (5)
Arnn- Kelsey (8)
Eight Sets of Eight Colors
Kathy Orms (5)

dry erase boards (for easel)

1 slot filled - more available
Beth Harper

rolls of painter's tape (5)

All slots filled
Art & Carol Hermann (5)

glue sticks (50)

All slots filled
Sally Southard-Kelp (16)
Rachel Hawkins (10)
Art & Carol Hermann (6)
6 packages of 5
Art & Carol Hermann (6)
Total of 30 glue sticks
Jim Norris Norris (5)
Joyce Townson (7)
Actually 8: 2 packs of 4 each

packs of craft tissue paper (various colors) (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
Anne Murray
Judi Wallace (3)

packs of construction paper (various colors) (6)

All slots filled
Kay Cameron (5)
Art & Carol Hermann
2 packages of 96 pieces

newspapers and magazines - old, but not dirty (content appropriate for students)

45 slots filled - more available
Sally Southard-Kelp (15)
Jim Norris Norris (10)
Dorothy O'Beirne (20)
Local and regional focus.

40-count cases of Organic Juice Boxes (Kirkland, Apple and Eve, etc) (not "sugar drinks") (30)

24 of 30 slots filled
Cynthia Dodge (3)
Geraldine Zurek Zurek (2)
Jamie Slater
United States
Jim Norris Norris (5)
Cynthia Dodge (3)
From gift certificate
Diane Harney (2)
Phyllis Sutphin (2)
Ken Ostberg (2)
Karen Daugherty (4)

50-oz Drink Mixes (Gatorade, Lemonade, etc) (6)

All slots filled
Rachel Hawkins (6)

boxes of 8-plus count of reasonably healthy granola, cereal, Cliff bars, Nature Valley, Cascadian Farms, etc.) (40)

39 of 40 slots filled
Courtney Swartz (4)
Herman Schmid (10)
Delivered - 2 -48 count
Sharon Olson (3)
Mike Dresel (2)
Ken Ostberg (2)
Karen Daugherty (18)
4 boxes of 36 count bars

string cheese - packages of 8 individually wrapped pieces (20)

All slots filled
Rosemary Wyman (10)
Herman and Cyndi Schmid (7)
Donna Von Bargen (3)

boxes of or at least 30-count of individual packages of pretzels (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Sharon Olson

boxes of 30-count Pepperidge Farms individual packages of Goldfish (Available as Costco) (7)

All slots filled
Mitchell Termotto (4)
Herman Schmid
Sharon Olson
Phyllis Sutphin

fruit snacks - packages of at least 8, individually wrapped pieces (35)

All slots filled
Courtney Swartz (4)
Rachel Hawkins (5)
Herman Schmid (26)
4 -80 count, and 2-72 x count

Costco gift certificates

indicate amount in comments - SAC will deliver to Anthony's Plot

3 slots filled - more available
Katherine Foulser Foulser
$50 Costco gift certificate
Jean and Bob Alsup
Beth Harper
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