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Volunteers ROCK

VRA Volunteers Just Wanna Have Fun! Appreciation Breakfast


    VRA volunteers are like TOTALLY radical!  Please join us for a fun 80's themed breakfast recognizing the way amazing, totally bodacious contribution you make to VRA.  You help VRA to shine bright!  We promise not to gag you with a spoon and that it will be totally tubular...or at least the donuts will be!

Date: 05/17/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 8:30am - 9:45am EDT

Location: VRA Cafeteria

Created by:   Audra Young

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 35     No: 10     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 36     Maybe: 0

YES (35) -  

Lindsy Corrao (1 guest)

Torey Bickham (1 guest)

Cherri Wilson (1 guest)

Robin Modansky (1 guest)

Kajal Procacci (1 guest)

Irene Viorritto (1 guest)

Heather Little (1 guest)

Faye Quigley (1 guest)

Joyce Reid (1 guest)

Martha Hays Weiss (1 guest)

Gary Hiles (1 guest)

Lindsay Krum (1 guest)

Lina Bhatt (1 guest)

Tori Long (1 guest)

Laurie Shreve (1 guest)

Natalia Gorelik (1 guest)

Laurie Simmer (1 guest)

Sarah Schantz (1 guest)

Jennifer Baker (1 guest)

MJ Lechtrecker (1 guest)

Darlene Lane (1 guest)

Nanette Cossio (1 guest)

Becky Patel (1 guest)

Becky Laughlin (1 guest)

Joda Matthews (1 guest)

Maria Salomon (1 guest)
The gifts we have for everyone are pretty bodacious too!

Lauren Klose (2 guests)

Jennifer Trinidad (1 guest)

Indu Singh (1 guest)

Melanie Armour (1 guest)

Jules Ferrara (1 guest)

Amy Zobel (1 guest)

Meredith Brantley (1 guest)

Megan Hackett (1 guest)

Allyson Swanson (1 guest)

NO (10) +