CRONA Picnic at Great America

Bring your family and join CRONA Nurses for a fun and relaxing day at California's Great America! The park is open from 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m. Enjoy the park all day, and come join CRONA Nurses for a free lunch in a reserved picnic area. We'll also have free chair massage available during lunch, with signups on the day of the picnic.

Picnic Lunch: CRONA has the County Fair picnic grove reserved from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. and will provide lunch (hot dogs and sandwiches), dessert (ice cream!), and drinks (non-alcoholic).

Tickets: CRONA has discounted tickets for only $20 per person age 3 and up. Tickets include parking. Please purchase your tickets via this site, it's easy! Tickets will be available for pickup on day of picnic from the Will Call office at Great America, and may be ordered anytime between now and August 1. Tickets ordered before August 1 will be available for pickup at the August Membership & Area Rep meetings. IMPORTANT: Must pick up tickets prior to parking to get free parking. Our discounted tickets are valid for date of picnic only. If you prefer to purchase tickets by mailing a check, do not sign up using this site, contact us at [email protected] for ordering info.

Season Pass Holders: Already have a season pass? Make sure to join us for lunch! Please sign up on this page for the lunch - it's FREE, but we need RSVPs to make sure we have food available. Only those who have signed up for lunch will be able to have the free lunch on the day of the picnic.

Wear Your CRONA T-shirt! Every CRONA Nurse who wears a CRONA t-shirt will be eligible to enter a raffle. We will have limited quantities of t-shirts available at the picnic if you don't already have a t-shirt.

Let's all have fun together!

Date: 08/18/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm PDT

Location: County Fair Picnic Grove at California's Great America

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Created by:   CRONA Nurses
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Picnic and Ticket Sign-ups

CRONA picnic - Great America tickets $20 (470)

($20.00 each)

Discount ticket price is $20/person, age 3 and up. Lunch and Parking are included with price of tickets. If you have a Season Pass and do not need to purchase admission tickets, sign up in the LUNCH ONLY slot.

All slots filled
Kimberley Reed
Kimberley Reed
Sarah Wallace (5)
Sarah Wallace
Merle Maclean (2)
Merle Maclean
Sara Rocha Thome (3)
Sara Rocha Thome
Helen Macatangay (5)
Helen Macatangay
Helen Macatangay (2)
Helen Macatangay
Denise Paulo-Colaci (5)
Denise Paulo-Colaci
Erleen Fernandez (5)
Erleen Fernandez
Sara Joy (2)
Sara Joy
Jolivette Enriquez-Leano (4)
Jolivette Enriquez-Leano
Grace Sampang (7)
Grace Sampang
Melissa A Delos Santos (3)
Melissa Delos Santos
Latricia Uba Onwuka (15)
Latricia Uba Onwuka
Amanda Bengtson (4)
Amanda Bengtson
Dang Lee (7)
Dang Lee
Loren Schlesinger (4)
Loren Schlesinger
Don Tran (2)
Don Tran
Chaohui Casella (4)
Chaohui Casella
Andrea Contreras (4)
Anne Chang (2)
Anne Chang
Lorie Johnson (2)
Lorie Johnson
Anne Ganzon (6)
Anne D. Ganzon
Michael Du Par (2)
Michael Du Par
Nina Ramos (5)
Nina Ramos
Igor Pyatigorsky
Igor Pyatigorsky
Jocelyn Baldespinosa (4)
Jocelyn Baldespinosa
Andreamay Locso (3)
Andreamay Locso
Rose Ann Gong (4)
Rose Ann Gong
Albert Medina (2)
Albert Medina
Jessica Ayala (13)
Sunila Ram (2)
Sunila Ram
Kishore Parmar (5)
Kishore Parmar
Marilou Donina (3)
Marilou Donina Cerbo
Adriana Muscatel-Weiner (2)
Adriana Muscatel-Weiner
Mark Ting Co (5)
Mark Ting Co
Miriam Nasol (3)
Miriam Nasol
Ashley Louie (5)
Ashley Louie
Ashley Louie (2)
Ashley Louie
Deanna Garza (15)
Deanna Garza
Eileen Pachkofsky
Eileen pachkofsky
Alicia Johnson (5)
Denise DaGragnano (4)
Denise DaGragnano
Alison Aquino (2)
Alison Aquino
Kim Hanaray (3)
Kim Hanaray
Mara Bamba (9)
Mara Bamba
Melissa Delos Santos (3)
Melissa Delos Santos
Sophia Li (13)
Bik Yun Sophia Li
Huifang Berger (3)
Huifang Berger
Theresa Nguyen (11)
Theresa Nguyen
Patrice Sellers (4)
Patrice Sellers
Cam Tu Bui (6)
Cam Tu Bui
mark pyatigorsky
Florencia Florendo (2)
Florencia Florendo
Katie Haskamp (2)
Kathrynn Haskamp
David Hernandez (2)
David Hernandez
Kathy Dang (15)
Kathy Dang
Aisha Mitchner (2)
Aisha Mitchner
Kristen Sada (2)
Kristen Sada
Theresa Llaneza (4)
Theresa Llaneza
Cynthia Courtney (4)
Cynthia Courtney
Courtney James (2)
Nancy Ma (8)
Nancy Ma
Angela Helms (4)
Angela Helms
Sophia Li (4)
Sophia Li
Shane Mow (5)
Shane Mow
Gilleen Del Rosario (9)
Gilleen Del Rosario
Christine Wolfer (4)
Christine Wolfer
Veronica Dellafosse (5)
Veronica Dellafosse
Mia Tortor
Mia Tortor
Julie Galpin (2)
Julie Galpin
Ayrene Jimenez (6)
Ayrene Jimenez
Ginalyn Braza
Ginalyn Braza
Ayrene Jimenez (6)
Ayrene Jimenez
Simonetta Ocampo (4)
Simonetta Ocampo
Carla Sandoval (12)
Carla Sandoval
Jacqueline Arroliga (7)
Jacqueline Arroliga
Jennifer Cox (5)
Jennifer Cox
Jacqueline Nguyen (2)
Jacqueline Nguyen
Jackie Campbell (5)
Jackie Campbell
Courtney Gee (2)
Courtney Gee
Sahnybel Tan (4)
Sahnybel Tan
Kimberly Achacoso (4)
Kimberly Achacoso
Kimberly Achacoso (4)
Kimberly Achacoso
Danica Calayag (15)
Danica Calayag
Katherine Stormberg (5)
Kathy Stormberg
Nina Ramos (2)
Nina Ramos
Danica Calayag (4)
Danica Calayag
Geralyn Martinez
Geralyn Martinez
Liza Anne Francisco (2)
Anna Liza Matamis-Francisco
Austin Onwuka (3)
Latricia Uba Onwuka
Hazel Steingasser (5)
Hazel Steingasser
April Cano (2)
Anna Liza Matamis-Francisco
Austin Onwuka (6)
Latricia Uba Onwuka
Wendy Hsu (2)
Anna Liza Matamis-Francisco
Adina Madra (6)
Adina Madra
Melanie Chang (5)
Melanie Chang
Mauricio Simas (6)
Mauricio Simas
Aimee Canton (3)
Aimee Canton
Katherine Stormberg
Kathy Stormberg
Jennifer Dong (2)
Anna Liza Matamis-Francisco
Caroline Cong (5)
Caroline Cong
joy dawn ambet? (2)
Caroline Cong
Colleen Casimir (2)
Colleen Casimir
Kathryn Curry (2)
Chris Cinkowski
Amanda Velasco Forbes (3)
Amanda Velasco Forbes
Ayrene Jimenez (4)
Ayrene Jimenez
Jeanie Liang (2)
Amanda Bengston
Melanie Tang (5)
Melanie Tang

CRONA picnic LUNCH ONLY (I have a Season Pass) (86)

This is for Season Pass holders to sign up for lunch, don't sign up here if you also need to purchase tickets.

All slots filled
Sheleen Tolentino (3)
Sheleen Tolentino
Mica Cupino (4)
Mica Cupino
Bethany Kausch (4)
Bethany A Kausch
Audrey Huntsberry (4)
Audrey Huntsberry
Jenette Alvarez (3)
Jenette Alvarez
Eileen Pachkofsky (4)
Eileen Pachkofsky
Monica Sinha (2)
Monica Sinha
Danny Cheung (5)
Danny Cheung
angela duerr (7)
angela duerr
Meredith Purganan (4)
Meredith Purganan
Mari Tang (4)
Mari Tang
Kerry Jauregui (4)
Kerry Jauregui
Michelle Chu (3)
Michelle Chu
Adriana Muscatel-Weiner (4)
Adriana Muscatel-Weiner
Kim Hanaray
Kim Hanaray
Mara Bamba (2)
Mara Bamba
Laura McIntyre (5)
Laura Bushell-McIntyre
Tami Washington (5)
Tami Washington
Cynthia Courtney
Cynthia Courtney
Elisa Baker (8)
Elisa Baker
Mia Tortor (3)
Mia Tortor
Nina Ramos (2)
Nina Ramos
Samantha Pineiro
Samantha Pineiro
Roshelle Parado (3)
Roshelle Parado
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