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HersheyPark Chaperone Signup 2019

Please use this form to sign up for your Hershey Park group.  You do not have to enter an email address, just your name.  If you already have an account with Sign-Up Genius (not required), please make sure that the student's name is entered in the list and not the account-holder's name.

The following rules must be followed:

Read all of these rules before you sign your name

Before you sign up, you must have completed all parts of your permission form packet and paid the appropriate fee.

Only sign your name.

Do not sign up for more than one group.

Do not sign someone else’s name for them.

If you want to be in a group with someone else, find them and sign up for a group at the same time.

If you wish to be removed from a group, contact Mr. Denne.  Once he has let you know that you have been removed from a group, you may then sign up for a new group.

Groups are limited to five people.  The son/daughter of the chaperone is listed on the left-hand side under the chaperone's name and there are four additional slots that may be used to sign up.

If you break these rules, you will lose the opportunity to pick your own group.

If you wish for your group to be on the same bus as another group, please indicate that request in the comment section of your entry.

Date: 06/01/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 4:45am - 7:00pm EDT

Location: Hershey, PA

Created by:   Ben Denne
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Available Slot

Mrs. Michelle Martin (4)

Ryan Babcock

All slots filled
Nathan Kim
Louis Kim
George Wood
Zain Salas

Mrs. Maryann Pellot (4)

Sofiya Bazelais

All slots filled
Brianna King
Lilly McGee
Erin Dunaway
Makenna Fairbrother

Mr. Patrick Bianchini (4)

Julia Bianchini

All slots filled
Kailea Mundorf
same bus as mahika vedire's group?
Bivika Adhikari
Same bus as mahika vedire’s group please
Gianna Athavale
Please put us in same bus as Vedire
Abigail Ben
I would like to be on Michaela Sawjackys bus. Thank you

Mrs. Kristen Blair (4)

Aaron Blair

All slots filled
Sam Lieman
David Lieman
Matthew Gilmour
Callum Stallings

Mr. Thomas Boehlert (4)

Kellie Boehlert

All slots filled
Jessica Stuparu
Yunah Kwon
Anne Ganunis
Reena Alattar

Mrs. Lisa Bradley (4)

Ava Bradley

All slots filled
Emerson Rose
Jillian Shoultz
Ava Camp
Hannah Kim
same bus as ainsley wilson’s group please

Mrs. Susan Watts (4)

Charles Bryant

All slots filled
David Han
Sidharth Kumar
Nathan Lee
Aidan Suk

Mrs. Jonida Budo (4)

Sonia Budo

All slots filled
Allison Harlan
Clara Pan
With Ms. Shastry's Group
Victoria Kovtun
Lanting Zhu

Mr. Anthony Burke (4)

Kennedy Burke

All slots filled
James JJ Weidemann
Julia Morton
Zoomel Ghauri
if possible, can u get varsha prasad, layla armstrong chavez and selena martinez on the same bus as us
Varsha Prasad
can you add selena martinez and layla armstrong chavez on the same bus as us

Mr. Rob Callahan (4)

Matthew Callahan

All slots filled
Kevin Zhang
Vishal Lokesh
Ryan Patel
Isaac King

Mrs. Stephanie Caplan (4)

Cora Caplan


Mr. Jason Davis (4)

Jaden Davis

All slots filled
Jack Martini
Jack Martini
Sophia Cherry
Abigail Evans
Layla Armstrong-Chavez
Can I be on bus with Anthany Burkes group

Mr. Scott Delpo (4)

Romy Delpo

3 of 4 slots filled
Krishna Desai
Aditi Garg
Priscillia Nanguy
I want to be in the same bus as them

Mr. Ravi Dixit (4)

Manasi Dixit

All slots filled
Gray Ren
Blaine Fellers
Same bus as Mullen please!
Gabrielle Peters
Aditi Katragunta

Mr. Larry Finkelstein (4)

Maddie Finkelstein

All slots filled
Shannon Holderness
Shivani Varia
Amira Chong
Swift bus request
Katie Noppenberger
swift bus request

Mr. Josh Foley (4)

Samantha Foley

2 of 4 slots filled
Julia Starke
Can my group be seated near Izzy Gingerich’s group on the bus?
Lucy Davies

Mrs. Kira Fuller (4)

Austin Fuller

All slots filled
Quinlan O'Neill
Arpit Kesharwani
Augustin Rocha
Henry Scott

Mrs. Kelly Garvin (4)

Madalyn Garvin

All slots filled
Camden Lippert
Elena Donnelly
Joaquin Donnelly
Noah Radtke

Mr. Joel Gil (4)

Keren Gil

1 of 4 slots filled
Keren Gil
Can my group be seated near Isabella Gingerich's group please?

Mrs. Jade Gingerich (4)

Isabella Gingerich

All slots filled
grace wang
Johanna Kim
same bus as Mrs. Nicole Shah please
Yulie Kim
Grace Johnson
Same bus as mr Chad please

Mrs. Allyson Glassband (4)

Spencer Glassband

All slots filled
Ayan Paul
I guess...
Matthias Johnson
join up with krish kapoor’s group please
Viraj Janeja
Srikar Kodali

Mrs. Faith Gray (4)

Hannah Gray

All slots filled
Aashka Shah
Prisha Shah
Varshini Thangavelu
Tanvi Uppaluru

Mrs. Jennifer Greenberg (4)

Laela Greenberg

All slots filled
Solana Wynn
Samantha Baker
Rithika Choutkuri
Malinda Macauley
Same bus as swift

Mrs. Claire Greenwell (4)

Elodie Greenwell

All slots filled
Yunling Ying
please put us with Ms. Putti's group on the bus
Diya Sharma
Hailee Hammond
Laila Peterson

Mr. Jay Hahn (4)

Jeremy Hahn

All slots filled
Jacob Hauk
Leen Jawhar
Julianne Kim
Tobias MacCormack
Same bus as Sabenorio and Walls

Mrs. Soonhee Lee (4)

Yehji Hwang

All slots filled
Charlotte Harvey
Please put Charlotte Harvey on the same bus with Yehji and Audrey Ho
Audrey Ho
Blenda Undrakhbold
Leila Mammel

Mrs. Kat Ingorokva (4)

Elene Ingorokva

All slots filled
Brandon Goldman
Anya Thakrar
we want to be with tanisha's group for the day
Grace Hall
We want to be with Tanisha Suri’s group for the day
Abby Conrad

Mrs. Rachel Jenkins (4)

Michael Jenkins

All slots filled
Edward Lei
Logan Craig
Ethan Gauthier
Avinash Kakarala

Mrs. Seon Lee (4)

Minji Joo

2 of 4 slots filled
Yunie Shin
Same bus as Yehji Hwang
Olivia Kwak

Mrs. Stephanie Jurkovic (4)

Nathan Jurkovic

All slots filled
John Jurkovic
Nate Jurkovic
Benji Nagiel
Ryan Patel

Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor (4)

Krish Kapoor

1 of 4 slots filled
Sanjay Datla
be on agustin rocha's bus

Mrs. Soohee Kwon (4)

Silo Kim

All slots filled
David McLaughlin
James Lee
Enoch Li
We would like to be on the same bus as Ms. Custodio and Ms. Joo.
Jacob Berger

Mr. Sigurd Knippenberg (4)

Miya Knippenberg


Mrs. Pallavi Kulkarni (4)

Aditi Kulkarni

2 of 4 slots filled
Sneha Wagle
Grace Chen

Mr. Tom MacLellan (4)

Kaley MacLellan

All slots filled
Nina Lin
Melissa Garcia
i would like to be on the bus with my group please
Joelle Lazaris
Nina Jones
we would like to be on the same bus all together.

Mrs. Katie Markowitz (4)

David Markowitz

All slots filled
Hamin Kim
Ryan Jensen
Chase Pakulla
Evan Kim

Mr. Isaac Mativo (4)

Kivuva Mativo

All slots filled
Cruz Casanova
Isaiah Wilkins
Jaden Myers
Matthew Dziewiecki

Mrs. Leah McIlvain (4)

Jessica McIlvain

All slots filled
Rachel Swigart
Forrest McDowell
Senam Dzodzomenyo
Tide Adetula

Mrs. Reena Putti (4)

Megha Mellacheruva

All slots filled
Emma Brown
On bus with Greenwall's group please!
Minh Do
(8th Grade)
Gabi Bieberich
Anne Price

Mr. Richard Mullen (4)

Shannon Mullen

All slots filled
Melinda Zhao
Same bus as Dixit please.
Tommy Chin
Rachel Shiao
Isabella Gracyalny
Can i be on Yahmeah Tano's bus

Mr. Michael Ngo (4)

Katherine Ngo

All slots filled
Ellie Fiedler
Clarice De Melo
Maya Avery
Ming Huang

Mrs. Marissa Pena (4)

Domenic Pena

All slots filled
Braden Daugherty
Shree Kokatam
Jake Weakland
Ruchir Bondada

Mrs. Rebecca Reeb (4)

Meghan Reeb

3 of 4 slots filled
Katie Frank
Anna Ducot
Gianna Casanova

Mrs. Kara Rice (4)

Victoria Rice

All slots filled
Tracy Ly
Sara Dhilipkannah
Same bus as mahika vedire’s group
Danielle Nwosu
Anjika Singh

Mr. Bill Robbins (4)

Mary Robbins

All slots filled
Yeseo Lim
Chloe Ng
Celine Blanchette
Varsha Makkapati

Mrs. Diann Rocha (4)

Alicia Rocha

All slots filled
Ellie Kim
Andrea Casillas
Sara Fleming
Emma Booth

Mrs. Sue Sabenorio (4)

Rachel Sabenorio

All slots filled
Lauren Roselle
Allison Norton
Quinn Wells
Same bus as Mr. Walls or Mrs. Bradley
Ciaran Brighton

Mr. Cesar Salas (4)

Yasmeen Salas

All slots filled
Grace Dacombe
Mulan Cao
Minh Do
Courtney Glover

Mrs. Sheila Sawyckyj (4)

Michaela Sawyckyj

All slots filled
Josie Arena
Imogen Archuleta
Mackie Aro
Sydney Burke
Can we be on the same bus as Julia bianchini

Mr. Thomas Saynuk (4)

Davis Saynuk

All slots filled
Matthew Seliger
bus with Jenkins and Markowitz if possible
Eric Spiro
James Ace
bus with Shahzad
Billy Snyder

Mr. Sergei Seleznev

Greg Seleznev

Just Greg

Mr. Chad Sellers (4)

Molly Sellers


Mrs. Nicole Shah (4)

Jannah Shah

All slots filled
Katie Lee
Stella Kim
Batool Haider
Jenny Min

Mr. Nazim Shahzad (4)

Zakir Shahzad

All slots filled
Joshua Mathew
Tyler Goladay
Rishi Kumar
Mr. Denne, I actually signed up for this and not the other one. Thank you!
David Schrock

Mrs. Mary Sharer (4)

Matthew Sharer

All slots filled
Andrew Bang
David Rosa da Costa
Nam Do
Ben Welton

Mrs. Shalini Shastry (4)

Surabhi Shastry

All slots filled
Kailan Li
Juhi Chitkara
(Robbins) Yeseo, chloe, varsha, and mary
Sumedha Shastry
Aditi Kalva

Mrs. Mahpara Farooqui (4)

Jasir Siddiqui

All slots filled
Joel Chemmanur
Caleb Shim
Akhil Shastry
Baltej Singh

Mr. Brian Solan (4)

Daniel Solan

All slots filled
Neil Murphy
same bus as the group chaperoned by Katie Markowitz
Alex Shemer
Garrett Young
Ayezhan Amir

Mrs. Natasha Stewart (4)

Brea Stewart-Newman

1 of 4 slots filled
Bilal Salam

Mr. Gopi Suri (4)

Tanisha Suri

All slots filled
Natalie Robinson
Sunny Ji
Lexa Millen
can we be on a bus with anya thakrars group
Annie Jin
anyas group

Mr. Tim Swift (4)

Kendall Swift

All slots filled
Abigail Cudzilo
Maya St. Hillaire
Fallon Hill
Katelyn Yi

Mrs. Clairette Rotili (4)

Yahmeah Tano

All slots filled
Mikaela Luff
Gabrielle Simmonds
Aneesa Sayed
._. idek
Lacy Wilfong

Mr. Darrell Taylor (4)

Kevin Taylor

All slots filled
Jeff Li
Abbas Bharmal
Same bus as Silo Kim's group please
Erik Lapidus
Wonjin Lee

Mrs. Amy Thompson (4)

Adam Thompson

All slots filled
Aman Bollam
Eshan Khan
Aadarsh Govada
Can we be with David Markowitz's group?
Joseph Cheung

Mr. Sriranga Vedire (4)

Mahika Vedire

3 of 4 slots filled
Anmol Desai
Emily Ching
Tanisha Shah

Mr. Chris Walls (4)

Davey Walls

All slots filled
Arven Claude
Jacob Hauk
Reagan Park
Logan Ruehl
same bus as sabenorio

Mrs. Josephine Yau (4)

Andrew Yau

All slots filled
Melody Lou
Hannah Kim
April Zheng
Vikas Lokesh

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