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All Saints Elijah Cup

The Elijah Cup will be available at any mass time to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate. The calendar has Sundays listed, but if you'd prefer to participate at a Saturday mass, just let me know by emailing [email protected] with your preferred date.

Here's how your family can be a part of this wonderful ministry:

1. Choose a date and mass time for your family to take home the Elijah Cup. Be sure to indicate on the Sign Up Genius which mass time you will attend that day. Mark this date your personal calendar.

2. Attend the Mass you selected. Check in with a deacon 15 minutes before the start of your selected Mass. Doing so confirms with the priest/deacon that the Elijah Cup will be used during the Liturgy of the Eucharist and presented at the end of Mass. You will be called forward to receive the Elijah Cup at the end of Mass (you can sit anywhere you'd like for mass). **If you do not check in, the Elijah Cup will not be prepared for you and you will not receive it.**

3. Upon receiving the chalice, exit and take it straight home and put it in a place of honor where it can serve as a focal point for your specific prayers for priesthood. At the end of the week, record a reflection or Scripture verse in the journal which accompanies the Cup.

4. Return the Cup to the Sacristy (the room to the far right as you enter the church building, where the priests and deacons vest) the following week. You'll receive an email before your assigned date with information, including when it must be returned in order to be ready for the next family (you can also check the Sign Up Genius to see what time the next family is signed up for- it must be returned at least 15 minutes prior to that mass). If no one is signed up the week after you, feel free to return it before or after any mass, as long as there is someone in the sacristy to receive it. Your family may also bring the gifts to the altar during mass on the day you return the Elijah Cup. 

5. Tell fellow parishioners to sign up for the Elijah Cup so they have an opportunity to share in this experience, too!

By receiving and praying with the Elijah Cup you give witness to your faith in the power of prayer. It is so easy to do. You will be blessed for taking this time for prayer, our Church will become stronger, and many more young Catholics will be inspired to dedicate their lives to the Lord’s work.


Created by:   Christine Case

Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Available Slot
07/07/2019 (Sun.)

Take home the Elijah Cup

07/14/2019 (Sun.)

Take home the Elijah Cup

07/21/2019 (Sun.)

Take home the Elijah Cup

07/28/2019 (Sun.)

Take home the Elijah Cup


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