St. Isidore

Fr. G’s Farewell Mass

Dear Parishioners,

We would like to give a warm send off to Fr. G, who will be taking some personal time and going on a yearlong sabbatical. Fr. G will remain with the Parish until the end of June. However before he departs, we would like to thank him for his 7 years with St. Isidore Parish. There will be a Mass of gratitude celebrating Fr. G’s dedication and enthusiasm on Saturday, June 26th, at 5:30PM outdoors on the field. We ask that you RSVP for this Mass no later than Friday, June 18th.  This will help us to make sure we have enough supplies on hand. 

Date: 06/26/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 7:00am PDT

Location: St. Isidore green field

Created by:   Keith Machi
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Dick Olsen (2 guests)

Msgr. Daniel Cardelli (1 guest)

Beverly Ness (1 guest)
Thank you to Father G for his help for my husband before and after he passed away. He is a kind person that speaks to what is happening in our lives and suggests how to deal with it all.

DAVID MANION (2 guests)

Maria Valladolid (2 guests)

Abraham Miralles (6 guests)

Liza Etu (4 guests)

Lyra Dimapasoc (2 guests)

Clara Paulino (4 guests)

Joe & Darlene Diehl (2 guests)

harry and joanne nelson (2 guests)

Kimberly Andrews (3 guests)

Tracy Lickiss (6 guests)

Dave Siegfried (2 guests)

Beverly Walsh (2 guests)

Charles Bisson (1 guest)
A fine priest, thanks for serving the Parish

rosa chau (1 guest)

Dorianne Romero Plihon (1 guest)

Tony Gelfuso (2 guests)

John Lee (4 guests)

Brent Smith (2 guests)

Carol Wagner (2 guests)

Lisa Nesbit (2 guests)

Lori Scallan (4 guests)

Laurie Gardiner (2 guests)

Josh Williams (5 guests)
Say it ain’t so Father G

John Ewins (1 guest)

The Bassetts (2 guests)
We will miss you. Our best wishes and prayers go with you. Thank you for your special insights into the Christian life.

Anna Bantug (1 guest)

Del Diaz (3 guests)

Mike Lickiss (2 guests)

Garth Riopelle (1 guest)

Joe Secola (3 guests)

Ely Torres (3 guests)

Margi Braga (3 guests)
Jude, Margi and JD

Jim & Leigh Huckestein (2 guests)

The Lees (3 guests)

Rory Motas (7 guests)

Ken Wong (4 guests)

Michael Platzbecker (4 guests)

Edward Meshinsky (3 guests)

Pam Aha (2 guests)

Norine Ross (2 guests)

Patrick McAuley (1 guest)

Emily Szeto (2 guests)

Joseph Sena (3 guests)

John DeMartini (6 guests)

Cathleen Michka (3 guests)

Joan Whitehorn (1 guest)

Marivic Sullivan (2 guests)

Michael Zumbo (2 guests)

Joe Anne Doyle (2 guests)

Cathy Sjogreen (1 guest)

Lee And Lori Mcdonald (4 guests)
We are so sad you are leaving we love you!

Richard Beyer (2 guests)

John Acton (3 guests)

Gary Petsuch (2 guests)

Madonna & Tom D'Angelo (2 guests)

Russell Bowes (1 guest)

Maureen Schreiber (2 guests)

Orlando Echeverria-Calvet (1 guest)

Mike and Sharon Arata (2 guests)
Father G, we appreciate the abiding love you have for our Saviour and our Church, and your one-one-one love for neighbor — for each person you meet. These fine qualities/virtues come across in your homilies as well.

Thelma Rivera (1 guest)

Lourdes Santos-Reyes (2 guests)

George kerrigan (2 guests)

Jan Conway (1 guest)

Denise Stribling (1 guest)

Melanie Fake (2 guests)

Susan Chough (2 guests)

Maureen Brychel (1 guest)
So sorry to lose such a wonderful priest

Jay Comella (2 guests)

Kim and Miguel Manrique (2 guests)

Anne Connell (4 guests)

Brian Lozano (4 guests)
We will truly miss Fr G May God always bless and keep you safe. Love Always, Brian, Jodi, Devin and Justin Lozano

Joanie & Bob Gerberich (2 guests)
We will miss you Father G!

Greg Hugo (2 guests)

Edward Indelicato (3 guests)
WE will miss you Fr G, warm wishes and Blessings to wherever God takes you !

Thomas Desmond (2 guests)

Elmer Spartz (2 guests)

Helene Kremer Maestre (3 guests)

Kathleen Noel (2 guests)

Christina Lum (2 guests)

Caroline Reed (2 guests)

betty saenz (2 guests)

Judith Rich (1 guest)

Stan Stokowski (2 guests)

Michelle Ghelfi (1 guest)

Rob/Oonagh McAndrew (2 guests)

M Cisneros (4 guests)

Diane Gilfether (2 guests)
Father G will be greatly missed for his warm, congenial, and jovial spirit, as well as his dedication to our parish.

Orla Coste (1 guest)

Kathy Baruch (1 guest)

Joan Billeci (1 guest)

Robert Lyons (2 guests)

Mufaro Nyachoto (2 guests)

Mary Ann Tancuan (4 guests)

Meg Fiset (1 guest)
Will there be any reception after that I can contribute to?

Marissa Zamora (1 guest)
You will be missed dearly Father G!

Theresa Vodopich (5 guests)

Denise Archdeacon (2 guests)

Kathleen Bauman (4 guests)

marcy haynes (2 guests)

N. Catherine Buesa (2 guests)

William Torchiana (2 guests)

Jose Yanes (2 guests)

Hanh Vu (3 guests)
We will miss you.

John Dzenitis (2 guests)

Marie Hall (1 guest)

Leslie Rocha (2 guests)

Michelle Abraham (2 guests)

Janie Spent (7 guests)
Love Father G, and will miss his very relatable homilies. St. I needed his enthusiasm. He will be sorely missed. Our entire family looked forward to his masses.

Suzanne Coutches (3 guests)

James McNamara (1 guest)

Orlando Frasca (4 guests)

Robert Andris (4 guests)

Greg & Rita Matiuk (2 guests)


Airen dela Cruz (2 guests)

RoseMarie Lachman (1 guest)
St. Isidores was blessed to have you! Enjoy sabbatical while visiting mother and family.

Jeanne Cunningham (1 guest)

Rose Dayleg (1 guest)

Luise Ragni (2 guests)

Roanne Ross and Jim Fiedler (2 guests)

Bonnie Cunha Cunha (1 guest)

Alfredo Lapuz (2 guests)

Evita Lopez (3 guests)

David McGrath (1 guest)
Hope he sings Danny Boy one more time

Javier & Angelina Alamillo (2 guests)

Sheila Babby (6 guests)

Anita Bonderer (6 guests)
Our family will miss both Fr Moran & Fr G!!!

Loubelle Concepcion (2 guests)
Good luck Father G, we will miss you. Thank you for everything. We are grateful for being your flock for 7 years. Take care, be safe and God Bless.

Carolyn Schaffer (1 guest)
Father G is wonderful. I am sorry he is leaving. I send him my best wishes.

Edith Ang (3 guests)

Gwen Watson (2 guests)

Ron Lakis (2 guests)

Deo Favorito (7 guests)

Toni Dabel (1 guest)

Micheal Walsh (1 guest)

Loa Lois (2 guests)

Cathy Oshima (3 guests)

Fran Crisman (2 guests)

Edgar Magana (6 guests)

Yvonne Prickitt (2 guests)

Susan Cowell (2 guests)

Dispo Family (7 guests)

Kathy Ransdell (2 guests)

Midge Walterhouse (4 guests)

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