Luce Irigaray Circle

Luce Irigaray Circle at DLE II Mentoring Workshop

Sign Up (below) to reserve your spot and lunch preference for the Mentoring Workshop Wednesday, June 5th during the conference lunchtime: 12:45 – 2:10 pm, Marvin 307. Vegetarian or vegan lunch included free of charge for all participants due to generous grant support from the Society of Applied Philosophy and George Mason University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Center for Study of Gender and Conflict.

Format: Round robin tables. While eating lunch, participants will spend 10-15 minutes with mentors on each topic and then rotate to the next table/session.

Rationale: Given our theme of respect for difference, we wish to be intentional about applying the insights learned from feminist philosophy to the activity and discipline of philosophy itself, as well as to its institutional contexts.

Proposed topics for discussion:

“On the Market” or Early and Mid-Career Hazards: navigating the unpaid labor of being an early career academic such as advising, pastoral work and mentoring; work-life balance and partner considerations; committee work; conference organization; decoding and resisting (gendered and raced) structural expectations regarding time, productivity, and relations with students.

“Reading the Culture” or Departmental Politics: deciphering how meeting culture may enforce biases against probationary or minority faculty; navigating department tensions as a junior faculty member; brainstorming approaches to maintaining social/emotional/ environmental wellness.

“Publish or Perish” or Written, Public, Visible Philosophy: discerning current publication trends; connecting with established editors and publishers; publishing philosophy for a general public, as well as an academic readership; collectively advocating to increase illegitimately marginalized voices and perspectives in philosophy, particularly in areas of applied philosophy; identifying societies friendly to non-dominant disciplines within philosophy and/or choosing to engage in meaningful public philosophy.

“Dismissed from the Classroom” or Inclusive Pedagogy and Methods: challenging presumptive deficits in minority populations; identifying engaged classroom activities and community-based learning; navigating tension in the classroom; curtailing implicit bias, stereotype threats, micro/macro-aggressions; creating fair assessment of significant learning outcomes and rich educational experiences. 

Limited space for 28-30 participants. To sign up check the box "sign up" and click the big black button "Submit and Sign Up." Follow the prompts to indicate lunch preferences. 


Date: 06/05/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 12:45pm - 2:10pm EDT

Location: George Washington University Foggy Bottom
800 21st St NW, Marvin 307, Washington, District of Columbia 20052

Created by:   Ruthanne Crapo Kim
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