Gingerbread Family Night

Gingerbread Pajama Party

It's time to put your creative hats on and get into the "Holiday Spirit." Come enjoy time with your Sandy Ridge friends and families while making your family's own Gingerbread House. Spots are limited so get your jingle on and sign up soon!  Tickets are $20 per family.  The PTA will provide one kit per family, holiday cookies, and refreshments. And remember to wear your pj's!

When signing up, please make sure you select 1, meaning 1 family, under the qty section. Under the number of family members, please put the total number in your group. Deadline to sign up is 12/10/18. (We are limited to 100 spots.)

Date: 12/13/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm EST

Location: Sandy Ridge Elementary Cafeteria

Created by:   Susie Cesarski

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Smitha Bhasy (4 guests)

Megha Shah (4 guests)

Iris Rodriguez (5 guests)

Felicity Kha (6 guests)

Trisha Ayars (2 guests)

Kathryn Cobb (1 guest)
Coming with (Edward) Jack Lyons

Asha Rodgers (4 guests)

Dilpreet Brar (6 guests)

Beverly Starkey (2 guests)

Lisa Rankin (3 guests)

John Morneau (2 guests)

Kim Wright (4 guests)

Stacey Chadderton (4 guests)

Mita Bhimani (4 guests)

Hunter Pawlush (3 guests)

Puneet Dhanda (4 guests)

Amy Smith (3 guests)

Chudney Drew (4 guests)

Dorothy Martin (6 guests)

Cindy Hunter (4 guests)

Heather Ladue (2 guests)

Leslie Stone (4 guests)

Abby Savage (4 guests)

Amy McGhee (4 guests)

Erin Gorrie (5 guests)

Julie Currin (3 guests)

Leigh Grainger (4 guests)

Donna Lambert (4 guests)

Meredith Silva (4 guests)

Kristen McConaughey (5 guests)

Kaye Cole (5 guests)

Kiley Gaffaney (5 guests)

Amie Wiest (4 guests)

Ryla Hall (3 guests)

Jo Sorenson (3 guests)

Sarah Schnell (4 guests)
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Maile Beveridge (1 guest)

Hudson Dey (1 guest)
(4 guests)

Vanessa Vega (4 guests)

Kari Lovdal (4 guests)

Lisa Rengel (2 guests)

Francisco Berard (5 guests)
Berard family

Laura SHARKEY (2 guests)

Jenn Fogle (2 guests)

Naomi Tipton (4 guests)

Mandy Wheeler (4 guests)

Ashlee Steiner (4 guests)

Joi Lowery (4 guests)

Brian Cyprian (3 guests)

Heather Taylor (1 guest)
5 total people

Michele Berberian (4 guests)

Jessica Zeek (4 guests)

Pam Younkin (4 guests)

Shea Reemsnyder (3 guests)

Nicole Kennon (4 guests)

Monet Ferris (3 guests)

Yuri Wrightson (4 guests)

Jean So (4 guests)

Penny Feldser (4 guests)

Kristin Lopez (1 guest)
4 total

Melanie Cox (3 guests)

Vamsee Alluri (4 guests)

Xiaohong He (4 guests)

John Garber (3 guests)

Theresa Dandona (3 guests)

tracy campbell (5 guests)

Cynthia Malambri (3 guests)

Lia Picerno (2 guests)

Celeste Mattson (5 guests)

Elizabeth Abbas (3 guests)

Meg Savarese (4 guests)

Rupal Patel (2 guests)

Sarah Hinton (5 guests)

Landyn And Bentley Blackburn (4 guests)

Chrissy Worrall (4 guests)

Marsi Polmonari (1 guest)

Tina COPPOLA (5 guests)
2 adults, 3 kids

Madhavi Vachhani (4 guests)

Anne Talmage (4 guests)

Pradip Thakkar (4 guests)

Peter Rasmussen (2 guests)
My wife may already have signed up. Can you please cross check Meghan Rasmussen?

Libby Ducey (4 guests)

Yoshiko Kosel (3 guests)

Brandi Villemarette (4 guests)

Eva Somers (2 guests)

Caroline Beglin (5 guests)

Susie Cesarski (5 guests)

Kate Wehner (1 guest)

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