Follen Operetta 2019

Iolanthe Auditions Follen 2019

Auditions for Gilbert 7 Sullivan’s Iolanthe lead roles (Grades 8-12)

are Sunday January 27, 12:30-4:30 pm.

All who audition will be given a role!

All roles will be cast gender blind (anyone can audition for any role - parts will be sung in appropriate range of the actor) and based on seniority as well as the following qualities shown in your audition:

  • Preparation

  • Enthusiasm

  • Theatricality

  • Musical confidence

  • Commitment and schedule availability

About the show

The fantastical satire Iolanthe has delighted audiences since 1882 with its clever combination of romance, humor, political satire, and memorable musical numbers. Iolanthe is a fairy who has committed a capital offense by marrying a mortal; rather than being killed, she was instead banished from the fairy kingdom, never to see her husband again. Twenty-five years later, at the start of the show, the fairies still miss Iolanthe deeply and convince the Fairy Queen to allow her to return. Iolanthe reveals that she bore her mortal husband a son, Strephon, who is a fairy down to the waist but has mortal legs. Strephon also happens to have fallen in love with the Lord Chancellor’s beautiful and much sought-after ward, Phyllis, who loves him in return but does not know of his mixed lineage. Strephon enlists his mother and the rest of the fairies to help him win his lover’s hand by convincing the Lord Chancellor and the government to allow them to marry. Because of misunderstanding and conniving on the part of the Peers (of the House of Lords), the fairies make Strephon a member of Parliament, magically able to pass any bill he wants. In the meantime, the fairies all fall in love with members of the House of Peers, and the Fairy Queen finds herself with a political and moral mess on her hands. In true Gilbert and Sullivan fashion, the tangled plot unravels and all ends well.


All Follen youth are invited to participate as performers.

To be part of the cast, youth need to join the Children’s Choir (grades 1-5, rehearsing Mondays 4-5pm) or Youth Choir (grades 6-12, rehearsing Monday 5-6pm), starting in early January, and committing to sing in the year’s 4 remaining services, in addition to the operetta itself. Please contact Follen’s Director of Music Vivian Montgomery with questions or interest about being part of the cast.


Rehearsals :

  • Saturday April 6; Time TBD based on cast availability

  • Saturday April 27; Time TBD based on cast availability

  • Saturday May 4; Time TBD based on cast availability

  • Monday May 6;  4:00-6:15pm

  • Tuesday May 7; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Wednesday May 8; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Thursday May 9; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Saturday May 11; Time TBD based on cast availability

  • Sunday May 12; 12:00-2:00pm

  • Monday May 13; 4:00-6:15pm

  • Tuesday May 14; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Wednesday May 15; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Thursday May 16; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Saturday May 18; Time TBD based on cast availability

  • Sunday May 19; 12:00-2:00pm

  • Monday May 20; 4:00-6:15pm

  • Tuesday May 21; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Wednesday May 22; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Thursday May 23; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Monday May 27; 3:00-6:15pm

  • Tuesday May 28; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Wednesday May 39; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Thursday May 30; 3:30-5:30pm

  • Saturday June 1; Time TBD based on cast availability

Technical Rehearsals

  • Monday June 3 – 5-10 p.m. - run

  • Tuesday June 4 - 5-10 p.m. – dress run for Friday cast

  • Wednesday June 5 - 3-10 p.m. – dress run for Saturday cast

Performances :

  • Friday June 7 – 8pm performance

  • Saturday June 8 – 8pm performance


To audition, chose a named character and learn the music posted under that character.

You do not need to have your music selection memorized, although it is recommended. A pianist will be accompanying you.

After singing during your audition you will be asked to read a portion of dialogue of your choice opposite the directors.

The character you read as may not be the same character you sang as or are auditioning for.

Dialogue does not need to be memorized.

What to prepare

1. A musical excerpt to sing

2. An mp3 clip of the musical excerpt to help you learn it

3. Your choice of spoken dialogue to read. The character you read for can absolutely differ from the character you sing as. Choose one or more of the following:

Reading 1 (read as the Fairy Queen- page 21 of the Schirmer score)

Reading 2 (read as Strephon- page 31 of the Schirmer score)

Reading 3 (read as Tolloller- page 161 of the Schirmer score)

Reading 4 (read as Phyllis- page 188 of the Schirmer score)


Audition Form:

You may print and  fill out your audition form ahead of time and bring it with you to your audition, or fill out an audition form at your audition on January 27th where there will be printed forms available. Be sure to mark any rehearsal days you are not able to attend.

Named Roles for which to Audition

Choose one character and click the links below each character to learn all the materials necessary to audition.


-Phyllis (vocal range: A3 - A5)

Phyllis is a shepherdess who, when she is of age, will come into a lot of money which is currently being managed by the Lord Chancellor, her guardian. She is engaged to Strephon despite the lack of her guardian’s permission. She is a head strong young woman, prone to jealousy and spite.

Musical Excerpt from No. 5 “None shall part us” Prepare the whole song on Phyllis’ line (V. 1 and the top line at “B”)

Listen to “None shall part us” (audition portion is 0:00-1:16)

-Celia (B3- G5)

Celia is a light hearted fairy who is very good friends with Iolanthe. She is a fairy without many cares, except when it comes to love and friendship, where she is loyal to a fault.

Musical Excerpt from No. 1 “Tripping hither, tripping thither” Sing from letter “C” through letter “F” including Celia and Leila’s solo lines  and the chorus part between the solos (upper line or lower)

Listen to “Tripping hither, tripping thither” (audition portion is at 1:58- 3:29)

-Iolanthe (C4- Cb5)

Iolanthe is a meek and caring fairy. Despite her youthful face she is very motherly. She has experienced more hardship than the rest of the fairies and it gives her a depth of character- a lack of lightness that perhaps the other fairies maintain. The other fairies are fascinated by her “down to earth” nature and she watches over all of them.

Musical Excerpt from No. 23 “My Lord, a suppliant at your feet I kneel”

Listen to the first page “My lord…”

Listen to the last two pages “He loves…”

-Leila (C4- E5)

Leila is a fairy obsessed with romance novels. She is a book worm and a hypochondriac. Romance and literature are her favorite things and if she cannot be Queen of the Fairies then she will at least be the Queen of Drama.

Musical Excerpt from No. 1 “Tripping hither, tripping thither” Sing from letter “C” through letter “F” including Celia and Leila’s solo lines  and the chorus part between the solos (upper line or lower)

Listen to “Tripping hither, tripping thither” (audition portion is at 1:58- 3:29)

-Fairy Queen (G3- Eb5)

The Fairy Queen is a noble and commanding presence. Although she is just as much a romantic and flighty as the other fairies, she is older and always thinks she knows best. The other fairies follow her unquestioningly. She is motherly but without the experience of hardship that Iolanthe has to ground her.

Musical Excerpt from No. 18 “Oh, foolish fay” Verse 2 only

Listen to “Oh foolish fay” (audition portion is 1:42-end)

-Lord Tolloller (D3- A4)

Tolloller is young, rich and fully believes this makes him worthy of every advantage in life. He is very good friends with Mountararat and wants to marry Phyllis only because everyone else does. He is a peer for a similar reason- he floats through life on a cloud of entitlement and is only too happy to end up a fairy in the end, a creature that also floats through life.

Musical Excerpt (from No. 10 “Spurn not the nobly born”) sing until the double bar line on the second page

Listen to “Spurn not the nobly born” (audition portion is 0:00-0:44)

-Strephon (G2-G4)

Strephon works for a living as a shepherd and loves what he does while living with a secret that he is half fairy. Described as an Arcadian Shepherd, Strephon lives a pretty charmed life and it is a blow to his idyllic existence that Phyllis would leave him.

Musical Excerpt from No. 5 “None shall part us” Whole song on Strephon’s line (V. 2 & the lower line at “B”)

Listen to “None shall part us” (audition portion is 1:16-end)

-Mountararat (A2- E4)

Mountararat, good friend of the young upstart Tolloller, is perhaps even more entitled than his friend. He is older and thinks that people should accept their station in life along with his, which is to be in charge despite his lack of seeming intelligence or worthiness. He is interested in Phylis because he thinks her money will even further secure his high station.

Musical Excerpt from No. 16 “When Britain really ruled the waves” sing only verses 1 & 2

Listen to “When Britain really ruled…” (audition portion is 0:00-1:45)

-Chancellor (G2- E4)

The Lord High Chancellor is large and in charge! He basically creates and upholds the laws, which means he does what he wants and he is smart enough that he can always find a way to justify his actions in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of his fellow peers.

Musical Excerpt from No. 12 “When I went to the Bar as a very young man” sing only verses 1 & 2

Listen to “When I went to the Bar…” (audition portion is 0:00- 0:53)

-Willis (Ab2 - D4)

Private Willis is a good and honest guard of the palace. He is possibly the least silly character in the whole show, doing his duty without seeking loopholes or alternative rules by which to live. He is simple and privy to everyone’s secrets although he remains loyal to his post only and falls prey to no one’s tricks or vices.

Musical Excerpt from No. 14 “When all night long a chap remains” sing only verse 1

Listen to “When all night long…” (audition portion is 0:00- 2:30)

-Fleta (no current solo musical lines though some may be created)

Fleta is the youngest member of the Fairy crew. She aspires to be just like Celia and Leila and pays very close attention to both of them. She is a dear hearted and very innocent little fairy who just wants everyone to be happy.

Musical Excerpt from No. 1 “Tripping hither, tripping thither” Sing from letter “C” through letter “F” including Celia and Leila’s solo lines  and the chorus part between the solos (upper line or lower)

Listen to “Tripping hither, tripping thither” (audition portion is at 1:58- 3:29)

Date: 01/27/2019 (Sun.)

Location: Follen Sanctuary

Created by:   Sara DeLong
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