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Klein Oak Choir Flags Program

Flag Distribution - Memorial Day 2022

Flag Delivery Date - Saturday 05/28/2022 @ 8:00am

Flag Return Date - Saturday 06/04/2022 by 6:00pm

Klein Oak Choir participates with Flag Across Klein, a wonderful fundraiser and community outreach program that delivers American Flags to homes in our community during American holidays throughout the year.  You've probably seen the flags in your neighborhood or surrounding communities in the past, and it's truly a wonderful sight to see!  This is the ONLY fundraising we will participate in this year. That means no going door to door selling cookies or calling grandparents to purchase magazine subscriptions! We are requiring that every student participates in delivering at least two routes this year.

Items Needed:

1. Vehicle large enough to hold 10' flag poles (trucks, minivans, and SUVs work fine)

2. Gloves (if you want)

3. Hammer (only if rebar is needed)


1.  Arrive at the Klein Oak Athletic parking lot and look for the large signs with CHOIR on them to pick up your flags and route sheets. Our Ambassadors will be there to assist with loading flags into vehicles on Saturday morning from 8-10am.

2.  Once at the homes, find the marker on the curb with the word "FLAG" and arrow pointing in the direction of the PVC pipe (typically in direct line of the front door)

3. NEVER let the flag touch the ground!

4. Remove the rubber band from the flag and unroll the flag (KEEP THE RUBBER BAND!)

5. Place the flag in the hole! You may have to poke around a bit to find it... and be careful! Sometimes the holes are full of water...

Should you see on your route page *Use Rebar*, please make sure you grab however many you may need from the flag trailer. Simply drive the rebar into the ground where it sticks out about 10' or so, then place the flag on top.


1.  Please make sure the flags are dry and neatly RE-ROLL YOUR FLAG, use the rubber bands from before to keep flags rolled.

2.  Return the flags back to the trailer at school. Please make sure that the flags are stacked neatly and are lined up straight in the trailer.

3.  The flag route sheet then needs to be returned and placed in the RETURNED ROUTES folder inside of the trailer. Don't forget to initial next to your name/route acknowledging that you have indeed returned all flags on your route. 


If the flag leans, the inner sleeve is missing, or any other problems arise that we should know about, make sure to note them on the space provided on the distribution sheet. When you return your sheets, we send those notes to the flag company for repairs.

Should you have any questions or need anything, text Mrs. Leal at 979.203.4191. And lastly...THANK YOU, none of this is possible without you and KO Choir truly appreciates you! 

Date: 05/28/2022 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am CST

Location: Klein Oak High School Athletic Lot

Created by:   Heather Leal
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Available Slot

Auburn Lakes 1 (approx. 30 flags)


Auburn Lakes 2 (approx. 40 flags)


Auburn Lakes 3 (approx. 40 flags)


Auburn Lakes 4 (approx. 30 flags)


Auburn Lakes 5 (approx. 40 flags)


Auburn Lakes 6 (approx. 40 flags)


Auburn Lakes 7 (approx. 40 flags)


Auburn Lakes 8 (approx. 40 flags)


Auburn Lakes 9 (approx. 25 flags)


Auburn Lakes 10 (approx. 30 flags)


Auburn Lakes 11 (approx. 30 flags)


Auburn Lakes 12 (approx. 35 flags)


Auburn Lakes 13 (approx. 35 flags)


Londonderry 1 (approx. 30 flags)


Londonderry 2 (approx. 35 flags)


Northampton 1 (Approx. 35 flags)

shauna Baldwin
Kylie baldwin

Northampton 2 (Approx. 35 flags)

shauna Baldwin
Kylie Baldwin

Northampton 3 (Approx. 25 flags)

Allison Ketchner
Emily Ketchner

Northampton 4 (Approx. 30 flags)

Lisa Erion
Logan Erion

Northampton 5 (Approx. 40 flags)

Jacob Mischo
Jacob Mischo

Northampton 6 (Approx. 40 flags)


Northampton 7 (Approx. 20 flags)

Christa Gorus
Mia Gorus

Northampton 8 (Approx. 40 flags)


Northampton 9 (Approx. 25 flags)


Northampton 10 (Approx. 20 flags)

Sid Sannabhadti
Sid Sannabhadti

Northampton 11 (Approx. 30 flags)


Northampton 12 (Approx. 40 flags)


Northampton 13 (Approx. 40 flags)


Northampton 14 (Approx. 35 flags)


Northampton 15 (Approx. 30 flags)


Northampton 16 (Approx. 25 flags)


Northampton 17 (Approx. 50 flags)


Northampton 18 (Approx. 25 flags)


Northcrest Village (Approx. 40 flags)

LaToya Warnie
Tyler Warnie

Traditions (Approx. 30 flags)


Vintage Creek (Approx. 10 flags)

Yanira Hernandez
Yandel Sayed

Wimbledon Falls 1 (Approx. 25 flags)


Wimbledon Falls 2 (Approx. 20 flags)

Sid Sannabhadti
Sid Sannabhadti
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