GA Families and Staff 2020-2021

Family Road Rally Registration

Guardian Angels Catholic School

Official Road Rally Invitation

Please submit your team registration via SignUp Genius by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1. $10/team. Payment can be turned into student’s homeroom teacher in an envelope labeled GAP Road Rally.

When: Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 2PM

Where: Starts in Guardian Angels Catholic School parking lot


  • A team shall consist of one vehicle. Teams can be made up of families or friends. There is no limitation on the number of people per vehicle.
  • Vehicles will arrive and park in the GA parking lot. ONE MASKED representative from each vehicle will receive their team’s clue packet at the school entrance. All packets will be distributed promptly at 2PM (no earlier) which will signal the start of the event.
  • Each puzzle is worth points. The team with the most points at the end wins.
  • The entire team needs to be involved. There must be AT LEAST one photo (clue destination of your choice) that includes EVERY team member. The rest of the photos can be of just one or as many teammates as you choose.
  • Each puzzle will lead you to a destination. Upon arrival to the destination, you will open the next numbered envelope. The envelope will include instructions for what picture must be taken and the next puzzle to be solved.
  • Points will be earned for each correct destination with photo submitted.
  • LIFELINE assistance can be received if the team is unable to solve a clue, but it comes at a price. The LIFELINE can be called to receive the destination if a team is unable to solve a clue. Points will be deducted for each use of the LIFELINE.
  • In the event of a tie for first place after calculating points, a team’s finishing time will decide the winner.
  • You must return to the final destination (last envelope clue) by 4PM. You will be penalized one point for each minute your team is late. The clock does not stop until you hand your bag of clues to Cristin Joy (she will be holding balloons).
  • Prizes will be awarded to the first place and second place team! Individual snacks will be given to all participants at the final destination.

***Clues will be varying degrees of difficulty to allow for both younger and older team mates to participate. The more the merrier for pictures. Our goal is for the whole family to have fun and be involved! ***

Don’t speed and wear your seatbelts! Cops can play WITH us but should not be AFTER us!

HELPFUL THINGS TO BRING: pens/pencils/scrap paper/GPS or cellphone with Google Maps and camera feature/masks for teammates/hand sanitizer/umbrella



+10 points for each correct destination with picture submitted

+20 points for one picture with all teammates

-5 points for each use of the LIFELINE


+20 points if ALL pictures include ALL teammates

Created by:   Cristin Joy
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List names of all teammates in your vehicle

55 slots filled - more available
Veronica Akers
Akers (Veronica, Cece, Christine and Raymond - grandparents)
Deb Peltier
Peltiers - Jerry, Deb, Jeff and Emily
Christopher Spilker
Spilker (Claire, Owen, Chris & Jessica Spilker)
Mary Beth Dziedzic (4)
Angela Walt, Charlotte Walt, Mary Beth Dziedzic, Mina Cuenca
Erin Dawkins (4)
Dawkins - Mitchell, Erin, Bridget & Henry
Laura Slowinski (4)
Slowinski Family (Rick, Laura, Alecia and Sophia)
Michele Colosi
Michele, Joe, Ben (3rd grade), Henry (Kindergarten)
Erin Bell (5)
BELLS: Erin, Ernie, Lily, Iris and Violet
Tracie Munro (5)
Munro (Stuart, Tracie, Joey, Alex , Carter)
Brian Ciesinski (2)
Brian and Ben Ciesinski
Emily Silvino (3)
Micheal, Emily, and Ella
Annie Maynard (4)
Annie, Tom, Jay and Max
Kevin Hess (4)
Kevin Hess, Kara Hess, Olivia Hess, Jennifer Stamevski
Marianna Caron
Marty, Marianna, Ava and Alec
Cristin Joy
Joy/Colosimo (Tom, Anastasia, Elise, Juliet, Isabella)
Rhiannon Laforest (4)
Brian, Rhi, Bridget and Sarah
Megan Terrian (4)
Kristen Bonkowski Megan Terrian Ashley Bonkowski Oliver Pippin
Mary Anne Banet (5)
Mary Anne, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Nick & Michael Banet
seo hee lee
Jennie, Brian

Road Rally Assistant

1:45pm-4:30pm Will act as the Lifeline (cell number will be provided to teams), distribute clues and snacks

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