CommUNITY Care Day

Sponsor an Entire Child or Angels for the 2021 Community Care Day

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Please consider helping a child this year for Community Care Day. The pandemic has struck once again! Instead of going to St. Mary's and allowing families to shop, we are creating special "Care Packages" for each child and delivering directly to the families' homes. THE COMMUNITY OF ANDERSON IS STRUGGLING, so we are not going to let the pandemic get in the way of helping these children, we just found a safe way to do it as a parish family!

By signing up below you will provide a child's most basic needs in the community of Anderson. You can sign up to sponsor an entire child, or sign up to sponsor specific things for a child by signing up for angels. If you sign up here, you can request the sponsorship document and shop for all needs of children OR just one specific item!  Both options are available. The sign up will request your contact infomation. We will mail you the childs sponsorship form or the specific angels you requested. Please turn all of your donations into the MHC by Wednesday, December 16 at 5:00 p.m. 

Would you rather sponsor a child financially and have us shop for you? We are so happy to do that! Perhaps you would like to sponsor food for a family? We are so happy to do that! We are grateful for ANY help you are willig to give! Donations can be sent to:

Merciful HELP Center 1045 West 146th Street, Suite A, Carmel IN  46032

We are grateful for you!!

Please email questions to: [email protected]

Bless you for caring for these beautiful children of God!

God Bless You always.

Date: 12/16/2020 (Wed.)

Created by:   Jayne Slaton
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Location Time (EST) Available Slot
By signing up here you are saying we can mail you a sponosr sheet and you will shop for all of the needs of the child and return it to the MHC before December 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM 7:00am - 5:00am  

Sponsor and shop for ALL the needs of 1 child (400)

($150.00 to $170.00) Sponsorship sheet will be mailed to you with specific information on size, age and gender

335 of 400 slots filled
Jayne and Bill Slaton (2)
Any child! Love them all!
Jennifer Ferrell
Jennifer Ferrell
Becky Eberbach (2)
Favorite shopping of the Season!
Deb Miller (2)
Katie Remien
Chuck and Judy Rasmussen
Prefer K or 1st grade student
Patty Day (2)
Donna Hoey
Its a blessing to be able to do this. Thank you
Claudine Kreiner
Judy and Ron Hanson
Prefer a first or second grade child
Christina Lewandowski
David Mack
Andrea Joines
Jennifer & Rob Joyce
Lizzie St Clair
Doris Perez (2)
Kimberly Bremer (2)
Noelle Malatestinic
Danielle & John Gunsett
Julie Washlock (2)
Teen Boys or multiple siblings in same family
MD & Cheri Marrs
Betsy Hoffman
Gina Maciag
Young child if possible, thank you.
The Daly Family Daly (2)
Would like 2 children. (if possible One a older teen boy and the other a tween girl)
Phil + Ashley Lopresto
A younger child, if possible
Jan Cohoat
Deborah Rogers
Vicki Yamasaki
Mark & Lisa Sassman
Any child, any age!
Laura Herrera
Skip & Jeanne Russell
Janice Diebolt
Dennis and Charlotte Cake (2)
Younger children preferred
Colleen McGrath
Karen Beck
Paying forward the blessings God has given me!
Jim & Maureen Sulkowski (2)
Tara Hammond
Beth & Roger Walton
Younger child preferred
Carol & Dan Oberbroeckling
Natalie Jaynes Brunner
Susan Bursaw (3)
Rosanne Burge (2)
Theresa Bedford
Young school age girl please.
Lana Wilson
Kelly Pettygrove
Danielle Griswold
Emily Cook
Sarah Perras
Kristin Bunnell
Jennifer Oakley
Michelle Schaller
We will take any age or gender!
Joey & Eileen Weyler
younger child preferred is possible
Mairin Priestley
older child preferred - but happy to sponsor any!
Daniela von Bulow (2)
Prefer K to 2nd grade
Erin Murphy Schlick (2)
Please assign us 2 children
Karina Martinez (2)
Christine Ferro
Terry Johnston
Thank you for all your hard work!
Kim Hauser (2)
Supernaw Family Supernaw (2)
1 boy and 1 girl please
Patty Murray
Lyree Marcus (2)
Two children any age
Jane Niederberger
Debi Titus
Nickie Kaplan
Barkocy Family
Rose Nelson
Dan and Laura Pitcock
gabriela marroquin
Elly Couto
Phillip LaMere
Mairin Priestley
younger child please (this is for a friend)
Kate Shine
Jennifer Durham
Amber Monteros-Raddatz
Girl please
Kathleen Shook (2)
Ask favorite colors & not just size Thx
Megan Uminski
Mannion Family
Kathleen Welch
Patricia Kwan
Divya Narayanan
The Narayanan Family
Ted & Emily Landgraf
Shelly Thieme (10)
Any children, any age!
janine boivin (2)
Michele Matson
Ann Watson
Angela Antonio
Debbie Zavaleta
Ruth & Tom Kueper
Anne Marie Kohler
Beth Ellis (2)
Allison Hanselman
Would like a 6-8 year old girl please
Christina Steele
John McGrath
John & Sheila older boy if possible
Deborah Hall (2)
Angie Zirkelbach (2)
Would prefer girls 7 and 12
Mick Venturini (2)
Jennifer Breaux
Sarah Sansone
This will be fun!
Aneta Godbole
Mary Wetterer
Jason Chambers (2)
Siblings and younger than 10 if possible so our kids can help more, but would love to help any family!
Catherine Nies
Candy Stock (2)
Norman Sesi
Stacia Belanger (2)
Stacia Belanger
Rebecca Sharaya
Sandy Rowland
Kim Beatty (2)
Sara Carlisle
Nancy Molitor (2)
Viviana Koukoulomatis
Joan Graham (2)
Jenn Castor
Regina Coleman
Dianne Modleski
Patty Haugh (2)
( 2 please)
Kathleen Kunkel (2)
Children under 10, if possible.
Christine Hollon (2)
Prefer under 10
Kevin & Brieann Sweeney
Sara Pate
Terry mcgrath
Deb Hermiller (2)
Anna Zwergel
Amy O'Leary
Becca Groth
Stephani Hedrick (2)
Paige Miller (3)
Ann Beriault
Peggy Hull
Maria Miller
Boy Please - Any age
Joan King
Susan Wignot
Becky Tubergen
Mark Hannon
Ashley Lopresto (2)
Shopping for my parents, The Gunters
Karen Lafnitzegger
Stephanie McNamara
The McNamara Family
Angela K Dunlavy
Gina Plapp
Karissa Wright
Jennifer Goedde
Ginny Brown (3)
Michelle Minch
Patti Parsons (2)
Shannon Deck
Karen Hayes
Mimi and Dave Noesges
Megan O''Connor (3)
Karen Medernach
Cathy Herr (2)
Mary Uminski
Mary, Patrick & Peter Deck
Lisa Hanson
Elizabeth Warn
Natalie Catton (2)
Jennifer Peterson
Mary Ann McCallister
Arlinda Barreras
Jan Clayton
Jamie Ginder
Danielle Ritter (3)
Jeanine Wellinghoff
Payne Family
Kim Murray
Olivia Harris
The DeWaal Family
Lisa Johnson
Andrea Perkins
Sarah Seipel
Tricia Powers (2)
Tom Murray
Cathy Penno
Jim Huscroft
Dan Mowid
Leane Bintrim
jenny nicholls
Leslie Bruen
Robin Gillman
Diane Conover
Amanda Brouwer
Rott family Rott
Amy Cronin
Suzanne Manning
Prefer a 8-10 year old girl
Jean Freudenthal (2)
Carrie Gillis
Tricia Pecoraro
Tom Kaehr
Susan Schroeder
Katie Pasman
Debbie Winchester
Kelly Avila
Karen Maginn (2)
Cam & Diana Edwards
Young boy if possible
Julie Standish
Prefer a girl. Any age.
Teresa Geisler
girl please (don't know how to shop for boys)
Katie Hutsell (2)
Siblings 10 and under preferred. Excited to get my office involved this year!
Paige Weyler (2)
Krista Edwards (2)
prefer infant, toddler or preschooler
Jennifer Alford
Susie Wade
Jan Davis
Chuck & Mary Hansen (2)
Two of the same age/gender
Francine Weigand
Boy, please
Melanie Dodd (2)
Two children
Abigail Ferrettie
Stephanie Ludwig
Stephanie Lesher (2)
Jenna Dailey (2)
I only have boys so I'd be better at those!
Cynthia Hacherl
Amy Yonkman
Steffy McCourt
Sally Caltrider
Joanne Summers
Teresa Noice
Tiffany Edwards (3)
Lori Kennedy
Prefer toddler girl if possible
Anita Bellflower
John and Kathryn Tiplick
Would prefer toddler, but any chid is fine!
Sandy Martindale
Katie Settle
Jackie Montrie
Katia Dubas
Michael Vera
Laurie Owens
Brooke Martin
Julie Cunningham
Lisa McMullen (3)
Anita Meyer-Phelps
Kathleen Busby (2)
DeAnna Alvarez
Nicole Byers (2)
Margaret Philhower
I'm sending a check. Please shop for me.
Audra Miller
Patrice Uminski
Rachel Sinders
Jennifer Jackson
Steve Wilkie
Lynda Meyer
Thomas and Melissa Kennedy
Robert Krakora
Bob and Tammy Wede (4)
DeAnn Harvey
Joanie and Scott ZIgmond
Jean Wright
Jennifer Cannady
Susan McRoberts
Grace Ravenna
Ashley Braun
Stephanie McCann
Kristin Newkirk
We would prefer an elementary age child
Vivian Seaman
Cathy and John Herndon
Save money - email my list.
Nancy Eiker
Jean Madia
Peggy Burke
Sponsor a child financially by sending your donation of $150.00 to the Merciful HELP Center 8:00am - 5:00pm  

Financially ONLY - Sponsor a Child $150 - Date Due, 12/20/2020 (200)

Your financial donation will provide for all needs of a child (ie. books, clothing, shoes, coat etc.

All slots filled
Amy Schmid
Bill & Chris McComb (3)
Judy and Ron Hanson
Cindy & Bob Zeunik
Brian & Annie Hunt
Deanne Miller (4)
Kim Ritchey
Susan Bursaw (20)
Gloria Boyden
Ugo Ohale
Liza Mutzl (2)
Joan Finn (4)
Pamela Gothreau
Nicole Constantino (2)
Michelle Juan
The Juan’s
Pat Ebright
Sandra Miesel Miesel
flora murray
Delaney And Holly Moore
Lisa Fitschen
Mary & Corey Fillip
Mauricio Melgarejo
Melgarejo's Family
Michael Ray & Cheryl Chalfant (2)
Tammy and Jim Blahunka
Donna Van Dyke (2)
Catherine Nieken
Donald & Ann Welch
Sarah Sansone (2)
Lisa Walters
Richard & Luann Mates
Debra Coleman
Marc Lemberger (4)
The Hokanson Family
jodee curtis
Stephanie Sosa
Barry Rodricks (2)
Wendy Phillips
Chris Shewmaker
Jill and David DeMoss (2)
Randy Settles (2)
Mark and Julie Wehrli
Trenton Gill
Mike and Allison Swanton
Catherine Anderson
Abraham Louis
Rohan Louis
Tom Lorson
Danielle Paolucci
Eileen Davis
Catherine Paolucci
Jennifer Walker
Tom Fagan
Patti Parsons (4)
Brian and Karen Barich
Dave and Mimi Noesges
Diana Gray (2)
Jill Olecki (3)
Donald Hobart (2)
bobandmary giczewski
Laura Cole (2)
Lori Robbins (2)
MaryBeth Stergar
MaryKay McDaniel
Teresa Stewart
Janet and Steve Wichmanowski (2)
James Henry (2)
Jim & Marcia Henry
Julie Bowes
Jamie Ginder (2)
John & Jean Neely (6)
Payne Family
Anne Haskins
The Lampliter
Karen Semler
Ann Johnston
Barb Stouder (4)
Carolyn DeFelippis
Margie Nickels
Renee Doye
Stephanie Zorger
Donna Shemer
Cindy Shively
Kathy Hoover
Carol Bauer
Donald Wilke
Timothy Cooney (2)
Jim and Vickie Theis (2)
Dennis & Trish Wichern (3)
Rosanne Ososki
Sherry Kaminskas
Nancy Strange (2)
Katie Broach
Amy Szwed (2)
Mary Ellen Gross
Paula and Tom Scheller
Katie Cardinal
David Humm
Lisa McGinnis
McGinnis Family
Lynn Bienas (2)
Suzanne Andres (2)
walt & Sue Langeman
Pam Dwyer (2)
Grateful to help
Gina Haskett
Aaron & Cathy Mitchel
John Borgo
John & Linda Borgo
McClaine Family
Rory Clouse (2)
Love Helping
Zach Miller
Beverly Ma (2)
Pam Curtis (3)
Michelle Tolin (2)
Annie Hanes
Ann Heilman
Sally Caltrider
Susan Pickering
Ryan Waldon
Thomas Groot
Maggie Ban
My name is Maggie "Ban
Margaret Hentz
John and Jean Neely (10)
By signing up here, you are taking specific angels for specific things. 9:00am - 5:00pm  

Books Needed for Children (200)

($10-30) - This is a popular item, so please sponsor 3 or less. Angels will be mailed to you with specific gender and grade in the mail! Due Date is 12/16/2020

151 of 200 slots filled
Kimberly Bremer (5)
Veronica Werth
Peggy Peretich (2)
Meagan Moran (2)
Mary Jo Wark
3rd thru 5th grade boy if possible, please
Kate Berglund (2)
Jami Zenor (2)
Amy Hankins
Chelsey Dean (2)
Karen Mantay (3)
Kellie Capone (2)
Roberta Misak
ages 11-17 preferred
Amber Monteros-Raddatz (5)
Meg Dicks (3)
Gama Kramer
Maureen Holm (2)
I work 9-5. But hope my donation counts
Staub Family (2)
Christina Steele
Aneta Godbole
Kristen Miller
Candy Stock (3)
Phyllis Grzeskowiak (2)
Phyllis Grzeskowiak
Audrey Schmatz (3)
Cheryl Popiela (2)
Jennifer Luczak (2)
Kirsten Miles (2)
Emily Fisher
Julie Washlock
Christine Hollon (3)
Kariane OKeefe (2)
Joe and Linda Leuck (2)
Betsy Caffrey (2)
Sarah Muntel (2)
Sharon Butz (2)
Becky Tubergen (2)
Karen Hayes
Joan Carter (3)
DMary Ellen Gill
Mary Kiser
Elodie Krawczyk
Mallory Kessler (3)
Shirley Cappas (3)
Anne Haskins
Laurie Quay
Laura dunn (2)
Tricia Powers (2)
Carla Erickson (3)
Crystil Ondrejko (2)
Michelle Smith
Tina Nicolazzi (3)
Marcia Brackman (2)
Cam & Diana Edwards (3)
Pre-school please
Krista Edwards (3)
Preschool/kindergarten age preferred
Beth McCorkel (2)
andrea burton (3)
Lindsay Colgrove (2)
McKenzie Wappes (3)
Vicki Hammen
Liz Napier (2)
Mindy McClave
Lorie Ingram
Georgette Macrina
3 children
Pamela Veazie (3)
Sara Hart (4)
Prefer toddler to 6 YO
Margaret Philhower (5)
Mary Wetterer
John & Patricia Ziegler (2)
Stacey Wilt (2)
Danielle Rose (2)
Katie Shattuck (2)
Chris Vargo (3)

Socks and Underwear $10 (200)

(Provide 1 pack of socks and 1 pack of underwear) Angel will be mailed to you with specific information on size, age and gender

152 of 200 slots filled
Veronica Werth
Peggy Peretich (2)
Barb Malicki
Mary Jo Wark
Girl please
Kimberly Mantay (2)
Kate Berglund (2)
Jami Zenor (2)
Gama Kamer (2)
Chelsey Dean (2)
Kerri Dooley
Roberta Misak
Gama Kramer
Patricia Kwan
Staub Family
Christina Steele
Sue McClure
Mary Wetterer (2)
Kristen Miller
Cheryl Popiela (2)
Jennifer Luczak (2)
Jenine Etchison
Meghan Durkee (2)
Leah Keene
Ginny Akin Akin (5)
Kariane OKeefe (2)
barbara dykstra
Joe and Linda Leuck (2)
Betsy Caffrey (4)
Darcie Chiappetta (4)
Nancy Bennett
jean guio
Sarah Muntel (2)
Meg Leising
Jamie Henderson
Joan Carter (2)
Bernice Lucas (3)
DMary Ellen Gill (2)
Mary Kiser
Elodie Krawczyk
Tawni Gray (4)
Denise Barc (2)
Mallory Kessler (2)
AnnMarie Hau (2)
Shirley Cappas
Anne Haskins
Laurie Quay
Paige and Dave Morris (5)
Amy Roetgerman (10)
Amy Roetgerman
Carla Erickson (3)
Cindy Herr (2)
Mary Tauber (5)
Debbie Evans (4)
For 4 children
Theresa Schott (2)
Wendy McNamar (2)
Tina Nicolazzi (2)
Nancy & Dave Luter (2)
Nancy Strange
Carol Ballone
Poin Geisler (2)
Sarah Ledman (2)
Jennifer Alford (2)
Lindsay Colgrove (2)
Liz Napier (2)
Joshua & Gianna Drake (2)
1 girl and 1 boy if available
Angela Unfried
Janet Warns (3)
Sara Hart (4)
Prefer toddler to 6 YO
Margaret Philhower (2)
Stacey Wilt (2)
Melissa Perfetti
Danielle Rose (2)
Katie Shattuck (2)
Marcia Lushell
Peggy Burke (2)

Coat needed for Child (200)

($10-30$) Angel will be mailed to you!

95 of 200 slots filled
Trudy Young (2)
Preschool age preferred
kathy benitez (2)
coats for school age children
Barb Malicki
Preschool to 5th grade age child please
Mary Mazza
Preschool or elementary please
Mary Jo Wark
Middle school girl please
Nicole Constantino (5)
Karina Martinez (2)
Nancy Bennett
Elementary or preschoolAge
Kellie Capone (2)
Gama Kramer
Patricia Kwan
Staub Family
Christina Steele
Sarah Sansone (2)
Lisa Conway
Debra Coleman
Prefer girl 4 toddler
Phyllis Grzeskowiak
Meghan Durkee (2)
Nancy Moore (2)
Susan Melenchuk
Betsy Caffrey (2)
Trenton Gill
Lacey Reckelhoff (4)
Jamie Henderson
Joe and Linda Leuck (2)
Shelley Frigge
Preschool or under please
Chris Schmidt
Paige and Dave Morris (5)
Amy Roetgerman (5)
Amy Roetgerman
Carla Erickson
Susan Powell
Mary Ann Webb
Debbie Evans (4)
For 4 children
Theresa Schott
Wendy McNamar (2)
Nancy & Dave Luter
Nancy Strange
Sarah Ledman
Heather Reeve
McKenzie Wappes (3)
Archana Bailey (3)
Tina Rasmussen (2)
Angela Unfried
Wendy Maue
Sara Hart (2)
Prefer boy and girl size 6
Candace Jordan
Margaret Philhower (2)
Lindsey Finney
Mary Ellen Gill
Rebecca Rooney (2)
Early elementary school-aged please
Danielle Rose (2)
Marcia Lushell
Pamela Veazie (2)
Peggy Burke (2)

School Shirts needed for a child (200)

(2 shirts requested) $10-$30 Angel will be mailed to you with specific information on size, age and gender

102 of 200 slots filled
Veronica Werth
Peggy Peretich
Meagan Moran (2)
Kimberly Mantay (2)
Jennifer Luczak
Meghan Durkee (2)
Sharon Butz (2)
Mallory Kessler (2)
Carol Ballone
Sarah Ledman (2)
Jennifer Alford (2)
Vicki Hammen
Angela Unfried (2)
Candace Jordan
David Moroknek (80)
All Uniform Shirts

Gym Shoes - for school and gym (200)

$10-$30 Angel will be mailed to you with specific information on size, age and gender

49 of 200 slots filled
Kimberly Mantay (2)
Jami Zenor (2)
Prefer K-4th grade girl please
Gama Kamer
Kellie Capone
Patricia Kwan
Sue McClure
Joe and Linda Leuck (2)
Betsy Caffrey
Trenton Gill
Linda Sachs (4)
Mallory Kessler
Laurie Quay
Laurie Quay
Kari Stuckey (3)
Mary Tauber (4)
Stephanie Zorger (2)
Debbie Evans (4)
For 4 children
Melissa Perfetti (4)
Conor Runkel (3)
Lorie Ingram
Alice Papay (2)
Alice Kasdorf (6)
Peggy Burke (2)
Sponsoring 1 families food for 1 week! 10:00am - 5:00am  

Sponsor a families food for 1 week! (325)

($200.00) Each family will receive food, paper products, diapers, toiletries, meat and fresh produce. This is funding only, find the volunteer sign up to help assemble!

108 of 325 slots filled
Jody Dobson
Doris Perez
Janette Garner
Natalie Jaynes Brunner
Rod Tank
Joan Finn (2)
Danielle Stockelman
Nickie Kaplan
Pat Ebright
Laura Sanfrey (5)
Megan Uminski
Lori Hoeing
Kathleen Welch
Patricia Kwan
Janet Witzman
Mick Venturini
Linda Maurer
Aneta Godbole
Mary Wetterer
Marc Lemberger (2)
Stacia Belanger
Stacia Belanger
Jenine Etchison
Julie Washlock
Donald Hecht (2)
Patricia Trinca
Joan King
Mary Whitmore
Will mail check to MHC
Mike and Allison Swanton
Catherine Anderson
Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Goedde
Lynn Rhow
Diana Gray
Jean Beckley
Jeff & Jean Beckley
Linda Sachs
Teresa Stewart
Janet and Steve Wichmanowski
Jamie Ginder
Chelsea Flint
Payne Family
Barb Stouder (2)
Margie Nickels
Susanne Ingegno
Diane Conover
Stephanie Zorger
Kathy Hoover
Andrea Sartorius (2)
Nancy Strange
Therese Howe
Katie Cardinal
Philomena Harrington
Rory Clouse
andrea burton (5)
Jenn Metz
Archana Bailey
Ann Heilman
Ryan Waldon
The Lampliter
Barb Gryna
Molly Tittle (2)
Caroline Dury
Janet Warns
Julia Lovins
Brian and Carol Urbanski
Laurie Owens
Sue Nowak
MJ Kurdys (3)
Lisa McMullen
Sherry Cauley
Eric Johnson
Alice Papay
Conna Tigges
Elizabeth Grethen
Emily Wale
Colleen McLaughlin
Kim Page
Amber Scannell
Lisa Nordhoff
Robert Krakora
Andrew & Sue Grskovich
Dhivya Swamidass
Jill Stewart
Julie Keller
Meghan Perry
Lisa Grove
Frankie Williams
Madeline Stealy
Gary Schreck
Dee Dilts (2)
Merciful HELP Center 10:30am - 5:00pm  

Donate any amount to help us fill the remaining needs of the children!

We will mail you the donation sheet and YOU choose your donation amount that meets your budget!

35 slots filled - more available
Ouassila Kaced (2)
Mary Hickel
Meghan Durkee
Bernie Ray
Hector Minakata
Shari Abbott
Lorene Craver
Gina Plapp
Joan Carter
Anne Haskins
April Willy
Jennifer White
Pepper Schultz
Bonnie Simandle
Anne Curran
Rory Clouse
Rory Clouse (2)
Love Helping The Lord
Emily Nagel
Lori Kennedy
Julia Lovins
Allen Forni
Brian and Carol Urbanski
Conna Tigges
Bill & Mary Kennedy
Maureen Cavazzi
jody kamin
Tammy Latterell
Dhivya Swamidass
Susan Bundy
Julie Keller
Kathy Hackwelder
Gary Schreck
Barb Durnil
11:00am - 5:00pm  

Grab your group and sponsor AND SHOP for all of the children from one entire family! (20)

Choose your family size, and sponsor all of the children in one family. Turn in the bags on December 16, and pick them up along with the food (all packaged up) and deliver on Jan. 16, 2021. Info. packet will be mailed to you!

15 of 20 slots filled
Erin Murphy Schlick
Rie Sylvester (3)
3 children
Cynthia Schmatz (4)
Cynthia & Bob Schmatz
Amy Ricke
2 or 3 children
Kelli Reifel
3 children
Lisa McMullen
Debbie Spech
Conna Tigges
Maria Bedford
Mattingly Concrete
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