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St. Patrick's Day Basket Donations

Dear Parents,

We are looking for donations for our St. Patrick's Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser! Your donation can be in the form of a gift certificate, singular item or complete basket! Your items will become part of the tricky tray which is presented in tiers based on the monetary value and participants will purchase tickets and enter to win your basket.

The baskets listed below are just IDEAS! Do not feel like you need to complete a specific basket or obtain all of the suggested contents. 

Don't feel like you have to donate this basket yourself. Feel free to solicit businesses in the community. Many of them are looking for opportunities to become involved. 

To help meet our goals, we would love if every family could donate or solicit at least one basket. Donations will be accepted through March 11th!

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Thank you for your participation!




Date: 03/16/2019 (Sat.)

Created by:   Tiffany Slowinski
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Basket Ideas

Pamper Mom

Suggested items: Bubble bath, bath salts, towels, candles, a CD of meditative music, gift card to a local salon and/or for a massage.


For the Golfers

Suggested items: Tees, golf balls, visor, gloves, book about golf, a gift card to a golf store or to a local course.


Grillers’ Delight

Suggested items: Utensils, marinades, mitts, charcoal, cookbooks about grilling.


Baby Love

Suggested items: Diapers, diaper bag, onesies, burp cloths, infant toys, board books, teething rings, baby socks, bibs.


For a Book Club

Suggested items: A few bestselling books, wine glasses, wine, gourmet snacks, gift card to local bookstore or


Get Ready for Kindergarten

Suggested items: Educational games and toys, school spiritwear, school water bottle. Pack in a backpack.


Outdoor Adventures

Suggested items: Sleeping bag, fishing pole, mini lanterns, fixings for s’mores (graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate), head lamps, bug spray, citronella candles, gift cards to outdoor stores.


Movie Night at Home

Suggested items: Boxes of candy and microwave popcorn, DVDs, movie passes, blankets, store gift cards (for DVDs and snacks).

Sofia Castela

Italian Dinner Night

Suggested items: High-end pastas, a variety of sauces, Italian bread/bread sticks, Parmesan cheese, a bottle of red wine, and gift cards to an Italian deli and local Italian restaurant.

Kaye Russo
Romeo’s Marinara Sauce basket

For Gardeners

Suggested items: Garden store gift card, planters, watering cans, gloves, seeds, sunscreen, hand lotion, bags of soil, garden rack.

Sam Wu
I'll do a gardeners basket for 'mommy and me'


Suggested items: Fish-theme games and books, gift card to pet store, instructional books on fish care.

Amanda Havyar

Family Fitness

Suggested items: Water bottles, fitness DVDs, books on healthy family activities (hikes, outdoor vacations, etc.), dumbbells, passes to local gyms and other fitness facilities (like roller-skating rinks).


For the Dogs (or Cats)

Suggested items: Gift card to a pet store, dog (or cat) toys, dog (or cat) food bowls, pet jersey or sweater, shampoo and other grooming supplies, a leash.


Arts and Crafts

Suggested items: Markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, craft paint, construction paper, paint brushes, stamping kit, jewelry kits, small wooden model kits, loom bracelet kit, poster board, gift card to craft store.

Stephanie Moench
I got this one!! Ha!

Summer Fun

Suggested items: Beach towels, beach toys, balls, sunblock, sunglasses, gift cards to mini golf or other summer activities, yard toys (Frisbee, plastic bowling pins), bubbles, sidewalk chalk.

Kaye Russo
$50 cruise discount applied at final booking. Travel/beach goodies.

Fun With Science

Suggested items: Tickets to science museum (if you have one nearby), science games, experiment kits, science puzzles, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers, goggles, a child-sized lab coat.

Sheetal Patel

Baking With Kids

Suggested contents: Baking mixes (muffins, cakes, cookies), frosting, baking with kids cookbook, aprons, kids’ mixing utensils, measuring cups, cookie cutters, decorating supplies.

Joy Merkel

All Sports

Suggested items: Balls (baseball, basketball, football, soccer), tickets to local sporting events, gift card to a sporting goods store, Frisbee, sports-team-theme apparel (shirts, hats, etc.) and blanket, water bottle, sports-theme books and board games


Local Errands

Suggested contents: Gift cards for conveniences or attractions in your community like dry cleaning, grocery store, coffee shop, movie theater, restaurants, hair salon/barber shop, etc.


Local Vendors

Suggested contents: Products from local vendors like baked goods, soap, jewelry, candles, and scarves (or other knitted creations).


Favorite Kids’ Books

Suggested contents: assortment of books, book marks and gift certificate to book store.

Manoucheka Vilbrun


Suggested contents: Boxes of chocolate and samplings of loose chocolates, gift cards to a candy/chocolate shop.


Alcohol Basket

Suggested contents: Assorted bottles of alcohol.

Lauren Zirpoli

Team Spirit

Suggest contents: a few theme items for a popular baseball or football team, if you have one in your area, and tickets to a game.



Suggest contents: different varieties of coffee, and gift cards to local coffee shops.

Merin Powell
Merin Powell


Suggest contents: different sets of Legos, gift card to Lego store.



Suggest contents: action figures, DVDs, games.



Suggest contents: different varieties of cookies, a cookbook of cookie recipes.

Ling Du

Ice Cream Social

Suggest contents: ice cream dishes, sauces, sprinkles and other assorted toppings, gift card to local grocery store, gift card to ice cream shop.

Amy DePack

Themed Toys/Games

Suggest contents:for example, all princess, all pirate, etc.


Knitting Fun

Suggest contents: yarn, needles, mini tape measure, stitch markers, gift card to yarn shop.


Basket of Choice (20)

Any other great ideas that you have!

8 of 20 slots filled
Tiffany Slowinski
Barnes and Noble Basket Donation
lauren sullivan
Will make a large basket of popular toys:paw patrol, hot wheels, thomas
Brittany Anderson
Tree Services and Apple Basket Voucher from our apple stand in the fall
Joint McManus & Zirpoli
Cheese Plate Basket w/ Book, Platters
Joint McManus & Zirpoli
Wine Basket - Wine, Chocolate, Wine Glasses
Corinne Angeles
Columbia sportswear men's women's child rain jackets and hoodies
Corinne Angeles
Easter activity basket
The Ruggeri Family
Ring Camera & Doorbell System

Individual Items to be Added to Baskets (20)

Have any unopened toys from Christmas, random bottles of wine, gift card you'll never use, etc? Donate these singular items to be added with other items to create a basket.

5 of 20 slots filled
Tiffany Slowinski
Buffalo Wild Wings Dessert and Wing Cards
Emily Guzman (2)
Gift cards GrilleStone Restaurant ($25 each)
Corinne Angeles
Books and games
Amy DePack
Batman basket

Fitness Fun

Suggested contents: Water bottle, yoga mat, free weights, gift certificate to athletic store, gym membership.


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