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Mutton Bustin Sign-Up

Mutton bustin is allowed for children that are under 8 years of age and under 80lbs. 100 children will be allowed to participate. There is no cost to ride, but gate admission will be required for all participants and spectators. (Adults $10, Children 6-12 $5, Child 0-5 Free)

Children signed up here are guaranteed participation as long as they meet the above age and weight restriction AND check in the day of the event. Participation will not be allowed for children who do not check in. In person sign up will also be available the day of the event but participation is not guaranteed. Check in and in person sign up will be held in the South Arena from 6-6:30pm. Riding will begin promptly at 7pm.

Children participate at their own risk. It is recommended that each child bring their own riding helmet for safety.

Date: 07/12/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 7:00pm CDT

Location: Dallas County Fairgrounds - South Arena

Created by:   Jennifer Schaefer
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Available Slot

Mutton Bustin (100)

All slots filled
Jennifer Clausen
Eli Clause age 6 50lbs
Haley Gross
Bentley Michael 23months 35 pounds
Marissa Akins
Paislee Akins, 5 yrs, 40lbs
Marissa Akins
Bryndle Akins, 2 yrs, 35 lbs
Jennifer Tigges
Carson Tigges, 7yrs, 45lb
Bonnie Wright
Gavin Wright 7yrs, 63lbs
Kacey Kenoyer
Austin Kenoyer,3,50
Amy Short
Logan Short, 5 yrs 45lbs
Matt Easter
Ross Easter, 5 yrs, 35lb
Lindsay Van Zee (2)
Andrew, 7, 53 lbs/ Addisyn, 43 lbs
Meredith Tapken
Connor Tapken, 7yrs, 55lb
Bailey Luellen (2)
McCoy Luellen, 8, 57 lbs and Emmett Luellen, 5, 40lbs
Lindsey Foster (2)
Urijah Foster 5 yrs 45 lbs Hendrix Foster 4yrs 40lbs
Jordan Short
Carver Short 7yrs, 56lbs
Barb Phillips (2)
Graham Phillips, 5 years, 45 Lb; Bryce Phillips, 3 yrs, 40 lb
Sarah Robertson
Hayden Robertson 8yrs 70lbs
Amanda McDivitt
Lauren McDivitt, 5, 40 lbs
Tara Christensen
Myia Christensen , 6 yrs, 65lbs
Kasi Hatfield (2)
River Hatfield, 6 yo & 50lbs. Archer Hatfield, 4 yo & 40lbs
Chris Morin
Coleman Morin, 5, 40 lbs
Ashley Zika
Jentry Zika, 4yrs, 45lb
Rob Manning (2)
Owen Manning 5. 36lbs Barrett Manning 3, 32lbs
Sarah Freestone (2)
Tucker, 5, 48lb; Jasper, 2.5, 32lbs
Juliana Keubler
Taylor Keubler, 5 yrs, 50lbs
Brandi Keubler (2)
Drake Keubler, 7 yrs, 56lbs; Demi Keubler, 3 yrs, 38lbs
Mandi Nelsen
Tyde Nelsen 8 years. 73lb
Allison Bass
Tatum Bass, 6yrs, 48lb
Armor Haugland
Armor Haugland, 6 , 45
Michael Wityk (2)
Jesse Johnson-Wityk 8, 75lbs. Annabelle Wityk , 20 lbs
Christine Smeenk (2)
Jonah Smeenk, 7yrs, 55 lbs. Audrey Smeenk, 4yrs, 40 lbs.
Corinne Rowe
Charlie Rowe, 8 years, 55 pounds
Sharon Billey
Stephen Billey, Age 8, 74lbs.
Shannon Allen
Lucy Allen, 8 yrs, 62 lb
Shannon Allen
Christian Allen, 7 yrs, 52 lbs
Sara Broyles
Tucker Nichols, 7, 60lbs
Sara Broyles
Hank Nichols, 4, 40 lbs
Heather Dirks
Brecken Dirks, 5 39lbs
Kara McClure
Herry McClure, 8 years, 55 lb
Kara McClure
Lilly McClure, 4 years, 40 lb
Christine Ray
Griffin Ray, 5yrs, 50lbs
Carrie Dirksen
Abigail Dirksen, 6, 50 lb
Bridget Nelson
Cora Nelson, 5yrs, 65lb
Charley Steinfeldt
Charley Steinfeldt, 5yrs, 48lb
Cade Steinfeldt
Cade Steinfeldt, 7yrs, 53lb
Anne Sneller
Hayden Sneller, 4 yrs, 36 lbs
Owen Pille
Owen Pille, 5yrs, 48lb
Travis Hinrichs
Brett Hinrichs 6 53lbs
Carly Broyles
Zola Kajewski, 4, 36lbs
Kristin Hawks
Dominic Hawks, 5, 40lbs
Carly Broyles
Colt Kajewski, 3, 32lbs
Matt Deemer
Cody Deemer,7 yrs, 75lb
Chelsea Mathews
Madison Mathews, 5yrs, 35lbs
Jessica Stonehocker
Kinnick Stonehocker, 2, 30lbs
Kayla Lester (2)
Sean Lester, 6yrs, 50lbs and Konnor O'Tool, 7yrs, 60lbs
Eva Helps (2)
Easton Helps, 7yrs, 53lbs. - Colby Helps, 5yrs, 49lbs
Megan Keller
Sydnee Keller 7, 51lb
Megan Keller
Greyson Keller 4, 42lbs
Jeremy Marker
Avery Jo Marker, 2.6, 38lbs
Mackenzie Gross
Miley Withrow, 3, 32lbs
Mackenzie Gross
Miley Withrow, 3, 32lbs
Kristine Jimenez (2)
Orlando Jimenez, 6, 47lb and Quentin Jimenez, 4, 40lb
Kristen Henke
Abe Henke, 8 yrs old, 55lbs
Courtney Brown
Paisley Estrada 3 42lbs
Kara Schreck
Deacon Schreck, 7 yrs, 60 lb
Brandi Bever
Madalyn Bever, 7, 50lb
Adam Doll (2)
Charlee Doll 7 yrs 65lb. Hunter Doll 7 yrs 50 lbs
Eric Jingst
Zachary Jingst, 3yrs, 35lb
Eric Jingst
Josiah Jingst, 5, 45lb
Barrett Peters
Barrett Peters, 3 yrs, 48lbs
Kinzee Bryte
Levi Bryte, 6 yrs, 60 lbs
Betsi Ausdemore
Rhett Ausdemore, 6 yrs, 50 lb
Teresa Giles (2)
Brooks Giles, 7yrs, 60lbs; Bramm Giles, 4yrs, 42lbs
Jessica Stonehocker
Payton Harrison 8 59 Lb
Obie Meyers (2)
Uriah Meyers - 7 yrs. 45 lbs. Asa Meyers - 8 yrs 65 lbs.
Linda Martinez
Gavin Martinez, 8, 68lbs
Nicci Newton
Braize Jones, 8, 65 lbs
Charles Miller
Remi Miller age 6 & 55 lbs
Keenan Beemer
Hudson Beemer, 8 years, 62lb
Keenan Beemer
Leighton Beemer, 7 years, 52 pounds
Keenan Beemer
Beau Beemer, 4, 35 pounds
Jenner Orman
Jenner Orman, 6, 40lb
Jessica Hackbarth (3)
Kaylee Kraft, 7yrs, 55lb; Mikayla Hackbarth, 6yrs, 30lb; Kinnick Hackbarth, 3yrs, 30lb

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