Band Camp Chaperones 2019
WSHS Band Boosters

MB Chaperones Week 3

Thank you for volunteering to be a Band Rehearsal Chaperone. This is a great opportunity to meet other band parents, see your student hard at work and get a ‘sneak peek’ at the show for this year … Entertaining AND Fun – can’t go wrong!

Chaperones will go wherever the band is (outside or inside) throughout the day and set up for their shift. Band Camp practice includes outdoor (on the pavement and the field) as well as indoor (in the band wing) activities. The practice times for indoor/outdoor vary in time and are weather permitting, but in years past outdoor has been the first part of the day and indoor has been the second part of the day BUT we cannot guarantee if you will be indoor/outdoor during your shift as we just follow the band and please be flexible.


If you sign up for the first shift of the day, please plan to get the supplies for the day, which will be located in the band storage room & marked as “MB Practice Supplies”, and procced to that mornings practice location (usually just ask one of the students which direction they are headed and then you’ll know where to go). There will be folding chairs, a small cooler, a chaperone bag with basic first aid supplies, an umbrella (but if you need additional shade please bring your own), a bag of small food items for students that end up needing it. It is suggested that you fill the cooler with ice from the cafeteria if it is unlocked. There will be plastic baggies with the supplies so if you need to create an icepack or a student needs ice chips you can use the plastic baggies and the ice.

There will be 3 water coolers set up for students to refill their water bottles throughout the day but those are filled and brought out by previously assigned band students (“field crew”).

If the students move locations, please take all supplies and follow them to the next location.


When you arrive please proceed to the back side of the school and look for the band students (you will usually find them in the parking lot, on the baseball field, on the football field or in the inside band wing). They will be the ones marching in unison and/or playing loud music so you should be able to find them!

You will simply take over from the previous parents (all supplies should already be out). If the students move locations, please take all supplies and follow them to the next location.


At the end of marching practice please pack up all supplies and place them back in the band storage room with the “MB Practice Supplies” sign placed back on them. This way the supplies are ready for the next day.

Thank you for volunteering. If you have questions please contact the boosters Volunteer Coordinator, Samantha, @ [email protected] or the Hospitality & Webmaster Coordinator, Amanda, @ [email protected]

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