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2018 Bird Bingo & Game Night

Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) invites members and guests to join us to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary at our "Bird Bingo & Game Night." We will socialize as we eat, drink and be merry playing Bingo and trivia games during a fun-for-all evening! We even have a silent auction item that one of our lucky participants will take home!

Date: Friday November 9, 2018
Registration & Social: 5:30 pm
Program Starts:  6:00 pm
Location:  Live Oak Hall at the Lake House on Seabrook Island
Maximum Attendees:  80

SIB will provide the beverages including wine, water and coffee. Otherwise you can BYOB and we'll provide ice and cups. Just sign up to bring a heavy hors d'oeuvre or dessert. We ask everyone to RSVP no later than November 6 so we know how much wine to purchase and tables to set.

You may renew your 2019 SIB membership for $10 at the door.  Not a member of SIB yet?  Join that evening and your $10 membership will not expire until the end of 2019.  Guests are welcome for a $5 donation.

Don't miss this chance to have a fun filled evening and win some prizes with our flock of Seabrook Island Birders!

Date: 11/09/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 5:30pm - 8:15pm EST

Location: The Lake House, Seabrook Island, SC

Created by:   Seabrook Island Birders

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"Heavy" Hors d'oeuvres
  59 slots filled - more available
Nancy & Flo Brown & Foley
Joleen Ardaiolo
Spanakopita. I can bring something else if you need it.
Jerry Cohen
Charles Moore
chips and cheese dip
Judy and Dean Morr
Cucumber Roulades (Cucumber, cream cheese and smoked salmon)
Paul Giardino
Chili cheese tartlets
Claudia Porter
Stuffed baby potatoes
Kim Schutt
S Sullivan
Joyce Phillips
Variety of cheese, crackers, fruit
Sandy MacCoss
sausage rolls
Donna Lawrence
Debra Hardick (30)
Stuffed mushrooms
Liz Sanders
andrea prettyman
chips & dip
Walter and Jackie Brooks
cheese ball and crackers
Susanne & Jack Brown
Sally Macdonald (12)
Not sure
Aija & Ed Konrad
hot artichoke dip
Desserts (10)
  All slots filled
Susan Coomer
Jim Tilson
Beverly Gholson
Key lime pie?
Joan Reed
Chocolate cookies
Jennifer Passantino
Something sweet
Marcia Hider
Brownies & Lemon Bars
Panky Wasson
Tim and Meredy Barnard
apple pie
Valerie Lobo
Responses:     Yes: 39     No: 13     Maybe: 0     No Response: 303

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 66     Maybe: 0

YES (39) -  

Aija & Ed Konrad (2 guests)

MARY ZAMORA (1 guest)

Valerie Lobo (3 guests)
I would like to join SIB.Will do so before the event on Friday.will be bringing 2 guests.

Tim and Meredy Barnard (2 guests)
Sorry to respond late.

Evelyn Berner (1 guest)

Sally Macdonald (2 guests)

Panky Wasson (1 guest)

Amelie Geiger (2 guests)

Susanne & Jack Brown (2 guests)

Walter and Jackie Brooks (2 guests)

andrea prettyman (1 guest)

Liz Sanders (2 guests)

Debra Hardick (1 guest)

Barbara Pollock (2 guests)

Rob Jerome (1 guest)
rob will help with registration

Jennifer Passantino (2 guests)
Reagan Passantino is my guest

Joan Reed (2 guests)

Donna Lawrence (2 guests)

Sandy MacCoss (1 guest)

Flo Foley (1 guest)

Earl Vogel (2 guests)

Beverly Gholson (1 guest)

Carl Voelker (1 guest)

Joyce Phillips (4 guests)

S Sullivan (1 guest)

Kim Schutt (2 guests)

Claudia Porter (2 guests)
With Stuart Hotchkiss

Jim Tilson (2 guests)

Sheila Smock (1 guest)

Paul Giardino (2 guests)

Marcia Hider (2 guests)
I’ll be home on Sat and will start on the bingo boards etc.

Judy and Dean Morr (2 guests)

Charles Moore (2 guests)

Jerry Cohen (2 guests)

Susan Coomer (1 guest)

Melodie Murphy (1 guest)

Janis Skeffington (1 guest)

Joleen Ardaiolo (2 guests)

Nancy & Flo Brown & Foley (2 guests)

NO (13) +