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Republican Party of Waukesha County

WisRED Initiative Kickoff Spring Elections 2022

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Date: 08/03/2021 (Tue.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm CDT

Location: 1701 Pearl St. #5 Waukesha, WI

Created by:   Republican Party of Waukesha County

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 66     No: 2     Maybe: 3     No Response: 13

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 78     Maybe: 3

YES (66) -  

Charlotte Kroupa (1 guest)
Interest in 2022 New Berlin School Board

Holly Mills (1 guest)
Representing my family. Possible interest in Arrowhead School Board if opening.

Wendy Dorn (1 guest)

Thomas Harter (2 guests)

Ruth Cartwright (1 guest)

Nina Christensen (3 guests)

Ann Lessila (3 guests)

Nicole Koback (1 guest)
Ready and willing to help in any way and possibly make a run.

Elizabeth Noack (1 guest)

Gina Collins (2 guests)

Kelly Brown (2 guests)

Amy Richards (1 guest)

Patricia Maynard (1 guest)

Christopher Seaman (1 guest)

Cindy Anderson (1 guest)

Martha Purnell (2 guests)

Carl Millard (1 guest)

Erik Ngutse (1 guest)

Atis Purins (1 guest)

Peter Clarkson (1 guest)

John Fleckenstein (1 guest)

David Wadd (1 guest)

Luonne Dumak (1 guest)

Gregg Eberhardt (1 guest)

Christine Stueland (1 guest)
Will Bring Paperwork with her.

Greggry DeMark (1 guest)
From Oconomowoc. Will Bring paperwork

Mary English (1 guest)

Craig Scott (1 guest)
I want to volunteer to help republicans to win in 2022

Terri Bialas (1 guest)

John Krause (1 guest)

Jim Wood (1 guest)

Ron Mrazek (1 guest)

Anthony Zenobia (1 guest)

Patricia Concha (2 guests)

Tom Truttschel (1 guest)
Let's rally our Conservative base better than ever!

Caryl Sedushak (1 guest)

Jessie Nicholson (1 guest)

Jennifer Grant (1 guest)

Michelle Halaska (1 guest)
Thank you! Looking forward to this!

Paul Zimmer (1 guest)
Interest in school board for Oconomowoc

Steven Ponto (1 guest)

Matt Manderfield (1 guest)

Alexandra Schweitzer (1 guest)

Stan Sakalowski (1 guest)

Stephen Dankert (1 guest)

Kat Sak (1 guest)
Thank you for setting this up. Looking for to it!

Michael Maynard (2 guests)

Jennifer Murphy (1 guest)

Robert "Matt" Matson (1 guest)

Valerie Houk (1 guest)

Steve Taggart (1 guest)

Craig Dedo (1 guest)
MAY be interested in Elmbrook School Board (Not Sure)

Wendy Radant (1 guest)

Susan Richards (1 guest)

Harriet Briski (2 guests)

larry holloway (1 guest)

Bernard Krauska (1 guest)

Kathleen Klister (1 guest)

Kent Attwell (1 guest)

Kelli Belt (2 guests)

Matt Cordio (1 guest)
Looking forward to this!

Kim Khoury (1 guest)

Nicole Barker (1 guest)

Peter Stoll (1 guest)

Christine Spresser (1 guest)

Joseph 'Jay' O'Grady (1 guest)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (3) +  

NO RESPONSE (13) +  

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