Lincoln's New Salem Theatre in the Park

The Pirates of Penzance - TIP 2019

Music cuts are now available: Audition Music Cuts Please indicate roles you are interested in, and any conflicts you may have from mid-June through performance dates. Most rehearsal take place in Rochester, with the show moving to the TIP stage the week before tech.

There will be no movement/dance audition, although basic movement will be a requirement of all cast members in the show. It's a Wheeler show, everybody dances! Come prepared to sing and show off your best comical faces and gestures!

Roles & Ranges:

The Pirate King - Baritone (range is from G (G2) an octave and a half below middle C (C4) to G (G4) above middle C; in other words, G2 to G4) Swashbuckling, athletic, and handsome leader of The Pirates of Penzance. An adventurer and sentimental, romantic fellow. He wants to be a pirate just to have his shirt open, the wind in his hair, and to stand around like Captain Jack Sparrow. Also not too bright, his idea of manhandling women is to carry them off to a preacher and ruthlessly marry them on the spot. He would never really hurt anybody, especially not orphans as he and his band are all orphans themselves "and know what it is." However, he does become quite angry at the Major-General.

Mabel - Coloratura soprano (Range is two octaves up from C4, i.e., C4 to C6, but sometimes with extra top notes. Mabel's top note in the production is Eb6) Young and beautiful, very much a young woman of the 19th century. She is genuine and utterly sincere as she captures the love of young Frederick. Her naivety and innocence make her a sweet and funny character.

Frederic - Tenor (Range is from C3 to C5. Top note in the production is Bb5.) Young handsome, manly, and genuine. The feelings between Ruth, his nursery maid, and him are deep feelings, they care for each other on the most profound level. That is why he can attack her so vehemently at the one moment for having grey hair, and at the next put his arms around her to sing a very beautiful duet. However, his feelings for Mabel are true love at first sight. He is funny because he is so sincerely trying to do the honorable thing; he truly is the "slave of duty", which is a running joke throughout the show, as well as the subtitle of the show. For him, duty is before all.

Major General Stanley - Baritone (range is from G2 to G4) He is "dignified respectability", in the truest sense of those words. He is "vivid", with the warmth and good humor one would expect from Santa Claus. Quirky with military discipline, but believable.

Ruth - Contralto (Range is from F3 to F5) She is a proper English nanny and has raised young Frederic "properly" to be a gentleman. It is from her that he has learned to be so polite and honorable and to cherish respectability... and to give himself over wholly and completely to love. The feelings between Ruth and Frederic are the deep feelings of - almost - mother and son. They care for each other on the most profound level. She wants to marry Frederic though he resists because he suspects she isn't as beautiful as she suggests.

Sergeant of Police - Bass (range is F2 to F4) Obeys his duty and the law, but is a coward at heart. The choreography will call for a good dancer in addition to good vocal ability.

Samuel - Baritone (range is G2 to G4) The Pirate King's right hand man, he is sincere, earnest, and simple-minded.

Edith - Soprano (Range is C4 to C6) One of Major-General Stanley's daughters.

Kate - Mezzo-soprano (range is A4 to A6) One of Major-General Stanley's daughters.

Isabel - Soprano (Range is C4 to C6) One of Major-General Stanley's daughters.

Chorus of Daughters - Contraltos (F3 to F5) and Sopranos (Range is C4 to C6) The more vivid and individual each daughter is, the better. Big voices are essential as there are more Pirates and Constables than daughters. Very little vibrato is often recommended. A chest, or "belt", voice is used for many passages to achieve the clarity of young girls while maintaining sufficient vocal power. Comedic understanding and basic dancing ability will be required.

Chorus of Pirates - Baritones (range is G2 to G4) and Tenors (Range is from C3 to C5) Simple minded, tender-hearted souls. Big, full-out singing is what is thrilling about the Pirates. The choreography calls for basic dancing ability in addition to strong vocal ability and a keen comedic sense. Pirates can be played by males or females.

Constables - Constables are either Bass (range is F2 to F4) or Baritones (range is G2 to G4) They obey their duty and the law, but are cowards at heart. The choreography calls for good dancers in addition to good vocal ability and a keen comedic sense. Constables can be played by males or females.

Date: 03/23/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm CDT

Location: Sherman United Methodist Church
2336 E Andrew Rd, Sherman, IL 62684

Created by:   Kristin Wheeler
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