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Family Connections

Tiny Fresh Kits

Tiny Fresh Kits are a small way to make a big difference. Make one or more of these SANDWICH size kits and help our most vulnerable neighbors maintain their hygiene & dignity.  The kits will go to Catholic Charities and Roof Above to distribute to those most in need. Please follow these instructions to assemble the kits and drop them off to:

The Ballantyne Campus (in front of church):

January 11th & 12 from 4:30 to 6:30pm 

The Waxhaw Campus:

January 13th from 4:30 to 6:30pm

No need to leave your car, just pull up, pop the trunk and we will grab your assembled kits.

  • Use a resealable clear SANDWICH SIZE ziploc bag for each kit
  • Please wash your hands and wipe off the items before placing them in the ziploc bag
  • Date the bags the day you make them
  • Add one travel size hand sanitizer
  • Add one travel size pack of tissues
  • Add one chapstick or lip balm
  • Add one pack of mints

For our planning purposes, please sign up in the link below. Thank you!

Created by:   Amy Bojarski
Already signed up? You can change your sign up.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy EST) Location Available Slot
(Mon. 4:30pm - 6:30pm)
Main Campus in front of the church 

Freshen-Up Kits

Family Name & # of kits

572 slots filled - more available
Nancy & Rick Warnement (12)
Glad to help
Raysa Gonzalez (24)
Happy to help
10 kits
Eugene Moore
Nicole Silva (5)
Happy to help
Michele Berberian (3)
Karla Ebanks
happy to contribute
Heather Jay
Heather Jay (5)
Jenn Galea (10)
Galea Family
Jessica Page-Barriga (5)
Michelle Swindells
Happy to help
Jackie Ryder
Andrea Warner (8)
Warner family
Megan Morrow (3)
Glad to help
Jayme Gordon (12)
Sean Gordon
Leslie May (10)
May Family
Alison Siefken (5)
Siefken Family
Dan Meyer (10)
Meyer family
Molly Gliemmo (12)
Gliemmo family
Natalia Hertz (5)
Hertz family 5 kits
Trish Heiser (5)
Trish Heiser
Colleen Wright (5)
Wright Family (5)
Julia Studnek (10)
Wendy McKenna (5)
McKenna Family 5
Michelle Sampson (5)
Sampson Family
Melissa Fu (5)
The Fu family
Kristin Manning (12)
Tanya Kellar (4)
Kellar Family
Nestor Family (6)
6 kits
Ali Minor (5)
Minor Family
Kelly Carlin
Abby Shuping
Katie Weber (9)
Weber 9 kits
Suzann Castaldi
Castaldi #5
Beth Capone-Slutz (10)
Capone Slutz family
Alissa King (12)
King family
Christine Burton
Amount TBD
Caroline Lumain (10)
Lumain Family
Jennelle Vickers (8)
Audrey and Clara Vickers
Beth Benonis (24)
Benonis Family
Jackie Nelson (8)
The Nelson Family
Agatha Ratulowski
Jake and Julia Ratulowski
Sandra Brighton (12)
Brighton Family
Ivette Tatro (5)
The Tatro’s
Camelia Taheri (10)
Ayala-Taheri family
Augusto Cairoli (10)
Happy to make 10 bags
Megan Kiser (12)
Rebecca Kiser
Alina Grabenau (3)
Grabenau Family
Jennifer Sheridan (2)
Riley Sheridan
Kailey Richard
Richard Family
Jennie Sniffen (5)
Ava Greco
Vanessa Milton (10)
Happy to help :)
Martha Basco (10)
Jackson Basco
Bonnie Welles (5)
Anderson Welles
Yanisa Phillips (10)
May Phillips
Linda Dunn (4)
Kristy David (10)
David (Eddie)
Dee Bier
Bier Family
Valerie Martin (9)
Martin Family
Kim Zusi (24)
Kelsey Zusi
Camille Belczyk
Joey Belczyk
Teresa Fabiano (10)
10 kits
Carrie Schalabba
Schalabba Family- 5
Linda Beattie (8)
8 kits
Pete Metz (4)
Armando Metz
Janine Rosen (5)
Rosen Family
Karen Curran (6)
Kevin Curran
Corinne Weber (20)
Sloan Weber
Kristy Buckowsky (3)
Buckowsky Family
Amy Lemonis (10)
Lemonis Family
Sharon Clark-Sullivan (3)
Ava Sullivan
Whitney Held
Lisa Janowicz (8)
8 kits
Jann Abigail Cruz (4)
Cruz family - 12 kits
Gail Giattino
1 child
Lauren Grecus
5 bags
Cristin Marchese (5)
Happy to help
Juliana Gandarilla (5)
The Gandarilla Family
Jill Emig
Kelly Okeeffe (5)
O'Keeffe Family
Chris Garbarino (6)
6 kits
Megan Hanrahan
Hanrahan Family 2 kits
Katie Valentini (10)
Samantha Valentini
Michelle Cusimano (2)
Elisa Marin (8)
Marin Family - 8
Angela Dolan (12)
12 kits
(Tue. 4:30pm - 6:30pm)
Main Campus in front of church 

Freshen-Up Kits

Family Name & # of kits

459 slots filled - more available
Lexi Hazen (20)
Hazen Family x24
Leslie Young (5)
The Young family
Emily DeLuca
DeLuca Family
Tammy Hall (2)
Tammy Hall
Katie Cabrera (12)
12 kits
Michelle Smarz (12)
Tracey McCormick
12 packets
Brien Hub (6)
Hub Family
Lisa Short
12 kits
Lidel Magno
Dessa Thompson
Deb Mangieri
Mangieri family
Tami Duggan (10)
Joseph Duggan
Kelly Cains (8)
Cains family - Drew & Ryan
Donna Spehar (6)
Spehar Family
Paige Laurie (12)
The Laurie Family
Heather Gonzago (5)
Antoinette Tan (2)
Andrew Chen
Tracy DiProspero
Tracy DiProspero
Ana Anquilo (20)
Anquilo Family x 24 kits
Hazel Atienza (24)
Atienza Family
Jill Thibeault (3)
3 kits
Tanya Makris (12)
Antonia Kalman (24)
Anneliese & Johnathan
Valerie Lynch (10)
Lynch Family 10 Kits
Karen Taylor (10)
Taylor Family
Sara Weltz (12)
Weltz Family
Sara DeVries (6)
DeVries Family
Angela Steele (5)
Steele Family
Carolyn Lynch (10)
Lynch family glad to help!
Kate Penny (6)
Penny family
Karen Pike (6)
Pike Family
Colleen Richmond (10)
Richmond Family
Eileen Renner (5)
Sean and Kyra Renner
Dylan O’Keeffe (5)
Kathryn Noblitt (6)
Noblitt Family
Tara Kaduson (10)
Will send me to avert
Sara Waldron
Sara Waldron family (10)
Michael Reidy (20)
Making 96- quantity won’t allow
Lisa Schilling (5)
Schilling Family
Noah Bernardez
Sara Luketich (3)
Landon Luketich
Amy Heyde (10)
Ava Heyde
Deana Dyl (10)
Dyl Family
Maria Pastore (3)
De Bonis
Anna LoMonaco (10)
LoMonaco Family
Jacqueline Perry
Glad to help out!
Lesley Tedesco (3)
Glad to help!
Jennifer Sullivan (10)
Sullivan Family 10 kits
Bridget Sessa (10)
Sessa Family
Kristin Hartman (10)
Happy to help
Jennifer McGee (12)
Addison McGee Christopher McGee
Donna Kropf (12)
Kropf Family
Kelly Mahony (10)
The Mahony Family
Heather Such (5)
The Such Family
Barbara Silagyi (6)
Silagyi Family
Tim Cahill (3)
Julie Azzarello
(Wed. 4:30pm - 6:30pm)
Waxhaw Campus 

Freshen-Up Kits

Family Name & # of kits

416 slots filled - more available
Bridget Francis (12)
Francis Family
Maria Gonsalves (9)
Gonsalves Family
Karen Petrocelli (6)
Petrocelli Family
Denise Sprumont (6)
Julianne Lease (5)
Lease Family
Carolina Ricaurte-Smith (6)
Jackie Barone (10)
Reese Barone
Patty Gruber (8)
Gruber Family
Maureen Wermter (5)
Jada's happy to help
Cristan Montenora
Ava will contribute 5 bags
Donna Allen
The Allen Family
Melanie DeFranco (5)
Melanie DeFranco
Jaclyn Iafrate
Iafrate- 8 kits. (Autumn and Addison)
Geovanna Gottfried (12)
Gottfried 12
Rose Karras (10)
Max Karras Family
Becky Lennard (6)
The Lennard Family
Dennis & Shanon Canuto (5)
Alyssa's family
Nicole Cortezzo (5)
Fresh kits 5
Patricia Domini (6)
Domini family
Laura Harlick (10)
Lizzie Harlick
Liz Baxter (2)
Emerson and Carson
Kristen Mcgarry (6)
Annette Marin (12)
Matthew Marin and family
Dana Selitto (10)
Selitto Family, 10 kits
Diana Skarbek (10)
Jake and Lauren Skarbek
Mandy Zarger
Lia Zarger-8 kits
Michael & Samantha DeGaray (2)
Michael and Samantha
Vincenza LoBrutto
Marcello LoBrutto
Mary Beth Turner (10)
So glad to help
Leslie Steuart (6)
Steuart family
Will Riney
Riney Family
Annie Wood (10)
Wood Family (10)
Cristina Capello (12)
Capello Family
Christine Carroll (8)
Maura Stroube (2)
Jennifer Garlinski (4)
Griffin and Addison
Jean Robinson (6)
Kaitlyn Robinson
Raquel Mercado (6)
Ivan Mercado
Shelley Wehler (6)
Wehler Family
Laura Keehan (6)
great idea! thank you!
Tom Brodeur
Alexis Gougherty
Gougherty-8 kits
Kelly Carew
Kelly Carew
Andrea Smith
12 kits
Andrea Edleblute (8)
Dennis Marzakis (4)
Marzakis Family
Brenda Arroyo-Haven (6)
Elena Haven
Ronan Ubinas (10)
Ubinas family
Michelle Newman
Edith Delacruz (5)
The Delacruz Family
Vanessa Anzola (4)
Nicholas Murphy (6)
Murphy Family
Jen Prelog (6)
Freshen-Up kits
Lara Tobbe (4)
Tobbe family
Patricia Socias-Guarisma (12)
Isabel Guarisma family
James King III
Jameson King
Nicole Harrington (5)
Brady Harrington
Shannon Melson (6)
Alexander Sweet (6)
6 Kits
Theresa Rathgeber (6)
Rathgeber Family
Jamie Zarambo
Ryan Zarambo (6)
Jenny Prete (8)
Prete Family - 8
Dan Brown (6)
Logan Brown
Lori Cavallario (5)
Cavallario Family
Scott Sleece (2)
Lisa Rankin (4)
Steven Rankin
Rebecca Rastatter (10)
Rastatter family
AnnMarie Rabinowitz (12)
Rabinowitz family
Kelly Gouin (4)
Gouin family, 8th grade
Emily Potter (6)
Preston Potter
Debra Coffey (2)
Matthew Coffey
Debra Coffey (3)
Megan Coffey
Carlene Sanguine (4)
Mina Sanguine
Tina Woolner (5)
Woolner Family
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