Angel Tree

Angel Tree-Clothing

Gift cost: $25


Gifts must be wrapped and labeled with name and code (ex. Bobby 1A-Fun or Bobby 1A -Clothing)


Gifts must be returned in the Gathering Space. Volunteers will be on hand to collect your gift and mark off your donation.


Drop Off Times:

November 27 before or after the 5pm mass in the Gathering Space.

November 28  7:45-12:15 in the Gathering Space.

Anytime to the Parish Center between Nov 27 and Dec 4th.

December 4 before or after the 5pm mass in the Gathering Space.

December 5   7:45-11:00 am in the Gathering Space.


The presents will be delivered starting at 11:30 on December 5. 


Please get in touch with Deb Schroeder for questions or to make alternate arrangements at [email protected] or (608) 244-3210.





Date: 12/05/2021 (Sun.)

Time: 8:00am - 11:00am CST

Location: Gathering Space

Created by:  Social Action - QP
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Available Slot

1A Heaven 15 yr Girl

Walmart Gift Card

  Katherine Fox

2A Makiyah 9 yr Girl

Sweaters or Jeans (Girls 12 likes color pink)

  Dara Keng

2B Mazariah 18 yr Girl

Nike Hoodie or Jeans (Juniors 9)

  Michelle Herring

2C Messiah 15 yr Boy

Jeans or Nike Hoodie (Men's 46 or 2XL)

  Gretchen Brace

3A Amire 9 yr Boy

Hoodie (Boys 10/11 prefers blue)

  Michael Sharkey

3B Rekia 16 yr Girl

Hoodie (Women's Large Prefers pink in color)

  Anna Anderson

3C Tykess 11 yr Boy

Hoodie (Boys 13/14 Prefers Blue)

  Gretchen Brace

4A Amariontae 9 yr Boy

Jeans, shirts, or hat and gloves (Boys 14 or medium)

  Christine Eckel

4B Kyair 1 yr Boy

Complete Outfit (12/18 Month clothing)

  Dara Keng

5B Jiaire 8 yr Boy

Hoodie or Sweater (Boys 10/12)

  Gretchen Brace

5C Milani 4 yr Girl

Winter Boots (Girls size 11)

  Christine Eckel

6A Da'Nay 12 yr Girl

Jeans or Shirts (Juniors 6L-Slim or Medium)

  Heidi Pedder
Heidi Pedder

7A Deondre 6 yr Boy

Jeans or Pj's (Boys 8/10 Slim-Long)

  Heidi Olivares

7B Precious 4 yr Girl

Pants or Pj's (Girls 6)

  Heidi Olivares

7C Cayniah 10yr Girl

Pants or Pj's (Juniors 10/12 Slim-Long)

  Dara Keng

7D Kairi 2 yr Girl

Complete Outfit or Pj's (2 or 3T)

  Jeanne Bauhs

9A Ka'marion 3 yr Boy

Complete outfit or Long sleeve Shirts (2/3T)

  Marjorie Aiello

10A Brian 10 yr Boy

Hoodie-Nike (Boys 10/12 or Medium)

  Katherine Fox

10B Christian 6Yr Boy

Hoodie-Marvel Character on front ( Boys 7/8 or Small)

  Katherine Fox

10C Dajuan 15 yr Boy

Hoodie-Nike (Men's 2XL)

  Heidi Pedder
Heidi Pedder

11A Ariyah 2 yr Girl

Complete Outfit (3/4T)

  Darlene Kozarek

11B Azara 1 yr Girl

Complete Outfit (18/24 month)

  Rachel Werner

11C Kyle 9 yr Boy

Pants or Shirts (Boys 16 pants, Boys 14/Shirts)

  Kristin Weiss

11D Zohie 7 mo Girl

Complete Outfit

  Rachel Werner

12A Jatayviah 10 yr girl

Jogging suit or jeans (Boys 7/8)

  Sue Addamo

12B Aiyana 12 yr Girl

Hoodie (Juniors 1Large)

  Heather Draper

13A Isiah 9 Yr Boyl

Shirts or Sweaters or Jeans ( Boys 11/12 or Large)

  Kathy Losby

15A Kaniyak 17 yr girl

Tops, Jeans or Rue 21 Gift Card (Juniors 9/10


15B Ronaldk 14 yr Boy

Shitr's or Jeans (Boys XLarge/20 Or Men's Medium)

  Aidan Sharkey

15C Kaden 3 yr Boy

Shirt's or Jeans (Boys 5/6)

  Sue Addamo

16A Jakhi 6 yr Boy

Jeans and/or Long-sleeved shirts (Size Boys 8)

  Katie Sekelsky

16B Khakiah 4 yr Girl

Jeans/pants and long-sleeved shirts (Size 5T)

  Katie Sekelsky

16C Royal 3 yr Boy

Boys outfit (Size 3T)

  Katie Sekelsky

17A Bronx 2 yr Boy

Winter Clothing (Boys 4/5)

  Sue Dahlen

17B Brooklyn 6 yr Girl

Long Sleeve Shirts or Sweaters (Girls Large or 10/12)

  Sue Dahlen

17C Harlem 1 yr Boy

Winter Clothing (Boys 5T)

  Sue Dahlen

17D Jersey 1 yr Boy

Winter Clothing (Boys 5T)

  Sue Dahlen

18A Noelle 6 yr Girl

Shirts (Girls 6/7)

  Maribel Kruepke

18B Raequon 7 yr Boy

Shirts (Boys 9/10)

  Maribel Kruepke

19A Paul 12 yr Boy

Shirts and Pants (Men's Large or Men's 34

  Bart Caponi

19B Rukayla 4 yr Girl

Shirts or Sweaters (Girls 7/8)

  Amy Olipra

19C Runaldo 6 yr Boy

Shirts or Sweaters or Shoes (Boys10/12 Shoe Boys 4)

  Bart Caponi

19D Paris 16 yr Boy

Shirts/Pants (Men's Large or Men's 34)

  Bart Caponi

21A Leviticus 11 yr Boy

Pants or Jeans (Men's 32x32)

  Bart Caponi

21B Malaysia 12 yr Girl

Shirts. Pants or Jeans (Juniors Large or Juniors 13/14)

  Kristin Weiss

22A Jeremih 15 yr Boy

$25 Walmart Gift Card

  Katherine Fox

22B Myniah 15 yr Girl

$25 Walmart Gift Card

  Terry Tappy

22C Velencia 5 yr Girl

Sweater/Sweatshirt w/Frozen or Moana (5-6T)

  Mary Pustejovsky

22D Rellyey 2 yr Boy

PJs (4T)

  Mary Pustejovsky

23A Shaun 5 yr Boy

Complete outfit and socks (5T)

  Cecilia Robat

23B Nevaeh 10 yr Girl

Sweaters or shirts (Juniors 14/16)

  Anna Anderson

23C Nicolas 3 yr Boy

Complete Outfit and socks ( 3T)

  Cecilia Robat

24A Aiden 10 yr Boy

Sweaters and pants (Boys 18/20)


24B Kaiden 6 yr Boy

Sweaters and pants (Boys 6/7)

  Maria Ranney

24C Kailani 4 yr Girl

Sweaters and Pants (4T)

  Amy Olipra

24D Chloe 6 yr Girl

Sweaters or Pants needs socks and underware (Girls 6/7)

  Jerilyn Shannahan

25A Aubrey 5 yr Girl

Pj's or jeans (Girls 7/8)

  Kathy Losby

25B Chase 9 mo Boy

Complete Outfit (9-12 mo)

  Kathy Losby

26A Dalten 17 yr Boy

Winter Hat and gloves/Walmart Gift Card

  Su Timmerman

26B Jenna 15 yr Girl

Pants or tops (Juniors 13/15 or X-Large)


27A Kingston 4 yr Boy

Winter Coat with hat and gloves or a complete winter outfit (Boys 6T)

  Dawn Matzke

27B Elon 13 yr Boy

Sweat Pants (Men's XL)

  Dawn Matzke

27C Jakavion 8 yr Boy

Pants or Winter hat and gloves (Boys 12/14)

  Dawn Matzke

28A Rommello 1 yr Boy

Complete outfit (3T)

  Katie Brasel

28B Alvoni 5 yr Girl

Shirts & Pants (Girls 7/8)

  Betsy Gerhardt

28C Jahtavien 13 yr Boy

Shirts and Pants (Men's Large Men's 36x34)


29A Ja'tavia 11 yr Girl

Skinny Jeans (Women's size 5)


29B Daki 3 yr Boy

Complete Outfit (4T)

  Jessica Brady

30A Savannah 6 yr Girl

Long Sleeve Shirts, Socks or Pants (Girls 6/7)

  Kathy Losby

31A Ja'tavia 11 yr Girl

Shirts or Sweaters (Juniors 11/12)

  Maribel Kruepke

32A Jaquavion 9 yr Boy

Jeans ( Boys 12)

  Karen Demick

32B Tarayia 6 yr Girl

Jeans (Girls 7/8)

  Karen Demick

33A Jamal 4 yr Boy

Compete outfit, socks or gloves (5T)

  Christine Williams

33B Jibrail 3 yr Boy

Complete Outfit, Socks or gloves (4T)

  Christine Williams

34A Joshua 3 Yr Boy

Complete Outfit (Boys 3T)

  Margie Tolmie

34B Journey 4 yr Girl

Dress prefer Light blue or Pink (Girls 8)

  Sue Godfrey

34C James 6 yr Boy

Complete Outfit (Boys 7/8)

  Ann Kohl-Re

34D Azira 10 yr Girl

Dress and shoes (Girls 12 Shoes 3)

  Sue Godfrey

35A Madelyn 11 yr Girl

Leggins or Sweatshirts (Women's medium)

  Heather Draper

35B Matthew 14 yr Boy

Sweatshirt (Men's medium)

  Anna Anderson

35C Nathaniel 16 yr Boy

Sweatshirt (Men's Large)

  Anna Anderson

36A Kemyrah 7 yr Girl

Pants and Shirts (Girls 7/8)

  Betsy Gerhardt

36B Kimora 5 yr Girl

Pants or shirts (Girls 6/8)

  Amy Olipra

36C Kvon 11 yr Boy

Pants and Shirts (Boys 12)

  Tina Ford

37A Jaydan 10 yr Boy

Green Bay Sweatshirt (Boys 14/16)

  Robin Kraidich

37B Jordan 10 Yr Boy

Green Bay Sweatshirt (Boys 14/16)

  Robin Kraidich

37C Tarus 12 Yr Boy

Badger Sweatshirt (Men's Small)

  Robin Kraidich

38A Demoney 4 yr Boy

Complete Outfit (5T)

  Kim Santos

38B Kyeavon 8 yr Boy

Pants and Shirts (Boys 9/10)

  Tina Ford

38C Kyeavona 11 yr Girl

Pants & Shirts (Juniors 13/14 or Large)


39A Canayla 15 yr Girl

2 pc Jogging Suit (Women's 9)


39B Manya 11 yr Girl

2 pc jogging suit ( Women's 7)


39C Scott 6 yr Boy

2 pc jogging suit (Boys 8/10)


40A Shyla 8 yr Girl

Complete Outfit ( Girls 9/10)

  Jessica Brady

40B Ivy 3 yr Girl

Complete Outfit (4/5T)

  Sue Godfrey

40C Cameron 5 yr Boy

Complete Outfit (Boys 6/8)

  Anne Niebler

41A Nyasia 10 yr Girl

Footie Pj's (Girls 8/10)

  Anne Niebler

42A Jasir 1 yr Boy

Complete Outfit (18/24mo)

  Maribel Kruepke

42B Ahmir 8 yr Boy

Shirts (Boys 14 or Large)


42C Kamari 4 Yr Boy

Complete Outfit (Boys 6)

  Jennifer Knudson

43A Lazarus 3 Yr Boy

Complete Outfit (5T)

  Sue Godfrey

43B Zachariah 5 Yr Boy

Shirts or Pants (Boys 6)

  Kim Santos

45A Maiya 16 yr Girl

Target Gift Card

  Sue Dahlen

45B Nathaniel 12Yr Boy

Shirts (Men's Large)


46A Essence 14 yr Girl

Bucks T Shirt (Women's 3XL)


47A Ashley 17 yr Girl

Walmart Gift Card

  Kathy Wehrle

47B Matthew 16 yr Boy

Walmart Gift Card

  Kathy Wehrle
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