VES Science Night

VES Science Extravaganza

During the Science Extravaganza students will have the opportunity to present anything they have created or investigated that is related to science and technology.  Some examples include science fair projects, Lego robotics, and computer programs.  Students will be asked to present and display their projects (i.e. on a tri-fold board or similar display) and to be prepared for a brief oral presentation during the event.  

Please include your child's name, teacher, and a brief description of his or her science project on the sign up genius response.  

Please set up your child's display in the gym before curriculum night begins between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm. Your child will be asked to stand in front of his or her display during a 45-minute session starting at 7:00 pm to tell people about his or her project and answer questions visitors may have. Your child may view other projects during the remainder of the evening. Please remove your project at 7:45 pm or when you leave the school for the evening. If you have to leave school earlier, please have a responsible person pick it up on your behalf.  Thank you.

Please contact Anjum Sikka at [email protected] with any questions. 

*This is a PTA sponsored event 

Date: 03/07/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 7:00pm - 7:45pm EST

Location: VES Gym

Created by:   Liz Bentzinger

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YES (15) -  

Reshma Patel (4 guests)
Vihaan Patel, 1st grade Gutowski will do effects of substances on teeth aka why should we brush our teeth

Gillian Backus (1 guest)
Timothy will present! Either Lego robotics or how a rocket works

Kelly Dwyer (3 guests)
Wyatt Dwyer, Mrs. Lynch's 1st grade class, Rainbow Celery experiment

Nishant Vallurupalli (2 guests)

Stefanie Petrucelli (5 guests)
Testing different substances on egg shells Konstantin, Dempsey, Flanigan

Millan Dhanjal (4 guests)

Elizabeth Rose And Erin Lo (3 guests)

Erin Prentice (5 guests)

Yuriy Iakimovitch (4 guests)
Kindergarten, Ms. Thomas class, Project: LEGO robotics

Emerson Moseley (1 guest)
Dempsey, 2nd grade, chemistry project TBD

Rahul Sikka (3 guests)
Rahul Sikka, Sean Clinton and Vaughn Totman 1. Bacteria on comman surfaces. 2. Molecular gastronomy

Zara Javeri (4 guests)
Astronomy - panets and or solar system

Ben Chung (5 guests)
1st Grade-Forman-RC Car to RC Robot

Sam Jacobsen& Kian Eradat Jacobsen (5 guests)

Alisha Sikka (5 guests)
Ms. Gutowski; electronic snap circuits project