Fall 2019

AIYSoccer Volunteer Signup


Thank You for visiting AIYS Volunteer Sign Up Page! As you know we are an all-volunteer club and as such we need your assistance. Each parent is required to volunteer 3 hours per player each season. Please sign up for 3 (1 hour) slots per player to fulfill the obligation leveraging this signup page. Field Day this season is Aug 17th 2019, this is a special day, for each 1 hour you volunteer on Field Day you will receive credit for 2 hours. Signup for 2 hours on Field Day and you are done for the season.


I will be printing this Volunteer roster and posting it in the concession stand for you to initial after you have completed your registered task.

What needs to be done throughout the Season: 


  • Wipe down spots and stains on wall
  • Wipe down mirror, sink, paper towel dispenser and toilet paper dispenser
  • Scrub toilet, wipe down outside of toilet
  • Sweep floor
  • Empty trash can, put in new trash bag, dispose of trash in dumpster near park entrance
  • Check paper towel and toilet paper dispenser and refill if necessary. Plastic key to open them is in each bathroom cabinet.


  • If drum is more than 50%, use carts to haul trash over to dumpster near park entrance
  • Replace liner, tear small hole (size of Quarter) in bottom of liner to allow rain water to drain out.
  • Replace can back in original location


  • Use small trash bag and grab stick to pick up all trash and rocks from fields
  • Use broom to sweep rocks off sidewalks
  • If there are mushrooms on the field they need to be disposed of as well
  • If there are mole tracks anywhere flatten them and use mole pellets according to direction on can
  • If there are any holes on field use wheelbarrow and shovel to fill in holes use sand near park entrance

Thanks for your Support & I look forward to working with you this season.


Scott S Powell

AIYS Volunteer Coordinator 


Created by:   Scott S Powell

This sign up has no slots that are currently available. Please contact the sign up creator for more info.
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