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Wonder is an original contemporary ballet choreographed by Stephanie Morales. This enchanting tale tells the story of two orphan children, Grace and Nick, who are searching for the wonder of the holiday season. All their adventures and discoveries lead up to the understanding that the wonder of the holiday season stems from love.


JULY 19TH- open audition

5-6pm: 8-10 year olds

6-7pm: 11- 13 year olds

7-8pm: 14+


JULY 20TH- lead role callbacks (by invitation only )




  • audition application (link below)

  • Resume containing dance experience and any shows they have participated in as a dancer

  • Headshot

  • Photo in arabesque (if you are auditioning for a part en pointe please submit arabesque photo en pointe)

  • Leotard (any color)

  • Tights

  • Ballet slippers

  • Pointe shoes (if applicable)

  • Hair in a bun



August 30th: 5-8:30 pm

August 31st: 10am- 4pm

*rehearsals will continue to be held every Saturday between 10am-4pm. Students are ONLY required to attend the rehearsal for the part(s) they are cast in. A rehearsal schedule will be released each month containing the student’s call times and may vary each month.



November 23rd 2pm and 7pm

November 24th 2pm




Gracie : 12 and up- young, adventurous girl. She is curious about where the wonder of the holiday season comes from and wants to discover. *pointe optional


Nick: 14+ - older brother to Gracie. Protective of his sister- doesn’t believe in the wonder of the holiday season as he has been exposed to the troubles of the world. * Must be a strong dancer


Susan Winters: 10-12- Spunky/energetic. Joyful for the holiday season and sees the beauty in all the people around her- wants everyone to feel seen and loved *pointe optional


Ma Winters: 20+ - mother to Susan; dance experience not necessary but preferred


Pa Winters: 20+ - father to Susan; dance experience not necessary but must be comfortable with movement and acting


Orphan Children- 10-14 year olds- boys and girls- no pointe



Bouncy balls: 8-10 year olds

Bears: (duet): 12+ two girls-pointe required

Soldiers: 10+ can be boys and girls

Dolls: 12+ year olds - pointe experience recommended

Doll Solo: must be en pointe


Winter Storm :

Snow Dusting: 8+

Snowflakes :12+ years old

Icicles (duet): 12+ must be en pointe


Lights(Soloists) - represent the Christmas lights during the holiday season. The three lights are Gracie and Nick’s guide through their journey.


Twinkle: Leader, supportive.

Flicker: Shy, steady.

Pixie: spunky, a little mischievous.


Choir A: 14+ advanced dancers- en pointe

Choir B: 10+



Participation Fee (includes cost for costumes) $150

August 23: $75 due

October 20:$75 due

*fundraisers will be held to help the students raise these funds.

Audition Application (Please print this document, fill it out, and bring with you to the audition along with your headshot, arabesque photo and resume if applicable):



Date: 07/19/2019 (Fri.)

Created by:   Stephanie Morales
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Time (EDT) Available Slot
5:00pm - 6:00pm  

Audition 8-10 year olds

6 slots filled - more available
Lila Harrison
Hannah Antrim
Lilly Spolum
Rae Good
Olivia Horst
Tomika Reeves
Araceli Reeves
6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Auditions: 11-13 year olds

8 slots filled - more available
Leilani McCloud
Jennifer Stoltzfoos
Hannah Stoltzfoos
Reagan Connell
Jada Correll
Mikaela Watson
Lincoln Everett
Emily De Rose
So excited!!!
Aaliyah Lapp
7:00pm - 8:00pm  

Auditions 14+

16 slots filled - more available
Jade Robinson
Can't Wait!
Lynn Ammon
Olivia Ammon
Cocoa Houck
So excited!!
Kate Imchen
Bella Imchen
Mariana Lapp
Shenandoah Hall
Joelle Maier
Katelyn Quinn
Caitlin Stoltzfoos
Look Steph, I actually signed up.
Victoria Glick
Grace Good
Audrey Pavlica
Anissa Mohler
Ava Meyer
Mackenzie Neff

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