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Help Build Hope (May 11-12, 2018)

The demand for safe, affordable housing is enormous. In the United States, almost two million people live with a hole in their roof, 3.7 million live with broken windows and 2.5 million live in a house where the foundation is crumbling beneath them. Just over one million people live without complete plumbing facilities. 

Help Build Hope projects assist families living in substandard housing like those described above. Help Build Hope partners with host businesses and partnering organizations like Habitat for Humanity or The Fuller Center for Housing.  Through Help Build Hope projects, we assist partnering organizations to eliminate poverty housing.

On May 11-12, Southwest Church is partnering with Crossroads Missions for a Help Build Hope event to be held in Southwest’s parking lot. Southwest will be taking part in a 2 home build—both will be going to families in Ohio.

We are after 200 volunteers to make this event happen!

There will be opportunities to serve on both Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th although the majority of help is needed on May 12th. Friday is the prep day while Saturday is the build day.

On Friday, we need 25-30 volunteers to pre-cut and organize the lumber for Saturday’s build. Four of these people need to know how to use a mitre saw while the remainder will be lumber carriers.

On Saturday, we need roughly 200 volunteers of all ages who will have a wide range of jobs including nail-gunners, wall carriers, hammer-and-nail workers, etc. It’ll be a lot of fun!

The most crucial need for the success of this event will be Crew Leaders. We need 30 Crew Leaders who will each be over a building station. These Crew Leaders should be able to read a simple blueprint, use a hammer and measuring tape, and be able to instruct others. Crew Leaders must attend a meeting on Friday (May 11) evening from 6:00-7:00pm.

The cost of participation in this event is $10 per person, which helps cover the cost of the building materials. Each participant will also receive a free event T-shirt.

For any questions, contact Andrew Beal at [email protected]


Location: Southwest Church

Created by:   Andrew Beal
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
05/11/2018 (Fri.) 4:00pm - 6:00pm  

Lumber Cutter (Friday) (4)

Lumber Cutter

All slots filled
Mike Myers
Jeff Howard
Kyle Schmahl
Roger Walker

Lumber Carrier (Friday) (25)

Lumber Carrier

20 of 25 slots filled
Donna Myers
Susan Gill
Linus Kennedy (2)
Linus and Jayden
Ed Moutoux Beal
Greg Stall
Julia Milne (3)
Julia, Jackson and Cooper
Jody Wright (3)
Jody, John, and Jonathan
Cody Brasfield
Lisa Kern
Angie Bryan (2)
Jack will be with me
Gaye Milthaler
Sherry Smith (2)
Mark and Sherry
Matt Judd
6:00pm - 7:00pm  

Crew Leader (30)

1 Hour Mtg Friday AND Build Saturday. Able to read a simple blueprint, use a hammer and measuring tape, and be able to instruct others.

22 of 30 slots filled
Sonny Kramer
Ray Bittikoffer
Meredith Goldie
Dan Fitzpatrick
Roger Walker
Bill Haggerty
Bridget Mogle (2)
David and Bridget
Nich Kempf
Bill Fitzpatrick
Cody Brasfield
Tammy Stall
Bill Bowman
John Wonderly
Bill Hackett
Bob Blackburn
Shane Carlson
Scott LeBlanc
Phil LaDue
Whitnie Pray (2)
Neal Kennedy
05/12/2018 (Sat.) 8:30am - 12:00pm  

Builder (185)

Helpers and Builders of All Ages

177 of 185 slots filled
Amy Adams (5)
Amy, Larry, Sarah, Brayden, Noah
Becky Breitrick
Tami Knifley (3)
Bart, Tami, Sarah
Zach Arvin
Alex Myers
Vonnie Bittikofer
Blair Porter
Lee Wagoner (2)
Lee and Sherry
Anastasia Zimmerman (3)
Eric, Anastasia, Grace
Neal Kennedy (3)
Neal, Linus and Jayden
Loren Metzler
Eric Gruss (4)
Eric, Aiden, Ellie, and Levi
Keith Smith
Bryan Zehner (2)
Bryan and Bev
Ray Thompson (2)
Ray and Dottie
Dan Madsen (3)
Dan, Kelly, and Bryce
Anna Bowman
Chris Share (2)
Chris and Daisy
Mariah Fitzpatrick (2)
Mariah and Evan
Bev Fitzpatrick
Allen Clouse (6)
Allen, Darlene, William, Autumn, Erin and Davis
Jaime Burnham (2)
Andrew and Jaime
Jeff Post (2)
Jeff and Michelle
Bethany Kempf
Holly Williams (4)
Holly, Joel, Maggie, and Noah
Randy Spratt
Cheryl Durocher
Dick Wendling
Eric Myers
Cal Towne
Doug Pence
Edward Moutoux
Jeff Dietz (4)
Dietz Family
Steve Harbour (2)
Steve and Drew
Mark Smith (2)
Mark and Sherry
Kellie Holliday
Bob Schubert
Barb Vecchi (4)
Angela Snowden
Jana Johnson
Danielle Sundermyer
Philip LaDue
Jayne Hendricks
Jeremy Ashmore (2)
Jeremy and Olivia
David And Sherry Arvin (2)
Marisa Arvin
Valerie Norvell (4)
Matt Young (2)
Matt and Landon
Julie Tincher (4)
Craig DeToto (4)
Angela Porter
Tim Grimes
Sam Hollon
Janie Moreland (4)
Susie Faust (3)
Susie, Addison, and Rachel We have to leave at 11:00
Robin Eck
Trey Newby (2)
Trey and Land Newby
pj may (4)
PJ, Jaeton, Camden, Mason
Kristine And Clint Anderson (2)
John Jefferson (2)
can do what is nec/ Caleb will help
Debbie Sweitzer (2)
Debbie and Austin
John Derocher (2)
John and Cheryl
Tara Williams (3)
Tara, Josh, Elaina
Ben Blackburn
Bethany Kempf
Gary Schrader
Bruce Wright (2)
Martha and Bruce
Fran Bender
Andrew Pray (2)
Andrew and Whitnie
Madeleine Schmitz
Frank Kile
Theda Sampson (2)
Theda and Mariah
Loura Hepp (3)
Evan, Abby, Loura
Sam D. Hollon
Joann Sproat (2)
Caroline and Joann
Denise Bonnell
Courtney Perry (2)
Olivia & Courtney
Katrina Van Zandt
Anna Walowsky
Roger Hendricks
Kathleen Salveter (4)
Mark Katie Emily Owen
Emily Kirk
Jason Hall (4)
Bob Caughron
Brandon Bonnell
Tom Stone
Hard worker with building experience
Glen Owen
Neal North
Caroline Majors
Jeff Kruithoff (2)
Jeff and Jami
Tanner Shelton
Gina Brasfield
Madeline Bartley (7)
Dave Sutak (3)
3-dave, theresa, davin
Glen Owen
Tobie Cook (2)
Tobie & Addison

Crew Leader (30)

1 Hour Mtg Friday AND Build Saturday. Able to read a simple blueprint, use a hammer and measuring tape, and be able to instruct others.

4 of 30 slots filled
Ray Bittikoffer
Sonny Kramer
Cody Brasfield
Bill Hackett
I can only help until 11am. I have to work in the afternoon at our Healthy Kids Day at Riverscape i can start at sunrise.

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