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Spelling Bee Tasks

Maegan Mohr, who has been our Bee Coordinator for the past 2 years, is stepping down from that position for the 2018 Spelling Bee. In order to continue to host the bee, we need committed people to help in the planning.

We are asking for help completing the following tasks for the bee. The task and the timeframe for it are listed on each slot. Contact Brandi Brown at [email protected] with any questions you may have.


* If you would like to step up a coordinator or to shadow PAGE's president in putting together the 2018 event, please email [email protected]



Created by:   Brandi Brown

Available Slot

Confirm with pronouncer.

Pronouncer is the first task to be completed & needs to be done ASAP to set date.


Solicit participation from Wake Co. schools that have not previously been in the bee. (3)

This team will meet with the PAGE president and work on solicitation efforts from July-October based on their planning.


Plan & host 3 webinars for new school coordinators. (3)

The people who sign up for this task will begin working immediately and will host webinars in August, September, and October for school coordinators who wish to participate.


Order medals and trophies for finalists.

Order will need to be placed in December.


Work to find sponsors. (3)

Sponsor team will meet with PAGE president. The goal is to identify local sponsors and obtain funding agreements with them. Sponsorships need to be in place by Jan. 1.


Find 3 judges for the day of the event.

Judges need to be confirmed by Feb. 1.


Find an appeals coordinator and audio/visual recorder.

These people should be identified by Feb. 15.


Find counselor for day of the event.

These people need to be confirmed by Feb. 15.


Find volunteer graders for the day of the event. (2)

Each person should commit to finding 6 graders by March 1.


Find proctors for written portion of bee. (2)

Each person should commit to finding 3 proctors by March 1.


Layout program.

Layout should be complete by March 1.


Find backstage volunteers to manage spellers during the event. (2)

Each person should commit to finding 2 people to help with this task by March 1.


Design & order t-shirts.

T-shirts need to be ordered by Feb. 15.


Assemble packets for spellers. (3)

The PAGE president or Bee Coordinator will work on compiling packet items. Packet assembly should happen 1 week before the bee and takes 1-2 hours.


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