Feed Our Families

2018 Feed Our Families


The 11th annual Feed Our Families food drive has begun!  It will serve over 1,000 people in our community with two weeks worth of food and, in the process, unite our school community to a common purpose. 

  1. Sign up for a shift
  2. Pick up a stack of grocery slips at the attendance office at PHS
  3. As costumers enter the store, hand them a grocery slip
    • "Hi, my name is ____ from PHS and our goal is to feed over 1,000 people.  Here is a grocery list.  If you there are any items that you'd like to pick up to support us, we will be here to collect them.  Thank you for your support!"
  4. At the close of your shift, pack up the food items collected and return them to the PHS Commons first thing Monday morning.

Store Leaders: 

King Soopers (Taft): Sydney Stapleton-(970) 215-6439

King Soopers (North College): Aida Rodriquez-(970) 534-5160

King Soopers (South College): Abbott Hoeven-(970) 567-9506

Ridley's (Wellington): Casey Kraft-(970) 612-6049

Walmart (Lemay): Tim Cortez-(970) 889-7820 

Beavers Market (Mountain): Camryn Hurley-(719) 660-3889

November 9th-12th Only 

Safeway (Harmony): Lexi Drager-(970) 237-9637

Safeway (Taft and Drake): Riley Santillanes-(970) 237-9811

Safeway (Riverside): Yasha Rieth-(812) 821-4222

Sam's Club (Boardwalk): Christian Lehmann-(970) 481-3626

I am who I am, because of who we are.  We are Poudre!

Questions ~ Marc Buffington (970) 481-5510 / Wendi Miller (970) 691-0136 / Kendall Wilson (970) 567-3114

Created by:   Kendall Wilson

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