Old St. Mary's Parish

Mass Registration 7/4-7/5

All continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation until further notice.

CAUTION: There remains an inherent risk in coming to church at this time. If you or those for whom you care are vulnerable to infection, it is encouraged that you stay home. If you feel sick in any way, do not come.

CORRECTION to the Pastor's reopening letter: You MAY attend services if over 65 and not medically at risk.

Congregation size is strictly limited to a maximum of 50 attendees with social distancing of at least six feet. (Families and members of the same household are exempt from these six-foot social distancing requirements). Advanced sign up is required.

Once you arrive at church you will be directed by trained greeters and ushers who will seat you and direct you throughout the Mass. Please be patient and cooperative with the volunteers and staff. This is new for all of us and we want things to run smoothly.

All attendees are expected to:

  • register for mass in advance. The available masses are listed below. If you have difficulties, call the church office at 312/922-3444 for assistance.
  • wear a face covering - bring your own, we will not be able to provide them.
  • maintain social distancing during the celebration (6 feet between yourself and others, except household members) INCLUDING while processing forward to receive communion. Use the markings on the floor as a guide.
  • follow protocol for receiving communion:
    • The communicant will be provided hand sanitizer by an usher when approaching the aisle.
    • The communicant must remain 6 feet away from the priest/eucharistic minister who shows the Host and says, "The Body of Christ". There will be a red STOP sign to indicate where you should stand.
    • Upon a signal from the priest/eucharistic minister, the communicant will step forward, extend their hands and say "Amen" when the Host is offered.
    • After receiving the Body of Christ, the communicant will move to a dedicated space, lower their mask, consume the Lord, replace their mask and proceed back to their pew.

When the usher releases you, please depart the building immediately upon the completion of Mass. We will need to disinfect the space for the next Mass. If you wish to converse (from a safe distance!) please do so away from the church building.

DO NOT ATTEND if you feel sick in any way, are coughing or are sneezing.

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