Avalon 2022 Adult Social

Party Time!

Please join us May 20th for the Avalon Adult Social at 6:30pm. Come reconnect, let loose, and get excited for the summer. Come and feast on the amazing taco bar, let loose with friends, and get down with the music of Motown. We are really looking forward to another amazing summer.

Please RSVP and use the link below to purchase the tickets.

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Tickets Prices: 

$70 for Couple

$35 for Single

Date: 05/20/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 6:30pm - 10:30pm EDT

Location: 510 Heathfield
510 Heathfield Rd, Richmond, Va 23229

Created by:   Aaron Payne

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Responses:     Yes: 52     No: 10     Maybe: 3     No Response: 1

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 102     Maybe: 6

YES (52) -  

Matt Luchsinger (2 guests)

Kevin Terminella (2 guests)

Jill Campbell (2 guests)

Helene Kastenbaum (2 guests)

Shannon And Brian Parker (2 guests)

Mary Nelson (2 guests)

Alice Broaddus (2 guests)

Todd Milligan (2 guests)

Jason Fredrick (2 guests)

Clair Isenberg (2 guests)

Kristen Martin (2 guests)

Gary Woods (2 guests)

Megan Sisson (2 guests)

Nichole Fogleman (2 guests)

Shannon Couvillion (2 guests)

Jennifer Manring (2 guests)

Lisa Burnham (2 guests)

Amee & Todd Mungo (2 guests)

Carrie Sheehan (2 guests)

Madelaine Jones (2 guests)

Amy Sherman (2 guests)

Brian Dixon (1 guest)

Nikki Shaw (2 guests)

Laura Lay (2 guests)

Chris Haberlin (1 guest)
Kim is out of town, but I will be there

Ashley Houghtaling (2 guests)

Denise Sarkees (2 guests)
Denise and Travis

Thea McCarthy (2 guests)

Karen Winslow (2 guests)

Kellie Giacchi (2 guests)

Carrie Banks (2 guests)

Todd Brookshier (2 guests)

Jenn Holsten (2 guests)

Ashley Lukeson (2 guests)

Shannon White (2 guests)

Ashley Hendrix (2 guests)
So excited!!

Lauren Grainger (2 guests)

Kathy Hieber (2 guests)

Sarah Brixey (2 guests)

Lindsay Andiola (2 guests)

Janelle And Joel Martin (2 guests)

Sarah Treharne (2 guests)

Greg Spruill (2 guests)
Greg and Anne

Carrie Acey (2 guests)

Katie Zimmerman (2 guests)
Katie and Eric

Jessica Hurst (2 guests)

Amanda Belding (2 guests)

Michelle Gay (2 guests)

Carrie Landa (2 guests)

Susan Hallett (2 guests)

Emmy Woody (2 guests)
We would never never never miss it!!

Aaron Payne (2 guests)

NO (10) +  

MAYBE (3) +