Special Friends Day

Special Friends Day is October 18th!  This is a wonderful event where children can invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, or special friends (other than parents) to share in the experience of the Book Fair. A light breakfast will be provided and the Book Fair will be open for all to enjoy! Please use this link to RSVP for your child and their Special Friend by October 12th. All proceeds from the Book Fair benefit the Rummel Creek library.

Visitation times will be arranged according to your student’s last name:

8:30-9:15: A-M

9:30-10:15: N-Z

If possible, have your Special Friend stop by RCE at an earlier date to have them added to our check-in system. Everyone that is already in the system will have their sticker preprinted and be able to avoid the check in line.  

Date: 10/18/2018 (Thu.)

Created by:   Jill Melancon
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PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

Time (CDT) Available Slot
8:30am - 9:15am  

Child's Last Name begins with A-M

78 slots filled - more available
Jill Melancon
Molly Melancon (2nd) & Karen McQuilling
Caroline H Bennett (3)
Westy Bennett 4th Grade, Sue Bennett, Janice Harsh
Allison Cattan (3)
Carter Cattan-2nd Donna Lewis and Sherry Cattan
Kelly Linder
Hayes Linder, 2nd -- Stephanie Linder
Kelly Buster
Libby Buster - PreK; Kelly Buster
Suzanne Jackson (4)
Jake Jackson (2nd) Luke Jackson (K) Marilyn Marsico and Audrey Jackson
Lauren Laechelin (2)
Cayden Laechelin - Kinder, Castine Theriot
Colton & June Halgren (2)
Colton Halgren (1), June Halgren (PreK), special friends Susan Halgren & Lance Halgren
Kathryn Canfield
Benjamin Canfield Pre-K, Jana Canfield grandmother and Grandfather
Katherine McKnight
Madeline McKnight (4) and Olivia McKnight (1) with ST and Peggy McKnight
Nicole Murphree (2)
Gabriel Hammad K, special friend Christine Mainguy
Christina Bishop (2)
Tommy (3) & Wesley Bishop (K) - Laura Remkes (grandmother)
Sheryl Grigsby (4)
Taylor Grigsby (1st) & Payton Grigsby (Kinder) - Special Guests are Bob & Joanne Franknecht
Shannon Mahan (5)
Edie/Eloise Mahan (3rd)
Liz Clearman
Charlotte Clearman, 5th - Nancy Brennan
Casey Braswell (2)
Leighton Braswell (K)- Joy and Richard Bourland
Leah Gibson (2)
Ava Gibson (3) Brennan Gibson (K). Mary Jo Gibson, Marcia Forrest
Jessi McBrayer (5)
Emily McBrayer (K), with grandparents Allan & Sarah McBrayer and David & Mona Zimmerman
Kelly Smith
Demi Hernandez 1st grade Kelly Smith
Jennifer Linley
Gavin Linley (1st); Grandma, Debbie Elwell
Allyson Athey (3)
Harrison Athey (K) - Jim and Kelly Higgins
Mandy Avis (2)
Audrey Avis kindergarten Betsy Avis
Mandy Avis (2)
Andrew Avis kindergarten Charlie Avis
Jodie Connally (4)
Luke Connally 4th, Will Connally 3rd Grandmother Barbara White, Uncle John Nesvadba
Sarah Hernandez
Demi Hernandez 1st grade Kelly Smith
Kendell Barbles (2)
Reese and Reed Barbles 4th- Debbie Kimbrough, Barbie Barbles
Emily Dorris
Cassie Dorris 4th, Marjean Mallard
Michaela Ginn
Patrick Grimm 1st Grade- Michaela Ginn
Vanessa Ballenger (2)
Heidi Ballenger (3rd) and Kathy Ballenger
Jordan Maedgen
Carter(4), Charlotte(2) and Coleman(PreK)... Cindy and James Maedgen
Celina Alonso
Alex Alonso (K), Norma and Juan Gomez
Bryan Bayliss (3)
Madeline Bayliss (K) with grandparents Billy & Susan Bayliss
Erin Gilbert
John Gilbert, Kindergarten Candy Gilmer
Carmen Hernandez
Iris Muñiz-K / Carmen Hernandez-GrandMa
Jessica V Calluche
Sophia L. Lugo -Kinder- Stephanie Calluchi
Tarryn Lankford
Connor (2nd) and Colby (Kinder) with Lesley-Anne (Lee) Macpherson
Elena Mischon (2)
Ryland Mischon 2/Ramey; Claire Mischon 1/Davis; special friend is Moya Mischon
Rocio Domogalla
Mia Forero 5th Clara Forero 3rd/ Adriana Kusnetz & Delfina Domogalla
Elizabeth Caddell
Graham Caddell K, Bob Moses
Bonnie Deaton
Bonnie Deaton (Allie Moss-4th grade)
Ann Marie Kolkhorst
Cydney Kolkhorst, 4th, Tommy & Karen Cook, Gary & Kathy Kolkhorst
Meredith Rice
Rebekah Mitchell, kindergarten, Meredith Rice
9:30am - 10:15am  

Child's Last Name begins with N-Z

39 slots filled - more available
Samantha Smith (3)
Owen Smith - K; Liz Owens & Shannon Owens
Tessa Woodward (2)
Avery (1st) and Carter (Prek) Woodward - Shirley Eichhorn
Leslie Trinh Yulatic
Chloe Yulatic(2) Gloria yulatic
Samantha Rodriguez (2)
Penny Rodriguez (grandmother) Elaine (2nd) and Evelyn (k) Rodriguez
Jennifer Terveen
Kathy Enos - Lily Terveen 4th grade
Andria Rondon (4)
Anna Kate Rondon - 2nd; Harris Rondon - PK. Dennis Vickery and Donna Vickery
Amy Stephens
Austin Stephens-1st, Campbell Stephens-PK, Mary Carol Kelley
Jackie Phelan (2)
Avery Phelan (PreK) Mary Beth Phelan
Vanessa Ballenger (2)
Wesley Ballenger (preK special time slot) and Kathy Ballenger
Nia Watson
Walker Watson (4th) Gracie Watson (2nd) - Christine Pilko and Anick Watson
Jayne Huggins
Reed Powers & DeeDee (Chris Medlenka)
Brittlyn Pohl
Kennedy Pohl (K) - Tamara Gravenor
Anne Olivier (2)
Reese Olivier, 1st Grade, Carmen Olivier
Cassandra Pina
Qadan Pina - PreK - Greg Pina
Megan Strickland
Garner Strickland, Kinder, Charlene Strickland and Ann Morris
Rebecca Walters
Lucas (PK Hansen), Jacob (1st Ghiotto), Peter Yim (uncle)
Melissa Simmons
Elyse(4th) and Thomas(1st) Simmons, Chuck and Carol Simmons
Karen White (2)
Ryan White (4th): Grandparents: Horst & Josy Manhard
Amy Sandidge
Nate Sandidge-3rd Lilly Sandidge-K, Louis & Caremelene Sandidge (grandparents)
Whitney Vanderslice
Patty Jackson - Blake (3) and Brooks (PK) Vanderslice
Courtney Taylor (5)
Everett-Demeris 5, george- foster2, Anna Lou- mitchel K, Bill and Marsha clinton
Amber Roberts (3)
Grandparents John & Gloria Keenan, Eli Roberts 5th, Tyler Roberts 4th, Devin Roberts 1st

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