Tri-Community Recycling Committee

HHW Day 2021

We are excited to host this event for City of Saugatuck, City of Douglas, and Saugatuck Township residents!  Residents must be registered to attend and drop off materials. Review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.  One sign up per household please. Donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Created by:   Garnet Lewis
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Available Slot

9:00 a.m. (20)

All slots filled
Jon Vanderbeek
Hannah Mason
Jack Den Uyl
Kelly Roche
Thank you so much!!
bruce simonson
Leslie Dokianakis
Susan Fencl
James Brandess
Jim Hanson
Bill Bundy
Nancy Temple
Scott Dean
Vicky Cobb
Jim Muir
I am bringing used batteries. I have 50 of thrm in 5 containers.
Sherry Tedaldi
Natalie Mika
Unsure of quantity
Mary Alice Townsend
Bob Ruddy
Elliott Sturm
Jim Sullivan

9:15 a.m. (20)

All slots filled
Ihle David
Mary Beth Heydrick
Exact donation and amount TBD.
Betsy York
Julie Ridl
Thanks so much for doing this!
Brian Stephens
Household paints, batteries, glassware
Mary Stanbra
Tracey Shafroth
Derek McAleer
Mark Bekken
Rebecca Allen
Wendy C.
Tom Slater
John Meyer
Nancy Plantinga
Dave Butler
wendy Gronbeck Gronbeck
Steve Oakley
Mike Economos

9:30 a.m. (20)

All slots filled
Steve Hutchins
randy mellon
Chris Clark
Beverly Hawkes
Donation TBD
Joann Otlewski
I don’t have a definite number of items at this time but will notify once we know.
Jessica Ruthsatz
Dan Sigler
Jim Wentzell
Frank Marro
Ken Altman
Greg Cotton
Chris Yoder
old partially full cans of paint, perhaps some garden chemicals
Carol Ray
Not sure what I will bring yet
Ed Green
I have 4 1/2 gals of old gas and a car battery
Nancy Forrester
Nancy Forrester
janis baker
batteries empty propane cylinders
Ronald George
Carol Springer
Randy Nieusma
Peter Hanson
Will also have stuff from Jim Sellman

9:45 a.m. (20)

16 of 20 slots filled
Tony Ragona
Holly Leo
Annie Van Dyke
Erik Nor
Lisa Baker
paint, batteries, oil
Maria Stanton
Not sure yet, but some non-latex paint and household cleaners is planned.
Jennifer Ludwick
Nancy Forrester
James DeVries
Charlotte Stewart
Susan Meehan Meehan
Jim Render
Batteries, pesticides
Kathy Plapp
Jim Steiger
Eric Birkholz
Motor oil and batteries
Michael Carl Strampel Strampel
Gasoline, Multiple Cans

10:00 a.m. (20)

All slots filled
Bruce Starring
Not bringing any material that have to pay to dispose of. Will have to get back to you on how many items we will be bringing - do not have a definite quantity as of now
Jon Helmrich
Barb Lucier
John Peters
nothing noted on the fee-required list
Norm Jones
Nick Hendriksma
No items in the "Fee Required" list
Lew Wessel
May have a couple of paint cans
The Godfreys
Robert Trenary
Jane Underwood
William Guild
Laura Threewitt
Jim Hundrieser
This is great! Thanks
Mary Ellen Doucette Lunstrum
Some paint and other items. Still going through garage. Nothing on the fee schedule
Robert Rebb
Computer peripherals, dehumidifier, phones, cable boxes
Austin Rund
James Lamb
Kate Dearborn
Russ Harris

10:15 a.m. (20)

16 of 20 slots filled
Art Lanciers
Ted Wolthuis
Peg Sanford
Paint, Aerosol cans, plant fertilizer, insecticides
Susan Blose
Paint, fluorescent lights
Chris Raphael
Lisa Beckman
Paint, old fuel, fertilizer
Marsel Mesulam
antifreeze, paint
Phil Bryant
Tom Nowak
Dan Murzyn
Dan Murzyn
Russ Gardner
Kim Martinson
Leslie Graham
Tad Archer
Paint, Oil, pesticides
Susan Criezis
Vicki Rosenberg

10:30 a.m. (20)

17 of 20 slots filled
Kathy Nania
John Philippus
10:30 a.m.
Jim Feldkamp
Charity Dunlop
Dianne Wendt
Alison Mixan
Susan Martell
Mark Kimble
Not sure what you are looking for in quantity. Not sure exactly what I will be bringing but at least 1 TV.
Douglas Lowe
household batteries
Keith Charak
Michael Tischleder
Norman Carver
Randall Lee
Arthur Ashley
Pesticides, fertilizer, batteries, etc.
Susan Zemmer
Claire Arctander

10:45 a.m. (20)

9 of 20 slots filled
Wendy Hamlin
Mary Lukens
Glenna DeJong DeJong
Janene Lefort
Donna Carrillo
Patrick Reaume
Jessica Gray
Dustin Tyler
Orville Erickson

11:00 a.m. (20)

All slots filled
Erik Kirchert
Allen Hathcoat
Michael Finn
Angela DeYoung
Prefer to donate the day of, thank you!
Thomas Saarela
MJ Oren
Sandy Collins
batteries/metal polishes/household cleaners
Barry Johnson
Thank you
Mat Daly
Michael Elam
Assembling waste
Ted Skaalerud
MaryLou Graham
Kate McPolin
Todd Hoskins
Ted Reyda
Lois Bartelt
Paint, batteries, cleaners, gardening fertilizer
Gini Cooper
Nancy McMahon-Cox
Richard Donovan
Thanks for arranging this
Douglas Manning

11:15 a.m. (20)

7 of 20 slots filled
Ed Beckman
Greg Sherman
Batteries, lightbulbs, oil
Curtis McMillen
computer peripherals, paint supplies
Timothy Killackey
John Kalita
Old Paint, 1 or 2 Batteries, Misc...
Richard Donovan
Shaun Glynn

11:30 a.m. (20)

12 of 20 slots filled
Michael O'Connor
Jim Bailey
Paint cans and household batteries and light bulbs if your taking them
Jenn Davenport
Carol Peterson
Melisa Friedl
Amy Kenny
Batteries, oil paint, etc
Thomas Krakowski
Computer and TV
Larry Dickie
Michael VerMerris
Virginia Stuart
Juli Petter
Ronald Colton

11:45 a.m. (20)

11 of 20 slots filled
Julie Abel
Household Batteries
David Langley
Paint cans, gas can
Lucy Schmidt
Paint cans, batteries
Dean Johnson
expired perscriptions, batteries, aerosol cans, 2 old cell phones, etc
James Bouck
Jennifer Rees
Victor Bella
Cathy Brockington
Paint, motor oil, garden chemicals
Bob Kubasiak
Sarah Terlouw
TV, Dehumidifier, household chemicals
Jeannine Bekken
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