Foam Glow

Foam Glow -Hartford 7/27/19

July 27, 2019


Do you want to be part of the magic?

  • Would you love to work closely with the Foam Glow?

  • Do you want to receive $25 worth of free Foam Glow Merchandise when you have completed your ENTIRE shift?

  • Do you want to both be a part of the Foam Glow experience while also making it better for participants?

  • Do you want to give your time and help give back to local charities and the CoolEvents movement?

Did you answer 'yes' to any of these questions? We thought so. We want you to volunteer to work with Foam Glow! Sign-up for a city near you!

Foam Glow welcomes volunteers age 16 and older. If the volunteers are below the age of 18, they MUST have an adult supervisor (parent, teacher, guardian, or club director). No volunteers under age 16 are allowed, for safety and logistics.

Everyone must sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct. If you are 16-18 years old, you must have that signed by a parent. Volunteers who will be participating in the race will need to sign a waiver- again, those under 18 will need to have this signed by a parent.

* If you are volunteering to complete community service hours, we require that you bring a form that is to be signed by the Foam Glow supervisor at the time you volunteer.

**Thank you so much for signing up to volunteer! Please note that we will try to keep you in your preferred volunteer position. However, we may need to move you into a new position to cover areas that have the greatest need.


  • Free event entry are limited only to pre-packet pickup volunteers. It requires you to register for the event as a participant, pay, and complete Entire volunteer shift. After the event, email customer service at [email protected] to request your entry refund. You must sign in and out for volunteer shift in order to be confirmed. 
  • Merch credit is to be redeemed at the merch store on site after you've have completed the entire shift and have signed in & sign out.
Location: Hartford

Created by:   Volunteer Admin
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
07/26/2019 (Fri.) 1:30pm - 7:30pm  

Pre Packet Pickup (10)

Collecting waivers, checking IDs, checking for completion of registration, distributing race bibs/t-shirts, restocking shirts, or working in the Glow Store. You will receive a FREE race entry for your support.

All slots filled
Donna Parris
Adlin Garcia
Dazriell Smith
Aniya Johnson
Miesha Angelo
Lexus Thomas
Genesis Semidey
Derrill Smith Jr
Yacel Collazo (2)
07/27/2019 (Sat.) 5:00pm - 11:30pm  

Race day Registration (10)

Collecting waivers, checking IDs, distributing race bibs/t-shirts, restocking shirts, line management, and working at the Glow Store. You will receive a Volunteer T-shirt

All slots filled
Kaelin Baugh
Shon Waters (3)
Me and my class mates are interested in helping out as much as possible!
Tiana Esty
Stephanie Pelaez
Madeline Gonzalez
Dariusz Pracon (2)
Lisa Doan

Glow Store (10)

Collecting waivers, checking IDs, distributing race bibs/t-shirts, restocking shirts, line management, and working at the Glow Store. You will receive a Volunteer T-shirt

All slots filled
Shon Waters (6)
Shon Waters (3)
Tiana Esty

Water Station (20)

You will set-up and hand out water. Our runners are a thirsty bunch, so your job is very important!

All slots filled
Zhanè Camby (2)
Gia Sellica (2)
I am 17, I will be bringing my sister who is 18 and a parent’s consent form.
Nicolle Morales-Torres
Shon Waters (3)
Maria Torres
Sasha Johnson
Brianna Pennant
Stephanie Pelaez
Lisa Doan (2)
With friend
Halynton Moreno
Crystal Jenkins (2)
Me and my best friend
Shekira Tomlinson
Carlos Morales
Alaina Sciuto

Foam Cannons (15)

This position is so fun! We have cannons, yes cannons, that shoot out super foamy foam all over the crowd at the pre party and after party.

All slots filled
Jessica Brunelle
Ana Quinones (2)
Abhiram Reddy
Juanita Martinez (2)
Jesenia Martinez
Ilysha Vargas
Marilyn Lozano-Rivera (2)
I want to shot the cannon foam!!!
Owen Fogg

Course Marshalls (15)

Your job is to light up the way and keep our runners safe and on track, using LED batons and vests to GLOW UP the course.

All slots filled
Heather Warren (2)
Adlin Garcia
Jalaj Kumar (2)
Apurv Bhure
Zhanè Camby (2)
Shon Waters (5)
Michelle Kiss (2)
I was supposed to run but have an injury so I can’t run would love to volunteer

Start Line Supervisors (10)

You'll be up front where all the action is...line management is key us get our participants on the course in a safe and efficient manner, while having a great time!

All slots filled
Kaelin Baugh
Kaelin Baugh
Kyana Otero
Shon Waters (6)
Shon Waters

Foam Zones (15)

This is where the magic happens! You will GLOW UP our runners with colored foam and it will most likely be all over you as well! Make sure our runners get through the foam safely please!

All slots filled
Afrida Chowdhury (2)
Andriana Bruno (6)
Ana Quinones
Loushaun Cru
Pharadja Faustin Faustin (2)
faustani-love faustin
7:45pm - 11:30pm  

Finish Line - Medal Distribution (25)

This is where all the excitement happens. You will hand out medals!

All slots filled
Andriana Bruno (6)
Vahini Nareddy
Adlin Garcia
Wilfredo Vargas
Prakash Dhandapani (2)
Shon Waters (4)
daniel stanton
Sonia Cruz (2)
Aaron Jason Jason
Jessica Tacinelli
Will be able to do other things if needed
Cassandra Fogg
Owen Fogg
Ana Quinones
Loushaun Cruz
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