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Lassiter Pope Kell NJROTC

Annual Fall Picnic

Come out and meet your new Lassiter Pope Kell NJROTC family!  This is our first event of the year and is for your entire family.  

The CPO provides BBQ Chicken and Pork. Each family n Ed’s to bring a cooler of drinks (Soda, Water, Ice) to share and sign up to bring one good item. Please bring serving pieces and remember to label dishes and serving pieces with your name. We need volunteers to help set up/ serve/ clean up. Bring camp/ sporting chairs, frisbees, footballs, etc. There is access to a public beach for those people interested in swimmimg.

We will begin serving lunch at 11:30 am. You can attend your first CPO (Cadet- Parent Organization) meeting at 1:00 pm and sign up to join while learning about the benefits of being a CPO member. We accept credit card or personal check.

Date: 08/24/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 11:00pm - 3:30pm EDT

Location: Navy Pavilion, Lake Allatoona

166 Sandtown Road SE, Cartersville, GA 30121

Date: 08/24/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 11:00am - 3:30pm EDT

Created by:   Bella Ayers

Will you be attending the event?
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Setup Volunteers (5) - Arrive at 10
  All slots filled
Samantha Smith (2)
Laurie and I will be there to set up.
Amy Van Wormer
Leslie Shearstone (2)
Serve Volunteers (8) - Serve During the Meal
  All slots filled
Jodi Kean
Kathleen Schmidt
Donald Helton
Anna Aghadiuno
With pleasure!
Chryse Johnson
Sharon Gruber (2)
Manli Lovell
Clean Up Volunteers (8) - Clean up after the meal.
  All slots filled
Jason Rodriguez
We will be happy to help clean up.
Shane Carter
Swab the mess deck . . .
Shelly McClain
Margaret Arthur
Manli Lovell
Margarita Amaya (3)
Mac-n-Cheese (12) - Enough to serve 12-15 people.
  10 of 12 slots filled
Anne Jackson
Jodi Kean
Brittany Hayes
Gluten Free mac
Lauren cauwels
Christy Hamilton
Brett McMahan
Dawn Roach
Lawson Delage
Sharon Gruber
Amanda Solohub
Baked Beans (8) - Enough to serve 12-15
  6 of 8 slots filled
Brittany Hayes
Gluten Free Beans
Kathleen Schmidt
Shelly McClain
Cowboy baked beans
Manli Lovell
Brett McMahan
Denise Born
Salad (8) - Enough to serve 12-15 people.
  All slots filled
Jen Schnorf
Shanna Marshall
Jennifer Melko (2)
Coleslaw (Melko’s Parents )
Molly Raynor
Shannon Wooden
Reid Wooden pasta salad
Leslie Shearstone
Potato Salad
Valarie Phillips
Veggie Tray (6) - Enough to serve 12-15 people.
  All slots filled
Gina McLaughlin
Cynthia Watkins
Broccoli, Carrots, and Celery with Ranch dressing
Holly Jarvis
Karen Lunney
Chryse Johnson
Cindy Crabtree
Cut Fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, etc) (10) - Enough to serve 12-15 people
  All slots filled
Amy Van Wormer
Bringing watermelon
Wendy McBryde
Leslie Ball
Tina Pendleton
Cindy Crabtree
Rosangela Anjos
Heather Shepherd
will bring fruit - let me know if you need something other than fruit
Robert Reid (2)
Two large bowls
Brooklyn Morris
Chips (10) - 2 Bags
  All slots filled
Beverly Foster (2)
2-Large Bags of Chips
Chris Leatherwood
Ines Reinhardt (2)
Holly Jarvis
Cam Gray (3)
Samantha García
Cookies (6) - 2 Dozen
  All slots filled
Beverly Foster
A dozen of assorted cookies
Samantha Smith
Shane Carter
Bella Ayers
Shannon Wooden
Reid Wooden
Kari Tucker
2 dozen cookies
Brownies (4) - 2 Dozen
  All slots filled
Tara Meyer
Adrienne Mandt
Anna Aghadiuno
Kayla Roszelle
Cupcakes (6) - 2 Doen
  All slots filled
Megaen Bell
Rylam Lewallen's mom
Brittany Hayes
Gluten Free cupcakes
Molly Raynor
Sara Owens (2)
2 Dozen Chocolate
Christy Hamilton
Cooler of Iced Drinks (12) - Enough to serve 12-15 people.
  All slots filled
Chris Leatherwood
Jason Rodriguez
I can bring 1 or 2 coolers as needed
Donald Helton
Kari Tucker (2)
Yvette Robinson
Shelly McClain
Kevin Wilson
Rosangela Anjos
Eduardo Rosa
Lorelai Smith
Grace Muhota
Extra Drinks (20) - Extra cases of soda and water to be added to the coolers throughout the day
  All slots filled
Shanna Marshall
Jason Rodriguez
We will bring 1 case of water, and probably Gatorade.
Shane Carter
Bella Ayers
Anna Aghadiuno
Kayla Roszelle
Case of waters & sprite
Yvette Robinson
Samantha García
Christy Hamilton (3)
Case of Soda
Renee Wright (2)
Michelle Irwin (2)
Margaret Arthur
Patti Deprey
Will bring a case of bottled water and 1 case canned soda
Richele Morog
Case of water
Cameron Hernandez
Todd Pacifico
Responses:     Yes: 73     No: 1     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 261     Maybe: 5

YES (73) -  

Shahaira Dopson (5 guests)

Russell Hearn (3 guests)

Holly Jarvis (4 guests)
We did this about a week ago but I don’t see our name. :(

Jason Rodriguez (1 guest)

Aden Harrington (1 guest)

Amanda Solohub (4 guests)

Jaelyn Alexander (3 guests)

Denise Born (3 guests)

michael carter (2 guests)

Mark Schmidt (2 guests)

Brooklyn Morris (4 guests)

Owen Orchard (2 guests)

Ashton Baraji (3 guests)

Lawson Delage (4 guests)

Grace Muhota (3 guests)

Abigail Winget (4 guests)

Valarie Phillips (4 guests)

richard Norris-Rocaberte (4 guests)

Lorelai Smith (2 guests)

Amy Van Wormer (2 guests)

Todd Pacifico (3 guests)

David Collins (3 guests)

Eduardo Rosa (4 guests)
Joe Rosa’s family

Cameron Hernandez (6 guests)

Robert Reid (5 guests)
Owen Reid's family

Heather Shepherd (2 guests)

Rosangela Anjos (5 guests)

Kevin Wilson (5 guests)

Margarita Amaya (3 guests)

Cindy Crabtree (4 guests)

Samantha Smith (2 guests)

Dawn Roach (2 guests)

Brett McMahan (4 guests)

Brittany Hayes (6 guests)

Patti Deprey (3 guests)
We will be there late, Moe has a cross country meet at 8am south of ATL; we will come directly once it ends.

Tina Pendleton (4 guests)

Manli Lovell (4 guests)

Paige Kendrick (1 guest)

Chloe Hill (5 guests)

Margaret Arthur (4 guests)

Michelle Irwin (2 guests)

Lauren Cauwels (4 guests)

Tracey Badger (5 guests)
Olivia Badger - Pope HS

Cam Gray (5 guests)

Kayla Roszelle (3 guests)

Renee Wright (4 guests)

John Huffman (4 guests)

Bev Foster (3 guests)

Sharon Gruber (5 guests)

Leslie Ball (2 guests)

Christy Hamilton (3 guests)

Samantha García (5 guests)

Leslie Shearstone (5 guests)

Angelina Delgado (5 guests)

Ryan Kean (3 guests)

Richele Morog (4 guests)

Shannon Wooden (4 guests)

Gina McLaughlin (4 guests)
Cadet: James McLaughlin

Chryse Johnson (4 guests)
Jake brother mom and dad

Shanna Marshall (3 guests)

Cynthia Watkins (4 guests)

Yvette Robinson (3 guests)

Shelly McClain (4 guests)

Kathleen Schmidt (3 guests)

Molly Raynor (4 guests)

Wendy McBryde (3 guests)

Chris Leatherwood (4 guests)

Matt Watkins (4 guests)

Adrienne Mandt (3 guests)

Megaen Bell (7 guests)

Sara Owens (3 guests)
Maggie Owens and family

Karen Lunney (3 guests)

Bella Ayers (4 guests)

NO (1) +  

MAYBE (2) +  

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