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Lighting the Way for Women

****As of Dec 3, 2019 - This year's event is now full.  Look for it again next year!****

You are cordially invited to attend an evening of peace, prayer and preparation for Advent.

This evening is for women to come together for fellowship, food and fun.

Please RSVP by November 30th.

God Bless,

The St Joseph Council of Catholic Women

Date: 12/07/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 6:15pm - 8:30pm CST

Location: St Joseph Parish Hall

Created by:   St Joseph CCW

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 58     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 79     Maybe: 0

YES (58) -  

Lori Glowinski (2 guests)

Kathy Jonas (1 guest)
Would like to sit with Vivian Petrie and Gail Scott

Patty Achilli (1 guest)

Gail Scott (1 guest)
I would like to sit by Vivian Petrie.

Jill Buss (1 guest)

Joy Witkins (1 guest)

Midge Nelson (1 guest)

Olive Gross (1 guest)

Polly Shulle (1 guest)
At Judy Lyons table

Jill Seiler (1 guest)
Seat with Maggie Gilles

Barbara White (1 guest)
Seat with Penny White

Marcia Phelps (1 guest)

Maggie Gilles (1 guest)
Seat with Jill Seiler

Paulette Urbain (1 guest)
Linda Scott-McCabe's table

Susan Walter (1 guest)
Peg's table

Maddie Bucholt (1 guest)
Carries table

Jan Lasch (1 guest)
Judy Lyons invited me to sit at her table.

Deb Lauderdale (1 guest)
Seated at Linda McCabe's table

Catherine Evans (2 guests)

Gina McDonald (3 guests)

Lou Stark (1 guest)
Sally Koehler has invited me to join her table

Amy Lang (1 guest)
Seat with Colleen Larsen please.

Tammy Foerster (1 guest)
Carrie's Table

Mary Holman (1 guest)
Carrie's Table

Lorin Koch (1 guest)

Vivian Petrie (1 guest)
Please seat me at Sally Koehler's table.

Tammmy Kontny (1 guest)
Sally Koehler’s table

Sally Koehler (1 guest)

Rhona Buchta (1 guest)
Seating with Sally Koehler

Pat Bries (1 guest)

Michele Simonson (6 guests)
Maureen Millard, Erin Millard, Marin Koch, Mara Simonson and Pat Koch will be at my table.

Christina Vander Mause (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Linda Teed (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Kristi Stauffacher (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Gina Diece (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Katie Kalvaitis (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Colleen Larsen (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Christine Nevermann (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Rebecca Garcia (1 guest)
Jessica Hardwick's Table

Jessica Hardwick (8 guests)
Kristi Stauffacher, Linda Teed,Becky Garcia, Christine Nevermann, Christina Vander Mause, Katie Kalvaitis, Gina Diece and myself are all together

Barbara Hillebrand (2 guests)
Tara Debilzen Host

Barbara Hillebrand (2 guests)

Paula Hess (1 guest)
Kari Homb's table

Kristal Lewis (1 guest)
Kari Homb's table

Jeanne Raub (1 guest)
Kari Homb's table

Mary Puck (1 guest)
Seat with Penny White

Lisa Straub (1 guest)
Seat with Penny White

Penny White (1 guest)
seat with Lisa Straub, Mary Puck, Barbara White

Stephanie Price (1 guest)
Kari Homb’s table

Megan Schaning (1 guest)
Kari Homb's table

Kari Homb (1 guest)
Table Hostess

Annie Stahl (1 guest)

Carrie Shockman (4 guests)
Table Hostess + Tammy Foerster+ Maddie Bucholtz+Mary Holman

Vicki Keogh (1 guest)
Peggy Huckabee

Linda Scott-McCabe (1 guest)

Beth McCulley (1 guest)
Guest of Peggy Huckabee

Jessica Huckabee (1 guest)
Peg Huckabee is my hostess

Jenny Sigmund (1 guest)

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