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Blessed Sacrament Lunch/Playgound Duty

Blessed Sacrament School Lunch Duty 2019-2020

Dear K through 5 Parents,

Please scroll down until you find your child's teacher and sign up for your child's class. If you are only able to to split a day, please find a parent in your child’s class to split with before you sign up. I have used this system for at least seven years, and and it has been very successful.  

Note: Use the link you receive, If you already have an account,  I'm not sure if you can find this sign up from your own. 

 If you sign up for multiple classes, make sure they don't overlap. 

If you are a new parent, and are not in compliance with our old procedures, you CANNOT start until after your training and background check. If you are in compliance with our old system, you can start, but you will need to start the new procedures as soon as possible. Again, you can email [email protected] to get information about how to start this process. 

Remember, A or B means ever other week, a split means only once a month. If you would prefer to split, please find another parent to split with you BEFORE you sign-up.  

Thank you in advance for your help.


 Jenny de Lozier

Lunch/Recess times:

Kindergarten: lunch first 11:50-12:10, recess 12:10-12:30(back playground)

1st grade:  lunch first 11:30-11:11:50, recess 11:50-12:10 (back playground)

2nd grade: recess first 11:45-12:05, lunch 12:05-12:25 (field Tues/Thurs)

3rd grade:  recess first 11:50-12:10, lunch 12:10-12:30 (field Mon/Wed/Fri)

4th grade:  recess first  11:05-11:25, lunch 11:25-11:45 (field Tues/Thurs)

5th grade:  recess first. 11:25-11:45, lunch 11:45-12:05  (field Mon/Wed/Fri)




Created by:   Jenny deLozier
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Available Slot

K-1 Lafionatis Mon. A week

Kelsey McCarthy

K-1 Lafionatis Mon. B week


K-1 Lafionatis Tues. A week


K-1 Lafionatis Tues. B week


K-1 Lafionatis Wed. A week

Susan Milano

K-1 Lafionatis Wed. B week


K-1 Lafionatis Thurs. A week

Tim Warren

K-1 Lafionatis Thurs. B week


K-1 Lafionatis Fri. A week


K-1 Lafionatis Fri. B week

Sara Andrews
Split Andrews/Friendman

K-2 Pavel Mon. A week

Amanda Reisig
split with Ximena Navarro

K-2 Pavel Mon. B week

Anna Meenan

K-2 Pavel Tues. A week

Dan Bond
There will be a few weeks that I am on work travel/Board meetings, but I can make it a majority of Tuesdays.

K-2 Pavel Tues. B week

Lydia Strunk
Split with Athena Meyers

K-2 Pavel Wed. A week

Elizabeth Kramer Dugan

K-2 Pavel Wed. B week

Lisa Nelson
Split w/Liz Dey

K-2 Pavel Thurs. A week

Christine/Jeremy Streatfeild
Split with Lisa Nelson

K-2 Pavel Thurs. B week

Brisa Baron

K-2 Pavel Fri. A week

Anne Hayes

K-2 Pavel Fri. B week

Kathleen Mcgovern
Split with Brisa Brown

K-3 Walsh Rogan Mon. A week

Liz Vorrasi
split with reisig

K-3 Walsh Rogan Mon. B week

Kristen McCavera
split w M. Balderston

K-3 Walsh Rogan Tues. A week

Amy Klug

K-3 Walsh Rogan Tues. B week


K-3 Walsh Rogan Wed. A week

Jane Dempsey

K-3 Walsh Rogan Wed. B week

Elizabeth Boland

K-3 Walsh Rogan Thurs. A week

Kimberley O'Neill

K-3 Walsh Rogan Thurs. B week


K-3 Walsh Rogan Fri. A week

Tiffany Cissna
Splitting with Diffley

K-3 Walsh Rogan Fri. B week

Claire Murray

1A Vantine Mon. A week

Courtney De Cruz

1A Vantine Mon. B week

Sarah Beemsterboer
Sally Beemsterboer

1A Vantine Tues. A week

Caroline DiBenedetto

1A Vantine Tues. B week

H Norman Knickle

1A Vantine Wed. A week

Monica Murphy-Kumar

1A Vantine Wed. B week

Mary Skorny

1A Vantine Thurs. A week


1A Vantine Thurs. B week

Courtney De Cruz

1A Vantine Fri. A week

Ashley Kilpatrick

1A Vantine Fri. B week

Kerry Murray

1B Brant Mon. A week

Amanda Oliver

1B Brant Mon. B week


1B Brant Tues. A week

Samantha Burman
Split with Hull

1B Brant Tues. B week


1B Brant Wed. A week


1B Brant Wed. B week


1B Brant Thurs. A week


1B Brant Thurs. B week

Liz Brach

1B Brant Fri. A week

Jessie Perkins

1B Brant Fri. B week

Angela Grossfeld

1C Cunningham Mon. A week


1C Cunningham Mon. B week

jenna harar

1C Cunningham Tues. A week

Gillian Mullins
Gillian Mullins / Giulia Jaeger

1C Cunningham Tues. B week


1C Cunningham Wed. A week


1C Cunningham Wed. B week

Christina Sood

1C Cunningham Thurs. A week


1C Cunningham Thurs. B week

Erin Sowanick

1C Cunningham Fri. A week

Allyson Hauck

1C Cunningham Fri. B week

Tracy Kline

2A Kirlin Mon. A week

Connie Fabiano
Connie Fabiano / Adriana Schmitz

2A Kirlin Mon. B week

Anna Brown
Connie Fabiano/ Adriana Schmitz

2A Kirlin Tues. A week


2A Kirlin Tues. B week

Brendan O'Brien

2A Kirlin Wed. A week


2A Kirlin Wed. B week


2A Kirlin Thurs. A week


2A Kirlin Thurs. B week

John Funderburk

2A Kirlin Fri. A week

Claire Murray
Splitting with Kate Stusrud

2A Kirlin Fri. B week

Natalie Haskins Laukitis

2B Burns Mon. A week

Joanna Kerpen

2B Burns Mon. B week

Amanda Reisig
split with Reenie McCarthy

2B Burns Tues. A week

Elizabeth Angelo
Split with Kim Cauthen

2B Burns Tues. B week

Michelle Connolly

2B Burns Wed. A week

Carol Ricciardi

2B Burns Wed. B week

Carol Mudd

2B Burns Thurs. A week


2B Burns Thurs. B week

Zerihun Teklemariam

2B Burns Fri. A week

Brody Mullins

2B Burns Fri. B week

Frannie LaSala

2C Hamilton Mon. A week

Sara Andrews
Andrews/ Ritz

2C Hamilton Mon. B week

Joanna Kerpen

2C Hamilton Tues. A week

Ashley Pehrson Storm

2C Hamilton Tues. B week

Lisa Kelly
Training and background required

2C Hamilton Wed. A week

Caitlin Behr

2C Hamilton Wed. B week


2C Hamilton Thurs. A week


2C Hamilton Thurs. B week

Ruth Birhanu

2C Hamilton Fri. A week

Ximena Ibanez
Split with Nellie Benhard

2C Hamilton Fri. B week

Erin Burns
Split with Alicia Peppo

3A Proctor Mon. A week


3A Proctor Mon. B week


3A Proctor Tues. A week


3A Proctor Tues. B week


3A Proctor Wed. A week

Alex Schwartz

3A Proctor Wed. B week

Monica Murphy-Kumar

3A Proctor Thurs. A week

Liz Brach

3A Proctor Thurs. B week

Christina Grimberg

3A Proctor Fri. A week

Giulia Jaeger

3A Proctor Fri. B week

Jara Seaman

3B Olson Mon. A week


3B Olson Mon. B week

Liz Vorrasi

3B Olson Tues. A week

Mary Skorny

3B Olson Tues. B week


3B Olson Wed. A week

Eleanor Hopkins

3B Olson Wed. B week


3B Olson Thurs. A week

Courtney De Cruz

3B Olson Thurs. B week


3B Olson Fri. A week

Courtney De Cruz

3B Olson Fri. B week


3C Albertson Mon. A week


3C Albertson Mon. B week

Katie Krantz
Split w D.Cristin

3C Albertson Tues. A week

Darcy Marshall

3C Albertson Tues. B week


3C Albertson Wed. A week

Joanna Kerpen

3C Albertson Wed. B week


3C Albertson Thurs. A week


3C Albertson Thurs. B week

Nellie Benhard

3C Albertson Fri. A week

Jara Seaman

3C Albertson Fri. B week

Angela Grossfeld

4A Weschler Mon. A week

Kuri Guillory

4A Weschler Mon. B week

Renee Redpath

4A Weschler Tues. A week


4A Weschler Tues. B week

Samantha Burman
Burman/Ritz Split

4A Weschler Wed. A week

Kuri Guillory

4A Weschler Wed. B week

Michelle Connolly
Michelle Connolly/ Sara Andrews

4A Weschler Thurs. A week


4A Weschler Thurs. B week


4A Weschler Fri. A week

Kuri Guillory

4A Weschler Fri. B week

Sam Cicotello

4B Hyland Mon. A week

Lisa Kelly

4B Hyland Mon. B week

Ashley Pehrson Storm

4B Hyland Tues. A week


4B Hyland Tues. B week

LeeAnn Talbott

4B Hyland Wed. A week

Susan Milano

4B Hyland Wed. B week

Christina Sood

4B Hyland Thurs. A week

Lilia Solano

4B Hyland Thurs. B week

Ruth Birhanu

4B Hyland Fri. A week

Sarah Beemsterboer

4B Hyland Fri. B week

Allison Rule

4C Zukowski Mon. A week

Anna Meenan

4C Zukowski Mon. B week


4C Zukowski Tues. A week

Christopher Willis

4C Zukowski Tues. B week

Gillian Mullins
Gillian Mullins / Jennifer Conley

4C Zukowski Wed. A week


4C Zukowski Wed. B week


4C Zukowski Thurs. A week


4C Zukowski Thurs. B week

Zerihun Teklemariam

4C Zukowski Fri. A week


4C Zukowski Fri. B week

Julia Power
Julia Power

5A Tobin Mon. A week

Katie Krantz

5A Tobin Mon. B week

Megan Glasgow

5A Tobin Tues. A week


5A Tobin Tues. B week


5A Tobin Wed. A week


5A Tobin Wed. B week

Carol Ricciardi

5A Tobin Thurs. A week


5A Tobin Thurs. B week


5A Tobinl Fri. A week


5A Tobin Fri. B week


5B Markley Mon. A week


5B Markley Mon. B week

Patricia Cisneros-Galan
Elizabeth Drake and I will be sharing Monday B day duties.

5B Markley Tues. A week


5B Markley Tues. B week


5B Markley Wed. A week


5B Markley Wed. B week


5B Markley Thurs. A week

Meredith Mason

5B Markley Thurs. B week


5B Markley Fri. A week

Ashley Whitty

5B Markley Fri. B week

Anna Brown

5C Scanlan Mon. A week

Erin Burns
Split with Mary Skorny

5C Scanlan Mon. B week


5C Scanlan Tues. A week


5C Scanlan Tues. B week


5C Scanlan Wed. A week


5C Scanlan Wed. B week

Eleanor Hopkins
Spilt with Isabelle McHugh

5C Scanlan Thurs. A week


5C Scanlan Thurs. B week


5C Scanlan Fri. A week

Dora Rioja-Mazza
split with Joseph Mazza

5C Scanlan Fri. B week

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