Saint Michael Parish

Volunteer Appreciation Night featuring Fr. Dan O'Connell

In great appreciation of our wonderful parish volunteers and the many gifts they generously share with our entire community, we warmly invite all our volunteers to an evening with Fr. Dan O’Connell, host of Catholic TV’s award-winning show We've Got To Talk.  We’ll enjoy a wonderful meal, share in great company, and reflect on how Jesus is by our side each moment of the day, especially in our work of spreading the joy of the gospel. We hope you will join us as we celebrate YOU and the many ways God is working through you!

Please RSVP by signing up on this page or call the Pastoral Center at 978-686-4050 by Thursday, May 10.


Date: 05/14/2018 (Mon.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: Parish Hall & Church

Created by:   Dominic Margaglione

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Dinner and Fr. O'Connell Presentation
  38 slots filled - more available
Dominic Margaglione (2)
Mary Alice Rock
Bill Dolan
Peter Koesterherm (2)
Patricia McCarron McCarron (2)
Paul Rock
Patti & John Fouhy (2)
Wilda Gerideau Squires
Claire Firriello (2)
Mary Gregoire
Eileen Barrett
Mary Boucher
Lea Sison (2)
Mary O''Neill
David Boudreau
Carol Hay (3)
Linda Soucy and jeremy Hay will also attend
Rosemarie Connolly
Judy Arnost
Diane Lafond
Laurel McMahon
Rita Wells
Thank you!
Cathy LaPlume
Can’t wait!!
Earline Tweedie (3)
Rachel Margaglione
Ziggy Moschetto (2)
Dianne Gabriel (2)
Dinner Only (6pm in the Parish Hall)
  1 slot filled - more available
Maureen Gage
Fr. O'Connell Presentation Only (7pm in the Church)
  3 slots filled - more available
Andrea Thayer
Caroline Jacobson
Tony Conti
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Dianne Gabriel (2 guests)
My mom (Marylou Salois) & I are attending - she RSVP'd for us in person

Rachel Margaglione (1 guest)

Ed & Consuelo Carandang (2 guests)
Thank you.

Earline Tweedie (3 guests)
Bob and David will be attending.

Cathy LaPlume (1 guest)

Greg Spurr (1 guest)

Maureen Gage (1 guest)

Katherine Keith (2 guests)

Judi Luciano (1 guest)

Rita Wells (1 guest)

Laurel McMahon (1 guest)
If not too late... I would like to attend both lecture and dinner (Iwas away and didn’t realize there was a cutoff date.)

Caroline Jacobson (1 guest)

Diane Lafond (1 guest)

Judy Arnost (1 guest)

Rosemarie Connolly (1 guest)

Carol Hay (3 guests)

David Boudreau (1 guest)

Mary O'Neill (1 guest)
My sister, Connee O'Neill, will also attend

Jim & Mary Beth Fernandez (2 guests)

Lea Sison (2 guests)

Mary Boucher (1 guest)

Eileen Barrett (1 guest)

Mary Gregoire (1 guest)

Ann & Dennis Dufresne (2 guests)

Claire Firriello (2 guests)

Wilda Gerideau Squires (1 guest)

Andrea Thayer (1 guest)

Raymond Blais (1 guest)

Patti & John Fouhy (2 guests)

Arthur Durkin (2 guests)
Chelle and I will attend both Dinner and Fr O’Connell presentation

Paul Rock (1 guest)

Patricia McCarron McCarron (2 guests)
My husband, John, and I will attend

Peter Koesterherm (2 guests)

Bill Dolan (1 guest)

Peggy O’Brien (1 guest)

Mary Alice Rock (1 guest)

Dominic Margaglione (2 guests)
Dominic & Rachel

NO (12) +  

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