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POWR: Pre & Post Arrival Team Sign-Up

Thank you for your interest in Saint Michael's POWR initiative!  To best serve the refugee family we will be assigned, we have split our volunteer force into two categories: Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival. Each of these larger groups are made up of individual teams that will focus on a specific task (ex. Furniture, Hospitality, Education, etc.) Please take a look at the list of teams and brief descriptions below and sign up for one available role that best suits your interest and skill set. PLEASE NOTE: A more detailed description of each team's duties can be found on our parish website ( or attached to the email you received.

If you have a second or third preference of the team you would like to be on, please note that in the optional comment box. Thank you for sharing your God-given time and talents with our soon-to-be friends!  

Created by:   Dominic Margaglione
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POWR Teams

PRE & POST: Giving House

Duties: Create a “house” for display in gathering area of the church which will hold gift tags for parishioners to furnish the home. Also responsible for advertising, collecting items, storing & delivering to home. Chairpersons: Joan & Peter Koestherm

5 slots filled - more available
Joan & Peter Koesterherm (2)
Mike Souza
Karen Busanovich (2)
Karen and Geddie Busanovich

PRE: Furniture

Duties: determine needs, advertise, check condition of furniture to be donated through pictures and arrange to collect items. Chairpersons: Bob & Nancy Norbedo

1 slot filled - more available
Joan Thompson

PRE: Moving & Storage

Duties: arrange to pick up furniture, store furniture and move furniture into the apartment. They would also assist the Giving House committee in storage and delivery. Chairpersons: Art and Chelle Durkin


PRE: Set Up

Duties: clean the apartment, set up furniture, and all household items needed for the family to prepare for their arrival. Chairperson: Joe Stewart

9 slots filled - more available
Joan Redman
Connee O'Neill
Mary K. Stewart
Corene Sawyer
Anne Connors
Pat Riley
Joyce Pharmes
Maria Gichana
Paul Gichana

POST: Interface to Government Agencies

Duties: provide assistance to the refugee family to navigate the various state and federal government agencies and to complete paperwork once the family has arrived. Chairperson: Marge Murphy


POST: Family Educational Needs

Duties: address educational needs of the family, assist members in accessing the appropriate school/program to match specific needs (ex. grade level, ESL, vocational training) and serve as advocates. Chairpersons: Eric & Colleen Roland

9 slots filled - more available
Rachel Margaglione
Peg Manion
Mark Schruender
Kathy Orrall
Christine Reich
First choice (best builds upon my expertise)
Grace Mcfall
Katrina Russell
AnneMarie Erler
Jim Coleman

POST: Welcome Home

Duties: assist family in acclimating to living in their new surroundings, including orientation to their home (appliances, utilities, etc.), shopping, and navigating their new neighborhood/town. Chairpersons: Brian & Jean Masterson

2 slots filled - more available
Michael Guerin
Anne Martino

POST: Financial Needs

Duties: assist family in understanding and eventually mastering basic financial tasks, including opening and managing accounts, budgeting, bill payments, financial paperwork, and helping to resolve possible financial issues. Chairperson: Dave Boudreau

4 slots filled - more available
Jim and Rose Connolly (2)
Ellen Guerin
Frank Terranova

POST: Hospitality

Duties: providing meals (especially during the first month), and offering friendly visits and friendship as family becomes acclimated to community. Chairperson: Charline Mahoney

1 slot filled - more available
Katy Folan

POST: Social Needs

Duties: Assist family in becoming familiar with American and local culture, including introductions to recreational and extra-curricular activities, as well as places to accomodate the family's religious & cultrual affiliations. Chairperson: Beth Deabay

1 slot filled - more available
Christine Reich
Second choice (but happy to serve two groups if needed)

POST: Transportation

Duties: Provide rides to appointments and other necessary local trips until family learns to use public transportation (when possible). Chairpersons: Bob & Carolyn Baker

1 slot filled - more available
Robert Tweedie

POST: Health & Wellness Needs

Duties: assist in navigating through the paperwork required to obtain care and appointments to address health and wellness needs (medical, dental, psychological, etc.). Chairpersons: Ed & Consuelo Carandang

4 slots filled - more available
Paul Fierimonte
Vinny & Nancy Gatto (2)
Tom Ferlito

POST: Employment Assistance

Duties: Assist preparing appropriate family members to get employment as soon as possible, determine local employment opportunities and provide job preparation assistance (resume writing, interview prep, etc.) when possible. Chairperson: Judy Ferres

1 slot filled - more available
Jerry Justin
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