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POWR Training: RSVP

All Saint Michael Parishioners who would like to take part in the parish's POWR initiative are asked to attend this one-time training session. The evening will begin with a light pizza supper followed by training from Grace Gaskill of Catholic Charities who will equip volunteers with the know-how to effectively welcome and support a refugee family into our community. After the presentation, volunteers will have the opportunity to join one of several teams to assist with either the Pre or Post arrival process. Please RSVP below and we look forward to seeing you there!  

Date: 07/24/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Parish Hall

Created by:   Dominic Margaglione

Will you be attending the event?
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 66     Maybe: 3

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Geddie Busanovich (2 guests)
Karen and Geddie Busanovich will attend

Greg Schmidt (1 guest)

Christine Reich (1 guest)

mimi harrington (1 guest)

Robyn Seide Seide (1 guest)

Eric Roland (1 guest)

Robert Pouliot (1 guest)

Lynn Arvikar (1 guest)

Diana Chase (1 guest)

Bill & Jackie Bannister (2 guests)

Patricia Riley (1 guest)

Brian and Jean Masterson (2 guests)

Nancy Gatto (2 guests)

Beth Deabay (2 guests)

Donna O'Brien (2 guests)

Jerry Justin (1 guest)

Karen Busanovich (2 guests)
Geddie Busanovich will attend

Charline Mahoney (1 guest)

Mary O'Neill (1 guest)

Daniel Sheridan (2 guests)
My wife MaryAnn will also be attending.

Michael Guein (2 guests)
Michael & Ellen Guerin will both attend

Grace McFall (1 guest)

Mike Souza (1 guest)

Katherine Keith (1 guest)

Mary Gregoire (1 guest)

Steve Mills (1 guest)

Donna Mills (1 guest)

Judy Ferres (1 guest)
Thanks - I may be a little late, depending on traffic (coming from Boston)

Paula ESTEE (1 guest)
I look forward to helping in any way I can.

Jane Demers (1 guest)

Corene Sawyer (1 guest)

Robert Tweedie (3 guests)

Bruce Barclay (1 guest)

Robert Baker (1 guest)

Carolyn Baker (1 guest)

Anne Connors (1 guest)

Linda Hannan (2 guests)

Joan Redman (1 guest)
I will get there before 7 p.m.

Peggy Obrien (1 guest)

Donna DeBenedictis (1 guest)

Joan Koesterherm (2 guests)

David Boudreau (1 guest)

Socorro Ramos (2 guests)

Leanna Mansour (2 guests)

Jean Masterson (2 guests)

Diane Lafond (1 guest)

Mary Stewart (1 guest)

Mary Alice Rock (1 guest)

Rachel Margaglione (1 guest)

Dominic Margaglione (1 guest)

NO (4) +  

MAYBE (2) +