Festival Ballet of North Central Texas

Nutcracker Cast Party 2018

Hello Nutcracker Families!

Please join us on Friday, December 7th from 7-9pm to celebrate the 31st Annual Nutcracker Cast Party!

We have needs for Food Contributions and Silent Auction Contributions.  Please feel free to sign up for the following needs to help make the cast party a wonderful celebration for all.  Anything you can help with is greatly appreciated! 

Due to limited space we ask that only immediate family attend the cast party.  Also, please enter the number of guests attending even if you are not bringing an item to the cast party.

If you sign up to bring a perishable food item, please bring your item with you to the Cast Party and drop off at the kitchen.  Feel free to drop off all other items at the studio ahead of time. Please place your items in the blue box on the table in the studio.  If your item does not fit in the box please place near the table.  I will be picking up items everyday until the week before Tech Week. Please no nuts as we do have some dancers with severe nut allergies.

If you sign up to bring a silent auction item, please contact Laurie Golden at [email protected] to arrange a time to meet at the studio or elsewhere so that we can have the silent auction item in time to set up at the beginning of the cast party.

Thanks in advance for your contributions and looking forward to having a wonderful Cast Party celebration with you all!

Date: 12/07/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm CST

Location: Patterson-Appleton Arts Center GDAC Building, Corner of Hickory St. and Bell Ave Denton TX 76201

Created by:   Laurie Golden

Will you be attending the event?
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Bags of Ice (5)
  All slots filled
Melanie Murray (2)
Thank you
Cole Tisdals (3)
Bottled Water (24pk) (small 8 oz bottles) (15)
  14 of 15 slots filled
Jennifer Travis (5)
Ashley Odom
Kelly Lowe
Larissa Swayne
Heather Wilkins
Laurie Griffin
Natalia Hogan
TyLee Wright
Stephanie Olson
Cole Tisdals
Keurig Coffee Cups 12pk (5)
  All slots filled
Christina Cost (3)
Laurie Griffin
Kaia Anderson
Keurig Tea Cups 12pk (5)
  All slots filled
Larissa Swayne
Laurie Griffin
Lindsey Garrison (3)
Keurig Hot Cocoa Cups (12pk) (5)
  All slots filled
Christina Cost (4)
Laurie Griffin
Lasagne (Serves 10-12) (5) - Please bring item in Aluminum pan (10X13 or 13X20) to be warmed with sterno/chafing fuel
  3 of 5 slots filled
Melissa Sims
Patti Allen (2)
Fettuccini (Serves 10-12) (5) - Please bring item in Aluminum pan (10X13 or 13X20) to be warmed with sterno/chafing fuel
  3 of 5 slots filled
Laurie Golden (2)
Wendy Smith
Baked Ziti (Serves 10-12) (5) - Please bring item in Aluminum pan (10X13 or 13X20) to be warmed with sterno/chafing fuel
  2 of 5 slots filled
Marie Kinworthy
Sarah Reese
Gluten free
Italian Casserole (other) serves 10-12 (5) - Please bring item in Aluminum pan (10X13 or 13X20) to be warmed with sterno/chafing fuel
  All slots filled
Sarah Phillips
Gluten Free Alfredo
Patti Catino
I will be bringing auction items (I’ll get with you on this). I will also bring a food item.
TyLee Wright
Chicken Spaghetti
Rachel Layne
Giovanni Rodriguez
Pasta Salad (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Ashley Odom
Ashlie Bridegum
cold pasta salad
Lois Lyda
Vegan pasta salad
Bread Rolls/Bread Sticks (serving of 10-12) (20)
  7 of 20 slots filled
Kelly Lowe
Anna Wichmann (2)
Jennifer Adams (2)
Vivienne Arvisu (2)
Crackers (1 box) (5)
  All slots filled
Jennifer Travis (5)
Cheese for Crackers (serving of 10-12) (15)
  4 of 15 slots filled
Lisa West
Chelsey Stafki
Joie Kintz
Courtney Placke
Fruit Tray (15)
  4 of 15 slots filled
Natalia Hogan
Keri Crawford
Rachel Nichelson
Rumi Day
Veggie Tray (15)
  9 of 15 slots filled
Sarah Phillips
Siena Dickey
let me know I can bring more
Katie Hart
Rachel Nichelson
Brandy Singleton
Kira Berman
Brenda Amador (2)
Emily Boisson
Chick fil A Chicken Nugget Tray (5)
  3 of 5 slots filled
Nikole Hilton (2)
Connie Sedach
Cookies/Brownies (2 dozen) (10)
  All slots filled
Kelly Lowe
Heather Wilkins
Taheerah Flores
Robin Kelm
Angela Grimaldo
Lynnette McCullough
Stacie David
Gluten free
Beth Wallace
Rumi Day
Lannie Cole
Cupcakes (1 Dozen) (10)
  All slots filled
Jessica Scott (2)
Mayra Gonzalez (2)
Jenny Howard (2)
Olivia Lilley
Elizabeth Albarado
Natalia Hogan
Kim Johnson
Candies/Other (1 Dozen) (10)
  6 of 10 slots filled
Hollie Domingue (3)
Cajun Popcorn Balls
Marie Kinworthy
Cale balls (peppermint)
Joie Kintz (2)
Silent Auction Items (20) - Please arrange time for drop off at studio (contact Laurie Golden at [email protected])
  13 of 20 slots filled
Ashley Odom (3)
Laurie Griffin
Robin Kelm
Photography Session (covers session fee and 16x20 print)
Darlene Smith (5)
Christina Cost (2)
Stacie David
Basket with multiple items
Responses:     Yes: 75     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 268     Maybe: 0

YES (75) -  

Madeline Gibson (2 guests)

Colton Lassen (1 guest)

Lois Lyda (4 guests)

Wendy Smith (5 guests)

Abigail Ismert (2 guests)

Courtney Placke (4 guests)

Giovanni Rodriguez (2 guests)

Brenda Amador (4 guests)

Kira Berman (2 guests)

Rachel Estes (5 guests)

Michelle Wyre (2 guests)

Emily Boisson (4 guests)

Cole Tisdals (3 guests)

rachelle miller (3 guests)

Brandy Singleton (6 guests)

Aubrey Allman (3 guests)

Malessa Bohannon (3 guests)

Lannie Cole (2 guests)

Rumi Day (2 guests)

Sophia Day (1 guest)

Rachel Nichelson (4 guests)

Connie Sedach (5 guests)

Laurie Golden (2 guests)

Krystal Reed (4 guests)

Nikole Hilton (4 guests)

Keri Crawford (3 guests)

Joie Kintz (4 guests)

Elizabeth Albarado (3 guests)

Beth Wallace (2 guests)

Darlene Smith (4 guests)

Stacie David (4 guests)

Lynnette McCullough (3 guests)

Olivia Lilley (2 guests)

Ashlie Bridegum (5 guests)
Emma Durham - Angel

Rachel Layne (5 guests)

Vivienne Arvisu (4 guests)

Angela Grimaldo (6 guests)

Robin Kelm (4 guests)

Stephanie Olson (3 guests)

Jenny Howard (5 guests)

Sarah Reese (4 guests)

Laura Pitzinger (4 guests)

Katie Hart (2 guests)

Chelsey Stafki (4 guests)

Hope Bartram (5 guests)

Siena Dickey (3 guests)
Siena Dickey + parents

Patti Catino (6 guests)

Lisa Davis (3 guests)

Lindsey Garrison (4 guests)

Kaia Anderson (4 guests)

TyLee Wright (4 guests)

Trinity Ball (2 guests)

Sarah Phillips (6 guests)

Mayra Gonzalez (2 guests)

Natalia Hogan (5 guests)

Emily Holt (2 guests)

Laurie Griffin (4 guests)

Patti Allen (3 guests)

Taheerah Flores (4 guests)

Heather Wilkins (4 guests)

Jennifer Adams (4 guests)

Marie Kinworthy (3 guests)

Kim Johnson (2 guests)

Anna Wichmann (5 guests)

Larissa Swayne (3 guests)

Hollie Domingue (5 guests)

Melissa Sims (6 guests)

Kelly Lowe (2 guests)

Malessa Bohannon (2 guests)

Melanie Murray (4 guests)

Lisa West (3 guests)

Jessica Scott (3 guests)

Christina Cost (5 guests)

Ashley Odom (5 guests)

Jennifer Travis (5 guests)

NO (2) +