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Bloomington, MN Night to Shine 2020

Bloomington Night to Shine 2020 - Volunteer Registration

Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. This February 7, 2020, Night to Shine celebrates its sixth anniversary! This past year, on one night, 655 churches from around the world came together to host Night to Shine for approximately 100,000 honored guests through the support of 200,000 volunteers!

>>>>>ALL VOLUNTEERS 18 and older will need a background check, unless you paid for one last year. Volunteers MUST be or OLDER.

Mandatory Training dates - you need to attend one -

Jan 28 at 6:30 pm at Holy Cross, Prior Lake

Jan 30 at 6:30 pm at St Michael's Lutheran, Bloomington*** 

PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE JOB PER PERSON, unless you are decorating!

Date: 02/07/2020 (Fri.)

Time: 5:05pm - 9:00pm CST

Location: St. Michael's Church 9201 Normandale Blvd. Bloomington, MN

Created by:   Shari Schulze
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Available Slot

BUDDY Team (175)

Accompany and assist assigned guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the event. Sit with their guest during dinner and engage with them in conversation. We recommend volunteer buddies be at least 16.

172 of 175 slots filled
Claire Duklet
Can't Wait!!
Camryn Johnson
My buddy will be Grace Draxler.
Tami Theis
Graces mom
Cindy Sabin
Gaby Sabin’s buddy
Kim Langevin
Samantha's mom/buddy
Gabrielle Gooch
I like to have fun and make sure others have fun
Lisa Thompson
So excited!
Mia Thompson
Can't wait!!
Jeff Salovich
Jeffrey Salovich I volunteer with Buddy Break at hillside church which is a ministry for families with special needs and disabilities. This is my 2nd year volunteering with Night to Shine
Josie Sayre
Excited for another year!
Ginny Running
Lily D.'s buddy
Mary Peterson
Looking forward to my 3rd year
Kelly Daniel
I will be Lillian Peterson's Buddy! Second year! Can't wait!!!
Tricia Nelson
4th Year doing this and will be my 2nd year part of the Buddy Team!
Lindsay Meuwissen
Janel Klugherz
Janel Klugherz
Nicole Saatzer
So excited!
Monique Day
Looking forward to a fun event!
Dan Mafredas
Can’t wait
Jon Lorton
Looking forward to the night
Abby Schroeder
So excited!
Barb Zweber
Dani J Buddy
Julie Stark
Anne Zweber
Had a great time last year
Rebekah Ludden
I work at Jefferson high school in the SUN program!
Hi I've been a paraprofessional in the Bloomington school district for 17 years and am currently working at Jefferson High School. I would love to be a buddy with any student who goes to Jefferson High School.
Jordyn Hudson
I’ve been working with kids my whole entire life! I’m super excited to meet new people and make memories!!
Tracy Ford (3)
Tracy, Chris and Taylor Ford :)
Denise Engberg
I’m excited for a fun evening
Lisa Leary
I will be a Buddy
Jen Grauwels
Mikayla Williams
Excited to see this happening again!
Mikaela Riedel
I have been a buddy for 3 years in FL and I am so excited to still be able to participate after moving to MN :)
Doug Stiele
Katelyn’s buddy
Kelley Stiele
Wesley’s buddy
Kaitlyn Doss
My buddy is Peter Groff
Nicole Croon
Have always wanted to volunteer!
Matt Croon
Can’t wait!
Sarah Stark
No Comment
Alec Marxen
Always look forward to this night!!
Sandy Kelch
Dawn Doolittle’s buddy
Lauren Grauwels
Can't wait!
Katherine Jensen
Can’t wait!
Amy Jensen
Bri Noble
Going with PL Unified!
Beth Pannier
1st time signing up for this event. So excited!
Jenny Kelley
Buddy up with my Uncle Dan Carlson.
Kristina Shagimagin
Buddy for Veniamin
Kelli Johnston
You make me feel like dancing :)
Angela Mafredas
Looking forward to it!
Marcus Walsh
Mackenzie Glaser
Mackenzie Elsenpeter
Debbie Feldhus
Jennifer Scott
Hannah Mogard-Martins
Anna Venhuizen
Allison Lovejoy
Arianna Krause
Amy Pomeroy
Yani Calderon
Kayla Mikonowica
Becca Pelowski
Kelsey Schroeder
Angela Kirsch
Sam Florez
Valerie Seaver
Shelby Liles
Charlie Lewis
Alexi Lewis
Sari Flatness
Excited to be a part of such a special night!
Mary Vondrachek (2)
Excited to be a part of this amazing event
Tanya Schaper
Looking forward to it!
Chase Caswell
Sandra Sterle-Valentini
Buddy for Gianna Valentini
Jim Stark
Marie Jensen
I’m nervous and excited at the same time
Rana Krawza
Looking forward to it!
Emily Flatt
Joseph R
Carley Cummings
I am so excited!
Beth Vornwald
I’m excited!
Erin Haust
What a wonderful opportunity to spread joy!
Gina Gertner
I am looking forward to being a buddy!
Karen Foster
Would love to volunteer
Laura Murr
Looking forward to it
Andrea & Kyle Danner (2)
Will be with Carolyn Smith
Juliette Alvey
First time volunteer, looking forward to it.
Kristine Hesch
Looking forward to another NIGHT TO SHINE!
Maddie Luoma
First time volunteering, I’m excited!
Rachel Ogren
Danielle Muelken
Looking forward to a fun night
Natalie Frier
Nikki Miller
Cannot wait to have fun!!
Wendy Paterson (2)
My husband Jason also
Jill Boeser
Looking forward to the big event!!
Jenessa LaBoda
Can’t wait!
Leah Amundson
Leah A.
Ellen Amundson
I have heard great things about this event!!
Annie Rieder
Can’t wait!
David Shimek
First time, looking forward to it!
Ann Shimek
Am so excited... my first time being a buddy!
Teresa Larson
Can't wait
Sarah Dulong
Mirjana Silika will be my buddy.... looking forward to a wonderful evening!
Gerry Shimek
my first time
Betsy Boegeman
Can’t wait to meet my buddy!
Jennifer Koshiol
I am looking forward to being a Buddy
Abagayle Scapple
First year and I am pumped!
Kimberly Fleming
Brittney Joachim
So excited for the evening!
Katelyn Royce
I am a new volunteer excited to be assigned to a buddy!
Lori Olson
Margaret Ogren
Please sign me up to be a buddy!
Kelly Stufft
Brent Stufft
Ryan Shimek
My first event - looking forward to it!
Sarah Morrison
Can't wait!
Terri Shepherd
Looking forward to it!
Brad Edlefsen
Looking forward to it
Tanya Barrett
Can't wait to help these wonderful people..
Amy Hennen
So excited!!
Jenna Simon
yeeeee yeee!
Payton Boyce
Art Bartels
Excited for first time volunteering at Night to Shine
Heather McGraw
Sheri Reis
Excited to be a part of it!
CC McGraw
Very excited!
Theo Wurst
Can’t wait!
Tanya Alemu
First time volunteer - looking forward to it!
Jon Starfeldt
First time but very excited
Kimberly Beck
first time!
Dan Jaskowick
Andrea Gates
Heather Gustafson referred me to join
Lori Wente
I am new to this
Amy Scapple
Fist time and excited to be involved!
Elizabeth Olson
Can’t wait!
Crystal Dahlberg
Can’t wait to be part of this event!
Kylie Christensen
Can’t wait!
Cindy Jones
Looking forward to it
Hannah Michel
Looking forward to it!
Danny Michel
Debra Elmore-Nesheim
I'm a Registered Nurse.
Janet Miller
Shine on!
Monica Joubert
Was a visiting royalty last year, have a background check on file
Dave Stellick (2)
Bev Giles
Brenda Rancour
Rachel Johnson
Looking forward to being part of this special night!
Megan Larson
Looks fun!
Nicole Adams
So excited
Hank Marotske
Looking forward to it
Wendy Derhaag
looking forward to it!
Theresa Felker
looking forward to this event
Steven Nesheim
Should be good in the hood!
Terri Berg
Excited to be back
Sarah Berg
Excited to be back
Jean Neher
Excited to be part of this wonderful event!
Brittany Bartelt
Looking forward to this awesome evening!
Peggy Dahlquist (2)
Peyton Dahlquist
Mary Harvey
Wahooooo, gonna be fun!!!
Kate Tinguely
Request to be at Sheri Reis' table please.
JOhn Murakami
Tammy Swart
Buddy for Jackie Dose, Beth Tessmee, and Kyla Wisch
Bob Swart
Bob Swart will be buddy for Shawn Swart, Jeremy Traxler
Brooke VonBank
Super excited!
Kaidyn Mulvihill
Kaidyn Mulvihill
Michelle Mulvihill
Can’t wait!

MAKEUP Team (10)

Arrive at the designated time and assist set-up team with the salon area. Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special.

8 of 10 slots filled
Angela Wesp
Wow excited!!!
Mikayla Williams
Happy to be there :)
Saylor Bjelland
Karen Studer
My daughter is on the hair team. Very happy to be assisting!
Megan Vondrachek (2)
I am so excited!!!
Jamie Weekley
SO excited for this! My first year
Jodi Ernst
looks like fun!

Professional Photographer station (11)

Help the photographers with photo printing, crowd flow and anything they may need!

8 of 11 slots filled
Paige Peterson
Paige Peterson
Joan Bjelland
Love being a part of this night
Sarah klecker
This was so much fun
Linda Traxler
Looking forward to returning for another year!
Lisa Fix
What a great event!
Heidi Wenger
Matt & Annie Rostermundt (2)
Our first year - looking forward to it!


We will begin decorating at 9 AM on Friday, Feb. 8th.

4 of 7 slots filled
Kari Schmitz
Vicki Lorton
Vicki Lorton
Sue Bosshardt
I will be there at 8 am on 2/7/20.
Wanda Siverson
1st year! Can't wait!


Help guests find the restroom, and offer assistance in the restroom if needed. If a guest requires assistance with more than getting in and out of a stall or hand washing, it is appropriate to contact their parent or caregiver for assistance.

All slots filled
Deanne Adams
Wanda Siverson
Look forward to helping out, along with decorating for this blessed event


Assist guests as they exit vehicles, and help them find the registration area. Be available as guests return to their vehicles following the event. Maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit.

6 of 7 slots filled
Tom Solberg
Looking Forward to the Big Day!
Tom King
Great Event
Bob Schindler
Always a Great Night!!
Ted Hinck
Looking forward to it!
Rich Bosshardt
What a great event!
Tim McGraw
What a great event!


Clare Solander
Can take candid shots or more formal


Greet guests, take their coats, label them and hang them. As guests leave, ask for their names and retrieve their coats.

All slots filled
Lydia Cedarberg
Graces brothers gf
Cody Theis
Graces Brother
Rose Wahlberg
Looking forward to the evening!
Eric Wahlberg
Very Excited
Christine Patzner
So excited!
Tammy Rosselit
Can't wait!
Grant Rosselit
Looking forward to it


Set up and participate in any additional activities, including karaoke, with the guests. Encourage them and maintain a fun atmosphere.

All slots filled
Laura & Tom Steichen (2)
This is our 4th year, looking forward to it as always!
Matt & Jen Connolly (2)
2nd year


Love on the parents/caretakers by serving food, spending time getting to know them and being available to pray with them.

All slots filled
Namirimu Sandra
Excited to serve God this way.
Ruth Meier
Looking forward to it.
Mary Beth Groff
I am a parent of a son with special needs myself.
Becky Kritz
YAY, glad to be back!


Spend time with guests who may have become over-stimulated on the dance floor or in other areas of the prom. Interact with them by singing, participating in sensory activities or simply providing them with some quiet time.

All slots filled
Rayla Arnold (2)
We are so excited!
Karen Jonasson


Manage gifts and help each guest collect their favors to take home.

All slots filled
Jolie Stellmacher
I can’t wait!
Heather Racius
First time and so excited!!!
Adriana Silika
Looking forward to most fun night
Paula Keimig
Paula Keimig
Dinah Gilberts
Wonderful Fun
Cyndi Miller
Looking forward to another great evening

LIMO Team (4)

Help guests in and out of the Limo

All slots filled
Maureen Flanagan
Looking forward to it!
Ryan Flanagan
Excited to participate again this year!
Amy Gagliardi (2)
Robert Gagliardi also volunteering

TEAR DOWN Team (14)

Tear down team will report at 8:00 pm to start the tear down process!

12 of 14 slots filled
Kris Hentges
Sally Wattermann
Netty Engel
Looking forward to the prom!
Julie And Kevin Tanner (2)
Can’t wait to help at this wonderful event
suzanne stoltenberg
8 pm till done
Barry Stoltenberg
8 pm till done
Martha Dyer
Happy to help
Anita Muelling
Looking forward to helping
Gary & Muelling
Looking forward to the opportunity!
Kristine Mathiason (2)
Looking forward to helping


Take photographs and treat participants like honored guests and celebrities.

All slots filled
Michael Hentges
Sign me up!
Ann Orham (2)
Will have fun
Pat & Mary Jo Remick (2)
Can’t wait for this event again!!!
Kara Johnson
It’ll be my first year volunteering, but my daughter volunteered last year and loved it!
Gary Van Osdel

Elevator Attendant (2)

Help guests in and out of elevator

All slots filled
John/Jeanne Weingart (2)
We are looking forward to a wonderful and meaningful evening

HAIR Team (13)

Arrive at the designated time and assist set-up team with the salon area. Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special.

12 of 13 slots filled
Ann Sasse
This is year 4, I look forward to this event every year, very rewarding.
Amy Bartosh
Amy Bartosh (JCP)
Jessie Webber
So excited to be part of this again! JCP
Amy Sousa
This is one of my favorite nights of the year!!!
Jennifer Gull
I look forward to Volunteering again!
Amanda Foss
Lauren Studer
Currently work at Jefferson High School as a paraprofessional and am a part time hair stylist!
Mulajma Beslagic
Salon by Instyle inside JCPenney
Amy Geister
Looking forward to such an awesome event!
Rachel Paterson
Stylist- Hair District Eden Prairie, Excited to help
Courtney Tackett
I’m very excited to experience this amazing night.
Megan Narveson
Looking forward to it!

NAILS Team (10)

Arrive at the designated time and assist set-up team with the salon area. Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special.

9 of 10 slots filled
Annie Holmberg
Excited to be back again this year!
Natalie Venjohn
So excited!
Becky Little
Great night indeed!
Debbie Guido
Happy to do this again!
Lisa Bastian
Can’t wait
Kathi Moore
So much fun last year, lots of amazing gals getting all prettied up!
Molly Kalina
Can't wait!
Amy Hinz
I am not an expert but I can apply polish
Janet Perreault

SAFETY Team (4)

Walk around and monitor the main event space and outdoor areas, making sure exits are not blocked and all areas remain wheelchair accessible.

All slots filled
Kevin Theis
Graces dad
Gordon Jonasson
Sign Me Up
Jim Klugherz
Jim Klugherz
Darin Keimig
Darin Keimig

FLOWER Team (7)

Assist florist with unloading and properly laying out corsages and boutonnieres. Help guests select and pin on their flowers.

All slots filled
Pat Sayre
Looking forward to this amazing event!
Nancy Graf
Looking forward to serving
Carol Galchutt
I would like to help with the flowers
Lori Gallagher
Looking forward to it!
Monica Cronin
First timer, very excited!
donna silver
waiting to see the smiles as they choose their flowers
Janean Johnston


Serve food to guests in main event space and Respite Room (for parents, caretakers or family members). Be knowledgeable about the items and assist guests in finding what they would like and refill food warmers, drinks and snacks.

All slots filled
Kari Schmitz
Bettijo Norman
It was great to help out last year in the kitchen.
Dennis Senne
Looking to a great evening
Jenny Mitchell
Can't wait!
Mike Mitchell
Looking forward to it
Andy & Rebecca Lahl (2)
We will also bring food signs/holders
Karre Fisher
I will work with Andy and Rebecca Lahl. My Son James Fisher volunteered last year
stephen klecker
This was a great experience last year, cant wait for 2020
Lisa Kostik
Looking forward to it!
Chris Scholl (2)
3rd years! With Alyssa Scholl formerly Solberg
Sandy Harsh
Excited to help!
Sue Solberg
Great event!
Connie Perila (4)
I will bring 3 other helpers (Emily Reckinger, Katie Simonette, 1 other


Greet buddies, give them their name badges and direct them to their team leader for a pre-event meeting on helping give their assigned guest the best experience possible.

All slots filled
Stephanie Ham (2)
CJ and Steph ham
Kelli Ripley (2)
Looking forward to it.
Mikaela Koch (2)
Pat and Mikaela Koch
Janet Butler
Great event!
Jessica Johnson (2)
We’re excited!
Carly Johnson
So excited!!

MEDICAL Team (3)

Assist uniformed professional EMT personnel at the event by providing basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies

All slots filled
Jamie Weekley
So excited
Roberta Van Osdel
Super Excited
Rostina Vannett

FLOATER Team (4)

Constantly “float” around the main event space, kitchen, restrooms and outdoors to assist anywhere an extra hand is needed.

All slots filled
Matthew Doss
Excited to be apart of it this year!
Ralph Wagner
Looking forward to another great year
Donald Tait
Nathan Klecker
2nd year!


Monitor the dance floor and the perimeter to make sure there are no “wallflowers.” Invite them to dance and engage with them.

All slots filled
Nancy Woodrich
Can’t wait!
Tiffany Schatz
This is going to be a wonderful night!
Anna Schmitz
The best day ever!
Jamie Jorgenson
Can't wait!


Match buddies with guests

All slots filled
Melanie Brudevold
Looking forward to it!
Penni Schneewind
Can't wait!
Judy Barke


Warmly greet guests and sign them in and answer any questions they may have.

All slots filled
Heather Hawkinson
Chelsea Richter
Karissa Hanson
Jayne Briesemeister (2)
What a great event. Happy to be able to help out!
Bob Briesemeister
Looking forward to it!
Karessa Hoffman
SOOO excited
Lauren Yurek
Stacey Erickson
Can't Wait!!!
Ashly Jansen


Cheer the guests when they walk the red carpet!!

All slots filled
Jenny Nagy
Jenny Nagy
Makayla Conrath
Can’t wait!!!
Gayelee LaGrange
: )
Mary Senne
I’m looking forward to new relationships
Jill Blair
Mike Blair
Cindy Ruscheinsky
So cool to cheer on these prom dates!!!!!
Kelly Lauterbach
Looking forward to it!!
Robin Franke
Beth Fredrickson
Beth Fredrickson
Laura Pitan
Super excited!
Kris Gabel
Looking forward to it!
Katie & Eric Norheim (2)
Katie & Eric Norheim
Morgan Kraus
Super excited
Sandra Stenerson
Brittany Cowger
So excited to participate this year!
Sue Amundson
Loved the red carpet last year!
Maddie Amundson
Here to help, working with my mom
Amanda Salovich
I coordinate the Buddy Break ministry at Hillside church which is serves families with special needs and disabilities. I am also a para at Jefferson in the SUN program. This is my 2nd year volunteering with Night to Shine.
Kevin Graf
Looking forward to this night!
Ryan Graf
Excited to participate for the first time!
Katherine Moffett
Excited to participate for the first time!
Nubia Torres (2)
Nubia Torres and Estrella Hurtado
Rich Vannett
Holy Cross
Kris Mathiason
Jacob Mathiason
Anne Dauer
Lisa Boerner


Support on-site uniformed Law Enforcement personnel by ensuring a safe and secure environment for guests and volunteers. Coordinate with local police, fire and rescue as needed

All slots filled
Jeff Sayre
looking forward to another awesome night.
Jerry Nye
Looking forward to it
Dan Zylla
Looking forward to this night!
Mike Timmerman
No comment


Arrive at the designated time and assist set-up team with the shoe shine area. Welcome each guest to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special.

All slots filled
David Guido
Happy to be back!
Lisa Bastian
Can’t wait
Molly Kalina
Jeremiah Hales
Thomas Colwell
Bringing the Shine


Greet volunteers, give them their name badges and direct them to their team leader.

All slots filled
Denise Hennen
5-7pm, LMK if this is not possible
Jay & Jackie Nicholson (2)
Looking forward to volunteering again for this great event!
Denise King
Looking forward to serving
Piper Bjelland
Glad to be back
Margie Schroeder
Excited to help out!
Ramona Nack
Looking forward to this exciting event
Terri Gulstad
Looking forward to it!
Tracy Langford

WELCOME Team (4)

Welcome guests as they arrive, and help them find their way to the main event space, activities and restrooms.

All slots filled
Vicki Lorton
Vicki Lorton
Barb Pond (3)
Husband and Sister coming with me

Greeters (3)

All slots filled
Lynnae Nye
Looking forward to this event.
Heidi Johnson
Looking forward to a wonderful night!
Jill Elliott
Looking forward to volunteering for this fun event!

Food Team Lead (2)

All slots filled
Diane Mullenbach
Eric Peterman

Portrait Photographer

Renee Kaiser-Muelken
Looking forward to this great event for the 4th? 5th? time!

Professional Gideon Handlers (5)

Trained Dog Handlers from SMLC

All slots filled
Dianne Williams
Cyndi Miller
Lori Bartels
Pan Lienemann
Nancy Utter
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