Kenya 2018

Kenya Missions Trip 2018

Five Points Community Church is sending a team of 21 to minister to AIDS-affected children and their families in Kenya, Africa.  The team will be ministering to six Care Point mission outposts and will be hosting a family camp for three days and a worship service on Sunday.  The team will be teaching about Jesus from Genesis to Revelation and will be providing crafts, skits, activities and games to point the children God-ward.  The ages of the children are 5-18 years old.  There will also be an adult teaching to coincide with the children's ministries.  Most of the children we will be presenting to have never been exposed to the gospel so this is a wonderful opportunity.  Please be in prayer for the team as they prepare for this trip in August. Pray that God will be glorified. 

There is a great need for supplies to run the camp and in addition to  your prayers the team asks that you consider how you might assist in a practical way.  Please look through the signup to see if there are items that you (and your family) might assist with.  

There are suggested places to purchase some of the items but if you find better prices elsewhere please use those!  If you are willing to donate parts of an item (for example 3 dozen vs 6 dozen of a request) that is great.  Please let Wendy or Evelyn know so we can adjust the needed amount left to reflect that.  Before signing up please confirm the number of items you'll donate (some may indicate 5 needed - but if the link is followed it may be priced by the dozen so would be a total of 60.  There's no pressure to purchase all - ex.  soccer balls (you might buy only 1 or 2 so let us know :)  Everything helps!!!

Please have all signed items to Wendy Greger by July 8, 2018.  There will be a table setup in the church hallway to drop supplies off for the month of June as well.  Thank you!

If there are questions please email Wendy Greger at [email protected] text: 248-701-9283 or Evelyn Van Sloten at [email protected] text: 248.766.5662  Thank you!

Date: 07/07/2018 (Sat.)

Location: 5 Points CC - Wendy Greger

Created by:   Evelyn Van Sloten
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Available Slot

Crayons: packs of 6 or 8 colors (50)

Necessary colors to include will be yellow, green, orange, red, black, brown, blue. Purchase in summer when school sales occur

All slots filled
Margaret Meyer (50)
I'll get the crayons ;)

Markers fine tip (25)

8 or 10 count classic colors


Pencils: 500 (2)

Please make sure they are a decent quality pencil so when sharpened they don't easily break

All slots filled
Dee Dean (2)
All bought

Gift pencils: 600

Jennifer Darawi
I will supply 60 gift pencils and some small gifts for the prize box

Sharpeners: 500

Dee Dean
All bought

Kid scissors: 50

John Suriano
Will get and send or drop off

Soccer balls (12)

We would like to have 2 soccer balls per Carepoint we visit

All slots filled
Vikkey McMahon (12)

Ball inflators: (4)


Balloons: 400 regular sized (Dollar Store)

Grace Kakkuri
200 bought

Skipping ropes (big): (6)

*Smaller ones can be used as well but we would like to have one for each Care point there that multiple people can use at once (6 Care points)

All slots filled
Leah Morse (6)
All bought

Frisbees: (12)

Can have company logos on them! More are always welcomed

All slots filled
Jocelyn Kakkuri
I will buy all
Jocelyn Kakkuri (11)
All bought

Water balloons: multiple fills at once (2)

Costco - easy fill packs

All slots filled
Julie Pittenturf (2)
I’ll get these!

Balloons for balloon animals: 300 (2)


Clothesline: (5)

Dollar Store. These are great to hang pictures and chart papers on since we will be teaching with tents and classrooms with chalkboards

All slots filled
Nicki Chapin (5)

Foam colored crowns: 210


Dum dum suckers: 1000 (2)

We need one per attendant each day at camp and a few extra for prizes

All slots filled
Michelle Gardner (2)
Ordered (2) buckets of 1000 dum-dum suckers -Amazon

Pixie sticks: 400

Prize candies

Christy Ingalsbe
Sweets for the sweets!

Double bubble gum: 100

Christy Ingalsbe
Sweets for the sweets!

Orange beads 9mm: 250

Carolyn Stickney

Yellow beads 9 mm: 250

Carolyn Stickney

Black beads 9mm: 250

Carolyn Stickney

Red beads 9mm: 250

Carolyn Stickney

White beads 9mm: 250

Carolyn Stickney

Green beads 9mm: 250

Carolyn Stickney

Colored paper clips: 1875

John Suriano
Sending to church

Glue bottles: 6 large


Alisha Klann
Got them

Adhesive foam sheets

John Suriano
Sending to church

Brown construction paper: 100


Black construction paper: 100


9" black paper plates: 120

Alice Mills
I bought 100 today, will get the other 20 this week

9" white paper plates: 120

Betsy Proper
Got it

Glow stick necklaces: 450


Oven mitts: 4 sets

Dollar Store

Charity Cole
I can get all 4

Bubble wands: (5)

Wands only- no bubbles


Corn syrup bottles: 2 large

Used to make bubbles there

Betsy Proper
Got it

Any small items for prize box

Hot wheel cars, finger puppets, hair ribbons, small animals (not real ;)

Debbi Cavanaugh
We have a few things for the prize box

Skipping ropes (12)

Individual ropes

All slots filled
Nicki Chapin (12)

Balloon animal pump


Water color paint sets (25)

Dollar store

1 of 25 slots filled
First And Main
We will supply all water color sets

Brushes for water color painting (50)

For dollar store paints (young kids)

All slots filled
Grace Patti (50)
Got 'em!

Foam sheets in a variety of colors - enough to be cut into 100 3" x 5" shapes

Samantha Monahan
Got enough

Kids markers (washable) (25)

For writing on foam badges


100 coffee filters

Charity Cole
I can get all 100

Spray bottles (2)

All slots filled
Alisha Klann (2)
Got them

Red dry erase marker

Alisha Klann
Got it

Flip chart paper (2)

Need a pack or two for preprinting songs/lessons etc

1 of 2 slots filled
kirstie almy
pack of 2

Bracelet string - enough for 250 wrists

Black is fine


Colored cardstock 8-1/2" x 11" (150)

Multi colored or 2 main ones are fine

1 of 150 slots filled
John Suriano
Bought pack of 250 67#

Light blue cardstock (2)

75 sheets needed

All slots filled
John Suriano (2)
Dropping off at church

White paper plates lunch size (50)

1 of 50 slots filled
Betsy Proper
Got it!

Yellow cupcake liners (100)

Regular size


Glue sticks (25)

All slots filled
Alisha Klann (25)
Got them

Brad fasteners (225)


Beach balls (10)

All slots filled
Jocelyn Kakkuri (10)
I will buy all 12

Inflatable earth globe ball

Oriental trading or amazon

Evelyn Van Sloten
I have more than one if you need more

Bibles in the Luo language 400 total

They are $2.50 each. Please provide funds to team member with the # you wish to buy

Lois Trimm
I will pay for 50 Bibles

Lunch for camp participants (4)

$500 to cover cooks, food, snack for 500

2 of 4 slots filled
Cindy & Jay Verner
Praying all will be nourished physically and spiritually
Karen/Jeff Rose
Happy to feed!

Pipe Cleaners - colored 300 (2)


Colored 3 x 5 cardstock (3)

All slots filled
Grace Patti (3)
purchased 3 pks of 100. same color on both sides of card. 4 colors per pack

Sewing needles (3)

All slots filled
Janet Johns Johns (3)

Embroidery floss (3)

All slots filled
Janet Johns Johns (3)

Pencil crayons (100)

hopefully wait until the boxes are on sale for back to school (.25-.50 each)


Cross wind chimes (6)


Cross craft (6)


organza bags (plastic bags are now illegal in Kenya) the largest size we need is 9 x 12 or bigger (500)


solo cups any color (75)

10 oz ones would be great - for activity


bags of little marshmallows (white or colored) (3)

for activity

All slots filled
Alisha Klann (3)
Got them

girls underwear (aged 5-12) (100)

They are very reasonable there - 12 for $2.50 US If funds are given we will have them bought in Kenya

10 of 100 slots filled
Alice Mills (10)
Will donate $25 for purchase of 100 pr.

boys underwear (ages 5-12) (100)

They are very reasonable there - 12 for $2.50 US If funds are given we will have them bought in Kenya


sticker books of any kind - for the care givers to use in birthday cards with the sponsored children

they can be dollar store sticker books!


colored copy papers that the care givers can use to make birthday cards for the children

variety of color would be great!


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