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Lottery Tours - CMP American River Campus


2019-2020 Lottery Tour Sign Ups-American River Campus 


Thank you for your interest in American River CMP!  We are a tuition-free, lottery based, Montessori public charter school for grades K-8.  In order to apply for the CMP American River Campus Lottery for the 2019-2020 school year, parents/guardians are required to attend one of our lottery tours (no children please). A minimum of one parent is required to attend. Please allow 1 to 1 1/2 hours for the tour. Reminder: Students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2019 to enter Kindergarten.  

2019-2020 Lottery Applications will be given at the end of the lottery tour attended.  Please come prepared with the attached 2019-2020 Montessori Verification Letter (located on the website) from the school your child attended to show proof of attendance if your child has had prior Montessori experience. 

A reminder will be emailed to you two days prior to your lottery tour.  Please be sure to update your sign up slot should you need to cancel or change a date. Please do not sign up for a tour if you cannot attend. 

To learn more about the Montessori philosophy and our school, click "About our School" located at first tab of our home page.

Thank you for your interest in California Montessori Project - American River Campus!  We look forward to meeting you.

Address:  6838 Kermit Lane, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Email:  s[email protected]

Phone:  (916) 864-0081

Location: 6838 Kermit Lane, Fair Oaks

Created by:   Stacie Ryan-Dean
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy PST) Available Slot
(Tue. 9:00am)

Lottery Tour (30)

All slots filled
Roxanne Tanner
Syndi Luong
Marya Olivan
Latisha Turegano
Shayna Harrison
Rochelle Delet
Lisa Butler
Tolen Miller (2)
Elizabeth Breault
Samantha Sanchez
Elizabeth Waldrop
Lubna Abbas
Virginia Jensen
Rebecca Plumb
Rickyette Joe
Dave Eubanks
Sarah Do (2)
Natasha Rankin
Lacee Marr
Maher Helo
Natasha Parks (2)
Tal Yohananov (2)
Kimberley Bernhardt
Vannessa Hoang
David Rice (2)
(Tue. 9:00am)

Lottery Tour (30)

All slots filled
Monique King
Kim Friedman (2)
Gangotri Garg (2)
Patricia Marshall
Kindergarten for Taylor
Felicia P (2)
Sonia Joseph (2)
Thera Mears
Nataliya Malinouskaya
Elline Filcher
Vanessa Hevron
Christine Cao
Yelena Ulasovich
Tracy Paulson (2)
Miya Sindle
Dominique Moala (2)
Lisa Pritchert (2)
Susan Beliy
Lisa Ahn
Daniel Cathey
Emily Gray (2)
Brittany Breedlove
Amanda Westbrook
(Tue. 9:00am)

Lottery Tour (30)

All slots filled
Julian Ong (2)
Miriam Dille (2)
Adriana Stephens (2)
Cristina Blaser
Chandler Saxton (2)
Vijay Msihra
Amanda Schuckman
Sara Jackson
Jen Lane (2)
Abbie Black
Kayla Espinosa (2)
Alexander (5th) Joel (1st)
Renee Reich
Sasha Hamm
Carmen Cox
Christina Balderas (2)
Kristy Britton
For my son Ryder
Michelle Robertson (2)
Rachel Marshall (2)
Melisa Johnson
Katherine Chandler (2)
(Thu. 5:30pm)

Lottery Tour (70)

All slots filled
Sylvia Samudio
Tim, Beth and Eli Walker (3)
Siena Albright (2)
Yelena Farbitnikov
Sara Reece
Melanie Arvonio
Malia Casarez
Angelique Halley-Cave (2)
Dustin DeVriend (2)
Whitney Aquilio (2)
Lisa Acevedo
Leslie Loy
Tosha Ulicni (2)
Edgar and Rachel Santillan (2)
Casey Knittel (2)
Katherine Chandler (2)
Jessie Holm (2)
Mariana Cojan (2)
Olga Gavrila (2)
Kara Chapman (2)
Katlyn Cooper
Shelby Navarro (2)
Dianne Dixon
georgiana kriss
Oana Tanasa
Tina Sciara (2)
Donna Kleeburg
Taryn Kinney
Casie Pauley
Jenny pappalardo
Emily Martin (2)
Monica Lennon (2)
Anja Aulenbacher
Crystal Carrico
Leonardo Chase Warren (3)
myself, my fiance, and my daughter's mother
Hazel Dilbeck
I have 2 kids that will be in kindergarten & 3rd in the school year
Sarah Mikita (2)
Jenelle Kelley
Serena Bryant
Nataliya Fanha
Nicole Mora
Kristy Kasperik (2)
Kim Stratton
Aarati Hariprasad
Sura Alsarraf
(Tue. 9:00am)

Lottery Tour (30)

26 of 30 slots filled
Jamie Frazier
Sara Jackson
Sara Jackson
Katy Cutlip
Yukiko Hagy
For 2 children
Anoosheh Robertson
carolyn nguyen
Shelly Little (2)
Audrina Lehman (2)
Amala Easton
He Suk Jong (2)
Taylor Carrick
Juanita Martinez (2)
Father is Adam
Lillian Zambrano
Kristin Johnson
Nataliya Kravets
Melissa Frazier
Lisa Barnett
Karina Bailey (2)
Karina & Matt Bailey - Kindergarten
Serena Neves
Mai Hafez
(Thu. 5:30pm)

Lottery Tour (70)

12 of 70 slots filled
Fred Parker (4)
Kristina Calander (2)
Nicole Mora
jennifer sanchez
Jordan Nielson
Nataliya Kravets
1 grade
Rachel Piccardo (2)
My son Austin Piccardo goes to Carmichael Montessori... looking to transfer to this campus. And enroll my Duaghter in TK

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