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Ancestor Process

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Incredible Opportunity to help our Ancestors move to higher realms. If they are stuck it may hinder us here in this lifetime .. Causing issues in our relationships, money, and health .. and our Awakening.. 


Ammavasai or no-moon day, has traditionally been the day for offering food and water to our ancestors and to do prayers for their moksha (Enlightenment after death).


Ancestor liberation is essential to receive their blessing for awakening and to enjoy full freedom in this life. We are deeply connected to our ancestors karmically and genetically. Our bodies are a gift from them, so is our intelligence, our health, our wealth and so much more.


We owe them much gratitude. Every good thing in our lives, they made possible through their efforts. We also share in the karma they set in motion, good and bad. As we help them go into the Great Compassionate Light, we ourselves are set free. Many people very tangibly feel weights lifting from their bodies and consciousness as their ancestors move into the Light.


Join Debra Apsara for the Ancestor Liberation Process with Puja, Teachings and Process 

Date: 11/15/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm PDT

Location: Online

Created by:   Debra Apsara
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Ancestor Process

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Thank you so much for this awesome process!
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Thank You Deba!Thank You Ancestors!
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My ancestors and me really likes this process a lot
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Thank you
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Thank you, Debraji ~ Peace Light Grace Love
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