Central 51 Trojan Gala

Central 51 Trojan Gala

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Trojan Gala. All proceeds will benefit Central School District 51.  If you are purchasing tickets as a group or have friends with whom you wish to be seated please make a note under Seating Requests.  Tickets are available for purchase in two ways.  Tickets may be purchased by sending cash or check in an envelope marked Central Trojan Gala to the Primary or Intermediate Offices.  Checks must be made payable to Washington Illinois Area Foundation.  Or tickets may be purchased online via PayPal.  If purchasing tickets via PayPal, please follow these instructions. Tickets are $60 each. Due to this being a fundraising event refunds will not be given. 

1.  Select Pay or Send Money

2.  Select Send Money to Family and Friends

3.  Type in [email protected] in entry field.

4.  Send Money

Number of Tickets:

Seating Requests:

**Please note that your payment, prior to the event, is all that is needed to enter the Gala. Please enter Five Points thru the south entrance, closest to the Fire Department, and stop at the check in table. Thanks!


Date: 03/02/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 10:00pm CST

Location: Five Points

Created by:   Central Gala

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 60     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 210     Maybe: 0

YES (60) -  

Tammy Gorman (2 guests)

Elizabeth Miller (2 guests)

Jessica Martin (2 guests)

Angie Uftring (2 guests)

Jessica Uftring (2 guests)
We would like to be seated by Angie Uftring and Lisa Kurtz

Lisa Kurtz Scott McCoskey (2 guests)

Angela McClaren (2 guests)
sit with Fosters

Michelle Unes (2 guests)
Please seat us with brittany miller

Dale Heidbreder (4 guests)

Lisa Walliker (2 guests)

Gary Hohulin (2 guests)

Brian DeSutter (2 guests)

Orthodontics Ltd (2 guests)

Chris Nichols (2 guests)

Melissa Lewer (2 guests)

Brittany Zekany (2 guests)
please seat us with the fosters

Kelly Juergens (2 guests)
Please seat us with Jeff & Lindsay Kerr.

Kerri Borlin (2 guests)
Please seat with Elizabeth Miller

Steve Saathoff (2 guests)
sit w/Fosters

Lynn Randolph Randolph (2 guests)
Ashley Houle... can we sit at your table?

Brent Morgan (4 guests)

Brian Hoelscher (2 guests)

Laura Hoffman (2 guests)

John Mann (2 guests)
Please seat us with Lewer's and Houle's.

Courtney Meinhold (2 guests)
Sitting with the Schreurs

Toni Minton (2 guests)

Alexander Financial (8 guests)

State Farm Roger Hickman (4 guests)
Brian Mackiney

Washington State Bank Don Twaddle (4 guests)

Great Oaks Jessie Davis (8 guests)

Lindsey Plumbing Scott Lindsey (8 guests)

Lisa Bonsoe (2 guests)
Seat at one of Jessica Schreurs tables

Ericka Bush (2 guests)

Evan Jenkins (8 guests)
(2) Jenkins, (2) Ekena, (2) Couri, (2) Ellis

Country Financial John Zaiser (8 guests)
sit w/ Kerr's, Blundy's and Chadwick's.

Julie Locke Moore (2 guests)
Please seat me with Erika Tibbs

Becky Taylor (4 guests)
Jessica Schreurs for seating

Ashley Houle (2 guests)
Please sit us with Katie and John Mann

Amy Freeman (2 guests)
Please seat us at a table with Erika Tibbs and Julie Moore

Erika Tibbs (2 guests)
Please seat at same table as Amy Freeman and Julie Moore

Angela Foster (2 guests)

Holly Huffman (16 guests)
(2)Huffman (2)Bulfer (2)Philips (2)Lang (2)Hofmann (2)Cherry (2)Skulte (2)Lohse

Phillips, Salmi & Assoc. (8 guests)

Lisa Adams (2 guests)
Seat at one of Jessica Schreurs tables

Kristan Creek (2 guests)
Seat with Jessica Scheurs:).

Jennifer Holmes (2 guests)
Seat with Jessica Schreurs

Shannon Toft (2 guests)
Please seat us next to Sarah Miller

Alison Pauli (2 guests)

Kara McClintock (2 guests)

Kevin Bozdech (2 guests)

Barrick Oltman (2 guests)

Country Financial Jake Webber (6 guests)
Rick/Jessica Harvey, Daniel/Jamie Cobb

Brittany Miler (2 guests)

One Wellness (8 guests)

Jessica Schreurs (2 guests)

Sarah Millet Miller (2 guests)

Chelsie Grove (2 guests)

Ipava State Bank Trevor Heil (8 guests)

Washington Community Bank (16 guests)

Tiffany Johnson (2 guests)

NO (2) +