Cook Dinner at Mountain View

Provide, Cook & Serve Dinner at Mountain View Emergency Family Shelter

Cook Dinner at Mountain View Emergency Family Shelter

Volunteers are needed to provide and serve dinner for homeless families living at our emergency shelter in Martinez. By providing a meal, you’re providing a family dining experience while ensuring no one goes hungry. Your participation and support is greatly appreciated!

Location: Martinez, CA 94553

Time: Dinner is served at 6:00 pm, with the exception of Wednesdays when our Triple P parenting class occurs. in this instant dinner is served at 5:00 pm (Please check with the shelter in regards to this.) Volunteers are allowed to show up as early as 2:30 pm to begin meal preparation.

Quantity:  To get an exact count and any food allergies, please call the Mountain View at (925) 228-6920 the week before your scheduled day.

Purchasing Ingredients: Please purchase items to prepare the meal, beverages (only low-fat milk, water or 100% juice) and desserts. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring serving plates, cups, and napkins.

Suggested Meals: Casseroles, kid-friendly finger foods, mac & cheese, salads, mashed potatoes, roasts, chicken and other family friendly foods.

Preparing Dinner:  Volunteers are welcome to prepare the meal offsite and bring it to the shelter to serve. Volunteers may choose to use our commercial kitchen on site to prepare the meal. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring serving plates, cups, and napkins.

  • Food handling guidelines must be strictly enforced.
  • Wash hands before serving and preparation of food.
  • Use gloves when handling food.
  • Wear a hair restraint when working in the food serving/preparation area.
  • When you taste food, do not put the utensil back into the food.
  • Cover food and utensils when not in use.
  • Check expiration dates on food items

Serving Dinner: Meals are served cafeteria style.

  • All hot meals remain behind the counter and are served by staff or volunteers.
  • All beverages and cold dishes are put on the tables in front of the counter so that clients can serve themselves.

Eating Dinner: Once all clients are served, volunteers may join the clients and dine with them.

Clean-Up: Please, clean-up after the meal is finished by cleaning any necessary dishes and disposing of trash. Store and label any left-over food which is used for lunch the following day.

Children Volunteering: Children under 15 years of age must be supervised and are not allowed in the kitchen. We ask that volunteers bringing small children limit the number of children to no more than five.

Additional Items: The shelter relies on generous donations by the community to sustain the site. If you would like to donate any additional items, such as paper plates and cleaning supplies, please contact Blanca Callender at (925) 228-6920 for a list of current needs.

Questions: Contact (925) 228-6920 for Blanca Callender (Program Manager) [email protected] 

Please download the PDF of Guidelines on Cooking Dinner below for complete details. 

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Created by:   Blanca Callender
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