Homeschool Camp 2019

School of Economics

International Bazaar for Homeschool Students (ages 9-12)

School of Economics is hosting two camp sessions for homeschool students who will be ages 9-12 in September, 2019. The first day curriculum will be developing a business plan (getting jobs, filling out loan applications, ordering supplies, making a shop flag, etc.). The second day, with parent help, will be an International Bazaar marketplace to experience supply and demand and see if their shop can make a profit. Student attendance for two consecutive days is required. 

  • September 5 and 6, 2019 (Thursday and Friday)
  • September 9 and 10, 2019 (Monday and Tuesday)

Times: 9:30am-1:30pm both days

Fee: $30/student. Lunch is included. 

Sign up below to reserve a spot. Camp materials and payment information will be sent in August.

Created by:   Sue-Ann Johnson
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT) Location Available Slot
(Thu. 9:30am - 1:30pm)
School of Economics

Student name and parent e-mail for camp on Sept. 5 and 6 (60)

All slots filled
C.J. Wasson
Leah Long
Joel Long
Abby Allen
Stephanie OConnell (2)
Dana Yeagley (2)
Oliver Rusher
Stephanie Bolton (2)
Stephanie Bolton
Laura Allan
Sophia Allan
Mikaela Clayton
Danielle Dent-Breen (2)
Eoin Breen, Reagan Breen
Julie Mueller (2)
Helen, David
Sarah Beckerle
Micah Beckerle
Sarah Hinkle (2)
Kaylianne Ransom
Kaylianne Ransom [email protected]
Rosemary Gustin (2)
Jonah and Lucas Gustin
Natasha Cosens
Maddison States
Elyse McLeod
Elyse McLeod
Katie Bean
Gideon Gonzalez
Jen Kilgore (2)
Logan- 11, Ruby- 9
Rowan Elliott
Natalee Rios
Michael Rios
Dawn Ledford
Austin Ledford- age 11
Sam Allen
Nathan Miller
Lillian Miller
Enza Lomonte
Debbie Harper
Micah Vogel
Micah Vogel
Morgan Robinson
Robert Edwards
Kim Wyatt
Conner Wyatt
Charlie Cooper
Chelsea Staples
Emma Staples
Debra Reichert (2)
Donna Myers
Andrew Myers
Donna Myers
Derrick Myers
Lisa O'Neil
Jacob O'Neil
Rachel Jones (2)
Niko and channing
Evan Suddarth
Tiffany Laux
Nathan Laubach
Sarah Taylor
Kylee Pickett
Cassie Pickett
(Mon. 9:30am - 1:30pm)
School of Economics

Student name and parent e-mail for camp on Sept. 9 and 10 (60)

57 of 60 slots filled
Lisa Coons
Isabella Coons [email protected]
Amanda Green (3)
Savannah..11 Virginia..10 Brianna..9
Shannon Grine (2)
Adam and Lauren Grine (twins)
Kasey Miller
Paige 12
Malonda Hutson (2)
Matthew Brown (2)
Lisa Peterson
Jami Huffman (3)
Kyler, Ella, Tate
AJ Crooks
Jennifer Bedford
Paige Bedford, [email protected]
Debbie Washington
Jillian Washington
Melissa Brown
Nikki Jaspersen (2)
Levi and Rylynn
Sheri Blessing (2)
Kyler & Kaylee Blessing [email protected]
Anna Hart (2)
Mason 11, McKenzie 9 [email protected]
Mallory Cox (2)
Elodie and Daylin Cox - [email protected]
Chesnye Gardner
Kaelum Gardner
Staci Graber (2)
Makenna 10 Naomi 12
Jennifer Daniel
Jackson Daniel
Carrie Hook-Ginn
Siobhan Ginn
Ken Kasten
Cortney Olsen (2)
Jessica Vidal
Ariana Vidal
G'Ann Scott
This is for bailey scott
Amy Kmetz (2)
Tommy and Caroline
Elijah Thompson
Beth Sutcliffe
Abby Werth
Gracie Werth
Samantha Drake
Dorinda Eads (2)
Liam and Jacob Eads
Amy Gruber
Remi Gruber
Misty Barber (2)
Brianna and Lucy
Leah Lane
Trish Fields (2)
x2 kiddos
Jamie Malone
Aidan Williams (10)
Connor Brigham
Bonnie Leigh
Michelle Edmonds
Noah Hutchins
Jove Johnson
(Wed. 9:30am - 1:30pm)
Waiting List, dates not yet known 

Waiting list in case there are openings Sept. 5-6 or Sept. 9-10 or in case a third camp is scheduled. We will contact you. Put notes in your comment section! (60)

1 of 60 slots filled
Connor Brigham
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